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Who Is Logan Paul?

Logan Paul is an entrepreneur, vlogger, producer, and a YouTube superstar from the United States. He became successful after he appeared on the platform called Vine. From there he started his YouTube channel and he became even more successful.

Today, he is one of the most popular YouTube personalities. He appeared on several movies and tv shows. Logan even started boxing and making music. He is a really versatile person. He even has some controversies up his belt. Thankfully, he is not famous for them.

If you are interested in reading more about Logan Paul, his biography, private life, career, and of course, his net worth as of 2024. Without wasting too much of your valuable time, let us begin.


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Private Life of Paul

Logan Paul was born on the 1st of April 1995 in Westlake, Ohio. His full name is Logan Alexander Paul. He grew up in the state of Ohio together with his brother Jake. Logan attended Westlake High School. He enrolled in Industrial Engineering at the University of Ohio. In 2014, he decided to drop out and started to pursue his career as a full-time social media entertainer.

He started his first YouTube channel when he was only ten years old. The name of his first YouTube channel had the name of “Zoosh”.

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Like we said, his first successful YouTube channel got some recognition through a platform called Vine. In 2015, he started living in a complex with other social media celebrities like Juanpa Zurita, Amanda Cerny, and Andrew Bachelor. His roommates were Evan Eckenrode and Mark Dohner. This was the reason they had so many collaborations.

As of 2017, he moved to an estate in Encino, California. He lives with his ex-roommate Evan Eckenrode. In 2018, it was released by the press that he was dating Chloe Bennet, an actress.


In 2014, Paul’s YouTube channel had 3.1 million followers on all of his social media platforms. He had a compilation video on YouTube that consisted of all of his work that gathered about four million views within the first week it was posted.

Back in 2015, he found his place on the top 10 most influential persons on Vine. He earned a serious amount of money from his short videos in advertising revenue. By October, he had more than 300 million views on his Facebook videos.

He made an appearance on “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”. He appeared on two episodes of “Stitchers”. Logan starred in “The Thinning” which was a YouTube Red movie.

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Before he started appearing in tv shows and movies, he trained with drama coaches and comedy troupes. He even wrote a scenario for an adult comedy called “Airplane Mode”. Plus, he played himself in a movie called “Expendables with Internet Stars”. Furthermore, he participated in a high number of advertising campaigns for a number of companies HBO, Hanes, and PepsiCo.

He even released a single called “No Handlebars”. The musical background was a sample of the alternative hip-hop group “Flobots” and their song “Handlebars”. He even started a boxing career recently.

There was only one match, in which he competed against Olajide Olatunji, a YouTuber from the United Kingdom. Sadly, he lost a match.

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Logan Paul Net Worth 2024

Logan Paul is a really popular person nowadays. He is only 25 years old. As of 2024, his net worth is estimated at $19 million. He is still very young, and we are pretty certain that his net worth will continue to grow in the future, alongside his popularity. Also, we can expect that he starts a new career besides all of these he has now.

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