How to Practice for Your G1 Driving Test – 2024 Guide


If you want to become an expert driver in Ontario, you need to clear the popular G1 test. Most of the candidates fail the test especially if it is their first attempt since they don’t have enough knowledge of G1. If you are looking to clear the test and become a driver in Ontario, you are at the right place. Today, we have discussed some tips and facts that will help people get equipped with the right amount of knowledge for their test and clear it in the first attempt.

When a candidate is not able to clear their test on the first go, not only does their confidence get shaken, but their time and money get wasted too. When the confidence of a candidate in himself is lost, the rest of the process becomes quite intimidating. One of the best ways of avoiding such things is having a proper understanding of the test and what it takes to clear the test in its first attempt itself.

By taking up a set of practice test questions provided by some of the reputed online portals, you will have an idea of the type of questions you will get. Click here to get practice questions for your driving exam and become a pro.

Candidates often look for ways to improve their study habits in order to clear the written driving exam. They are often not aware of the correct way to study for the test. All they do is mug up the driving handbook and appear for the exam. It is one of the major reasons why people often fail in their G1 exams.


Take Up Practise Tests

In such a situation, taking up practice tests is of great help, and it helps candidates know where they are exactly at with their learning process.

Though going through the handbook of Ontario drivers is important, at the same time, what is important is to know how much knowledge they have. Taking up a free practise exam before appearing for the actual test will help them know their weak points. They will also have a clear understanding of the retained knowledge and the things that they need to still learn.

The best part of taking up the practice tests is that you can take them any number of times until you are fully prepared. It helps candidates gain confidence to pass the actual test efficiently and be ready to be a great driver for a lifetime.

People who are looking forward to passing the driving test efficiently are required to take up the practice tests for best results. They should include it in their daily studying routine. It helps you to evaluate the progress and the areas you need to work on.


Follow The Below Mentioned Tips To Pass Your Driving Test

In order to pass your exam, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Prepare A Routine:  Prepare a daily schedule and stick to that. Make sure to take out at least two hours every day for studying new topics, and one hour for attempting the practise exams.
  • Make Notes: In the beginning, you are required to study the latest copy of the handbook and read through the sections thoroughly. You can also make notes, as and when required. It is also important to integrate healthy studying habits, keep the important sections highlighted, etc. All such practices will help you absorb all the required information.
  • Attempt Practise Exams: The practise tests provided for the drivers are all prepared by the experts, and the questions are multiple-choice based. They are prepared keeping the questions of the actual exam in mind. It helps candidates get used to the format and thus increases their speed in the actual exam.  While taking up practice tests, you will recall all required information and will also know whether you are prepared for the actual test or not.
  • Analyze Your Answers: After the completion of practice tests, you must analyse your weak and strong points. You will also find answers to a few common questions that include, How confident you were with answering the questions? Where do you have gaps? What questions were you able to answer correctly, and which were the incorrect ones? Are you required to include some more materials in your study?

Crucial Legal Rules

There are a few critical legal restrictions that safe and smart drivers are required to keep in mind when they are going through the licensing phase.

  • Alcohol is not Allowed: While operating your vehicle with a G1 license, the driver is not allowed to consume alcohol. Do not consume alcohol before appearing for your exam.
  • You Need Supervision: While practising driving, you must always have a licensed driver in your vehicle to help you and guide you. The supervising driver is required to have a BAC level below 0.05 and should have more than four years of experience.
  • You Need To Follow The Restricted Nighttime Driving Rules Laid Out For The G1 Drivers: If you have a G1 license, you are only allowed to drive during the daytime. You cannot drive your vehicle from midnight until five in the morning.
  • Avoid Driving On The Highways Of 400 Series: With the stated license, you are allowed to drive on all local driveways of Ontario except the 400 series highway.

Make sure to remember these crucial rules before appearing for your main exam.


The Bottom Line

We recommend using practice tests from reputable and trusted sites to get yourself prepared for the test. Genuine websites have questions similar to that of the actual G1 tests so that the candidates have an idea of where they are heading. You can repeat the practise tests several times until you feel prepared for the test. The practice exams are all free and easy to use and the candidates can all level up with the help of your written tests. We hope that with the help of the above mentioned points, you will be able to crack the exam.