5 Pants to Wear When Not Wearing Jeans

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Give your jeans a break to compose the looks that will triumph this spring. Cowboys are like that day on a terrace with friends that go on until untimely hours because you don’t want them to ever end. They are addictive, you don’t want to get out of them in life either. Even to be at home, it is difficult to take them off because, in addition to their obvious and indisputable comfort.

We are not talking about skinny jeans, but about the jeans of a lifetime, the real ones. They make one feel good when looking in the mirror. So much so that you walk around the house barefoot with them and a basic t-shirt and you think you’re going to eat the world that day. That power cowboys have, and that’s why they catch as only they can. It is to open the closet and the temptation is always there, but there are more options, and it is fair that from time to time you turn your eyes to the area where you have the rest of the pants with innocent faces begging you to take them out for a walk in your leisure time.

Not only is it fair, it is also necessary. It is to surprise from time to time, both to others and to yourself, and it is because each pair of pants offers different things, but all are adaptable to your personal style and your taste. At least all of those that we have contemplated in the selection that we have compiled to write this text of alternatives to jeans.

When you choose any of these following five pants that we are going to recommend, through vlone.llc whether they are classics or current trends, do it thinking about. How to squeeze them to the fullest, not how it would be that look if you had put on your favorite jeans.

1. The charge

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It is even more informal than jeans because it is difficult to get that casual point that, for example, a jacket brings to jeans, but on the other hand they offer many possibilities within the relaxed style. And they are also a trend. With checkered shirts, sports outfits of all kinds and even with some trekking-inspired shoes, with that thick rubber sole that is worn even more than a certain style of footwear, and of course with basic t-shirts.

2. The carrot

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The ankle-length and tight pants are still in force on the street because it is already known that the rhythms between the catwalk and urban fashion are very different, but if you are one of those who prefers to go up in the car driven by the former, you have to flee from everything what is on its label slim fit, skinny or similar. The most elegant dart pants of the moment are straight and loose in silhouette thanks to the open lines that draw what is known as Italian dart, and their hems are mounted on footwear, as were the designs worn by our parents and grandparents in the final decades of the 20th century.

The colors in which they predominate are navy blue, gray and all kinds of earth tones, and you can also explore different ways to combine them, both in footwear, where they accept, for example, plain white sports shoes, as well as in the part. Top of the look, with bowling neck shirts, retro style, polo shirts and basic t-shirts all opting to be the perfect dance partner of this trouser cut in the warm season that has just started.

3. The jogger

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Be careful, before the antichandal sensitivities wake up angry, we clarify that we refer to the relaxed cut pants that share with the sportswear the hem collected with rubber bands and a silhouette where comfort prevails. They are usually worn with sports shoes for obvious reasons; in fact, they are the model that most allows to show off the sock of the moment: white, sporty and high-top.

4. Classical Chinese

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Fashions aside, the current straight Chinese trousers continue to have their space reserved in the men’s wardrobe, and even more so now that the American preppy

Style is current, as we already told you in the texts dedicated to the knitted vest and the oxford shirt, two pieces that fit perfectly in this style of university origin from the North American east coast. They are the only trousers in which the fitted cut, slim fit, continues to be the protagonist, and the reason is none other than aesthetic, because these trousers show all their virtues on the table when worn in the right size, well-adjusted at the waist.

Then, no matter how much they have been labeled as classic pants, it is each man who can adapt it to his style. Long ago you should have erased from your head that the only possible scheme to combine it is the one that completes the nautical or moccasins and a preppy polo to combine it. This scheme is not only valid, but it is a trend as we have already explained, but a beige chino, which is the color par excellence of these pants, is perfectly compatible with white trainers and a basic T-shirt, for example.

5. The tracksuit

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We have left it for the end because we know that it hurts sensibilities, and that the debate about whether or not a tracksuit is fiery and also endless, because the positions move little to one side or the other. The catwalk seems to have made the most of sports fashion adapted to the urban environment and, as we have already mentioned, it is already moving in other directions, but it is a reality that the recent history of fashion has left a residue that will remain on the street.

Forever: that of sportswear beyond physical activity. It is undeniable that it convinces the new generations and that it has its advantages, especially because of how comfortable it is.

It is not a trend, but it looks like we will soon be able to talk about sweatpants as another timeless option each season. Be careful, yes, with which sweatpants to wear and how, please. This does not mean that it is stylish to wear the official design of your favorite football team all day. Now, for example, until the heat prevents it, plain cotton designs with matching sweatshirts are the real kings of this style of pants.