6 Tips to Find the Perfect Jeans Fit and Flare

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Jeans are one of the most popular styles in fashion. They’re versatile and can be worn with anything from t-shirts to cocktail dresses. However, finding the perfect fit is essential for any style guru who wants jeans to look great.

In this article, we’ll discuss finding the correct size from Jeanswest and give tips on what makes a good fit, so read on!

1. Choose the Right Rise

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The rise is the distance between your waistline and your crotch. It can be set in three places: low, mid, or high. Low rises are 2 inches below the navel, mid-rises are 4 inches below, and high rises are 6 inches below.

The right fit will depend on what kind of body shape you have. If you’re curvy, then a low-rise pair will show off curves.

A mid-rise pair will flatter your figure if you’re slim but not skinny. At the same time, those with more athletic tendencies might prefer something higher up their legs to show off muscle definition.

2. Identify Your Body Type

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Look at yourself in the mirror and see if there are any obvious signs of shape. If you have prominent hips or thighs, jeans can emphasize them and make them appear larger than they are or, worse, make them look smaller!

This is one way that jeans can cause problems with fit issues. On the other hand, if you have an hourglass figure, chances are good that jeans will accentuate this trait rather than hide it.

3. Select a Perfect Length

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When shopping for a pair of jeans, there are several lengths to choose from. We’ve provided some measurements below to help you determine which is suitable for your body type.


Teens and women typically wear them with shorter torsos and legs. This is the most popular length in denim clothing because it’s not as high-rise but has coverage up top if you’re looking for something that’s more casual but doesn’t require pantyhose or Spanx underneath.


If you have an hourglass shape, these might be what works best for your body type! They’ll cover those problem areas while providing enough room around the hips/butt area. So that they don’t look too tight under clothes when worn alone but still give off enough sex appeal when paired back together with another piece.


These are best suited for women with a pear-shaped body type or those who want to feel more feminine and confident. They tend to have wider legs that come down past your knee, which can be great if you’re looking for something more casual but stylish enough for work!

3. Find the Right Style

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There are many different styles of jeans, including straight, bootcut, and flare. You can find high-waisted, low-waisted, skinny, or bootcut denim.

These are just a few options when shopping for your next pair of jeans! When trying to figure out which style will work best for your body type, consider what kind of fit works best with your lifestyle.

If you’re going on an adventure soon and need something sturdier than stretchy jeans but still want something comfortable enough for walking around town all day long, then consider buying some distressed denim instead.

Or if you’re more likely to be sitting at home working from behind a desk most days, then slim-fitting straight-leg jean bottoms might be more appropriate.

4. Select the Right Cut

You can find jeans that fit your body type and style with a few easy steps. First, select the right cut. The most common amounts include boot cut, straight leg, skinny, and boyfriend styles.

For those who want to wear their pants high on their waistline, consider buying high-waisted jeans and cropped styles such as capris or flared legs.

If you’re unsure, opt for a mid-rise pair of denim with a touch of stretch. This will give you extra comfort and allow for some movement.

5. Find the Perfect Fit

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Once you’ve narrowed your options, it’s time to find the perfect fit. There are many things to consider when trying on jeans.

Fit, is this pair too big or too small? If it’s too loose, you’ll feel like your thighs are being pulled out of place by the waistband. If they’re tight in the wrong places, they’ll feel uncomfortable and dig into your skin.

The flare of a pair of jeans defines how much leg is shown off through their design. There will be less coverage over each portion if there is no flare. Whereas if there is a lot more room around the ankle bone area, then more fabric would also show off these areas!

The direction of the jeans is also essential to consider. If you’re looking for something that shows off your curves, you’ll want to opt for a pair with a slight flare at the bottom. Wear straight-leg jeans or bootcut if you want something more relaxed and casual.

6. Selecting the Perfect Fabric

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Denim is an excellent choice for all body types, and it’s an easy fit that can be worn year-round. Denim is durable and will last you years to come. It’s a classic style that never goes out of fashion, so you’ll always look good in jeans, no matter your age!

For those with a fuller bottom half and a smaller waist, try on different cuts of jeans to see which one fits best. Straight-legged jeans are the most classic fit. They’re comfortable, easy to wear, and look great with almost anything!

You can also dress them up with heels or down in sneakers Denim is a classic style that never goes out of fashion, so you’ll always look good in jeans no matter what your age might be! They can be worn with everything from sneakers to heels, making them the perfect go-to for any occasion.


If you’ve ever struggled with finding the right fit, it can be a stressful experience. By learning about your body type and how it changes throughout your life, you will be able to find the best jeans for your style and needs.