Paul Qualley Net Worth 2024

Even though he was a model in his time and we could see him in various commercials, Paul Qualley is best known for his former marriage to Andie MacDowell. The couple was married for 13 years before they decided to get divorced.

Personal Life

First of all, his birth name is Paul James Qualley. As far as his parents are concerned, we should say that his mother is Patricia Ann Rondou and that his father is Lee James Qualley. He was born in 1959. Even though he was born in the USA we should mention that he actually has Norwegian origins.

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It should be noted that he tried a career in modeling and that he had some success. He was on demand and we could see him in various commercials from that time. He was not present in public for a long time, and it is not known whether he has a business of his own or what he is doing in terms of his career.

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Andie MacDowell

When people talk about Paul they usually talk about his in the context related to his ex-wife Andie MacDowell. When the two of them met, she was building a career as an actress and he was working as a model. The first time they met was when they were shooting a commercial together and they started to bond then.

It should be noted that the two of them dated for a couple of years and had a very stable and happy relationship. Then they decided that it was the time for them to get further and Paul proposed and they became engaged. After a while, they decided to organize a wedding and the ceremony took place in 1986. Their marriage was happy at first and the couple was even blessed with 3 children. First, they got a daughter called Margaret.

After this, they got another daughter, called Rainey and their third child is a son called Justin. They were in a happy marriage for 13 years and the problems started. The couple then decided to get separated and the divorce was finalized in 1999. It should be noted that both of them did not marry or were seen with other people after the divorce.


Paul Qualley Net Worth 2024

It is true that he had a career of his own prior to his marriage to Andie, but his career was not the most successful and prominent one. This is why the data that his net worth of 2024 in $200K is not a surprise. Most of that money came from his early modeling career.