How to Play PVP With an Elemental Shaman in World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Every online game with a long history and a wide range of major additions is doomed to lose online gaming due to the fact that the direction of the project does not always suit all players.

This is what happened with World of Warcraft, when the project went in the direction of improving and simplifying the gameplay and pumping, and hardcore players began to think about changing the game project.

Developers from Blizzard could not ignore this and released a re-release version of Wrath of the Lich King, which was one of the most popular updates for the World of Warcraft in the history of the online project.

Before starting the game on any character, including the Elemental Shaman, especially if you came from the Dragonflight update from the main version, you should understand that leveling and easy resource extraction will become much more complicated. This means that you need to mentally prepare for more difficult conditions – this, of course, is more about beginners who simply did not find World of Warcraft at such a stage of development. Of course, now the players are in a better situation because they can order a wotlk classic boost and skip the difficult stages of initial development when the hero just gets the first equipment and forms levels.

Who is an Elemental Shaman in the World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King

Shaman is a magical caster that uses all four elements to deal damage, gain protection, regenerate resources, and help out during farming and raiding.

The class, like all magicians, is very vulnerable to melee attacks, but due to the large arsenal of magical skills, it can control the situation and even cause great harm to anyone who dares to approach it.


Basic skills and their focus for the Elemental Shaman class

Thunder and lightning – a combination of an attacking AoE skill against all enemies within an 8-meter radius, with a knockback effect and mana replenishment for the caster himself. Can be cast even while stunned.

Storm, Earth, and Fire is a combo skill that enhances all basic elemental skills. When activated, Chain Lightning has a faster rollback, Fireball deals much more damage, and Earthbind Totem has a 100% chance to trigger for 5 seconds.

Astral shift – while receiving a negative effect that limits combat capabilities, or unbalances you, you get the opportunity to go to the astral world and reduce incoming damage by 30%.

Lava Burst is one of the main offensive skills that deals concentrated fire damage, if the target is already affected by the fireball effect, then the ability will deal critical damage.

Chain Lightning – Deals concentrated damage with the power of lightning with the ability to hit up to three targets with the spell jumping from enemy to enemy with a decrease in damage from each jump.

Frost Shock – A skill that freezes the target, inflicting a hypothermia effect that reduces movement speed and deals heavy damage with the power of ice.

If you combine all these skills to slow down the target and reduce the combat potential, and then finish off the attacking magic, you can get a full-fledged procast that will destroy most opponents.

Bloodlust – A strong buff skill that buffs more than just the shaman himself, but also other members of the group. The skill allows you to speed up melee and ranged attacks and disperse the speed of casting spells. All players who received a boosting effect will also receive a negative exhaustion effect, which simply will not allow you to cast a similar spell for a short period of time.

Dispel Magic is a skill that allows you to remove two positive effects from the enemy.

Grounding Totem is a special skill that summons a totem near you with a duration of 5 seconds and a cooldown of 45 seconds. His task is to intercept one spell that was directed at you or an allied hero. Having accepted an enemy skill, the totem will be destroyed and will go to recharge.

Totem of Wrath – The Shaman summons a special golem that has a durability threshold of five hits and increases the overall power of all offensive spells and reduces the chance of a critical attack and damage from it for all enemies in the area. Lasts 5 minutes or until destroyed.

General PVP tactics for the Elemental Shaman class in World of Warcraft Wrath of The Lich King

Keep your distance from the enemy and deal damage with the power of different schools of magic. The shaman is very vulnerable to melee attacks, but due to the school of ice and the power of fire magic, you can deal enough damage even if the enemy almost approached, or attacked spontaneously with the help of skills.

Most of your attacks take a cast time to use, and most opponents can use skills to counter-attack and strikes while you are disabled, so you have two options:

  1. In time to cancel your skills in the process of reading, but before the moment of use, and deceive the enemy, forcing you to spend skills that knock down casts. It is important not to cancel too early, so that the enemy does not even have time to analyze the situation, or too late, when the skill has already gone into use and will be knocked down, blocking the entire school of magic.
  2. Keep totems and ice magic skills at the ready in order to fix the enemy in time and give him a full cast while the enemy cannot move and has a tight slowdown.

Against casters, regardless of their direction – attacking or defensive, it is best to use a bunch of grounding totems and piercing wind. The totem will help to reflect the first spell of the enemy, and the wind will lift the enemy and reset the reading of the current spell, which is especially effective against healers, who may not have enough to just a couple of seconds to save an ally from death.

Use Stoneclaw Totem near your most vulnerable allies, or to protect yourself, as it will be able to provoke the enemy and force them to attack while you increase the distance and unleash a combo. Especially effective against fast approaching opponents like daggers and warriors.

Use Call of the Elements – this is a skill that allows you to select and summon four totems at the same time, which can significantly change the situation during the battle.

Use the Tremor Totem to ensure that you avoid debuffs such as fear, submission, or sleep on yourself and other party members. This is an effective way against enemies that incapacitate part of the group while killing the rest one character at a time. The totem will last for 5 minutes or until it is destroyed.