Why You Should Not Speak to Insurance Adjusters After an Auto Accident

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Let’s begin with some statistics.

From 2003 to 2012, over 1,760 fatalities were recorded in car accidents in Arkansas. All these deaths occurred because of a drunk driver.

According to an AAA Foundation research, up to 87 percent of motorists exhibit unsafe and reckless behaviors.

Drowsing driving leads to over 100,000 auto accidents, 71,000 injuries, and 1,550 fatalities every year.

These numbers show that even if you are a careful driver, someone else’s negligence can causea car accident.

When you are involved in an automobile accident that occurred due to another driver’s fault, you need to know that you’ll be dealing with two insurance companies: your insurance provider and the insurance provider of the driver at fault.

Dealing with your own insurance company is comparatively more straightforward. You need to reach out to them and inform them about the situation as soon as possible after the accident. Give them every detail of the accident, such as your location, road conditions, the exact time, date of the accident, and everyone involved in the accident. However, it’s not wise to give them any details about the injuries you have sustained without first talking to your injury attorney in Little Rock, AR. Also, please don’t explain how and why the accident occurred until you spoke to an experienced car accident attorney.

There is one other thing; never let your insurance provider document your statement without speaking to your car accident attorney. The different circumstances will require a different course of action. For instance, if it is an uninsured driver’s claim, your insurance company couldalso act as the opposition. You’re only required to provide them with objective information based on facts. Your car accident attorney in Little Rock will be aware of the rest of the details, which is why you shouldhire one soon after the accident.

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Never Talk to the Insurance Provider of the Other Driver Involved in the Accident, Until You Speak With Your Lawyer First

You are not obligated to talk to the insurance company of the driver at fault. It’s recommended not to speak to them, whether officially or unofficially, without prior consultation with your car accident attorney in Little Rock. Even if the other driver insists you sign an insurance document, never do it without talking to your attorney.

Are you wondering why car accident attorneys always advise against talking to an insurance adjuster? It’s because they are very smooth with their tactics. Because it’s an insurance adjuster’s job to limit the payouts as much as possible, they will use different tactics and could talk you into signing documents that could be used against you when you’re claiming a payout.

Here are some strategies insurance adjusters use to seek your attention and minimize their payout, and precisely why you should never talk to an insurance adjuster after a car accident, without first talking to your car accident lawyer.

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They Will Reach Out to You Immediately and in the Most Friendly Way

One crucial tactic commonly adopted by insurance adjusters is to manipulate you into believing that they are on your side. They will reach out to you immediately after the accident because they know most people take time to hire a car accident lawyer and realizing the gravity of the injuries. They will talk to you in a friendly manner to show they care about you. They’ll pretend like they are there to help you out, and they’ll try to give you every reason you shouldn’t hire a car accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer. They’ll tell that hiring an attorney is just an additional expense, and they can get you the payout without any cost.

They’ll treat you exceptionally nicely and offer you a payout that may look like a handsome amount but is far less than your losses cost.

You need to be aware that it’s their goal to keep you from filing an insurance claim for medical expenses, car repair costs, and other general costs against their customer—the driver at fault. Here’s a hint for you; if they’re trying their best to dissuade you from filing an insurance claim, know that your case is strong. Once you sign their documents, you give up the chance of receiving monetary compensation for all your losses. Remember that once a case is dissolved with your consent, you won’t be able to file another insurance claim when you discover the real worth of all your injuries and damages.

Keep in mind that insurance adjusters are notorious for attempting to mitigate their payouts. It’s their job description to settle the claims with as little payout as possible. That helpful conversation with the insurance adjuster only means getting to know more about you and your case, and so can reduce or completely deny your compensation claim. They may sound like they are easy to deal with, but they are not. Since you don’t talk to an insurance adjuster all the time, it’s better to let a car accident attorney in Little Rock assist you through the whole process.

They Will Try Their Best to Get a Statement From You

Insurance adjusters will say anything to get a statement from you. They can record your conversation with them and use it later to jeopardize your insurance claim against the driver at fault.  Insurance adjusters tend to inquire in a way that will take the conversation in favor of their client, even if the accident happened because of other driver’s fault. Be mindful, while you might have never recorded a statement before, an insurance adjuster records hundreds of them in one month.

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Insurance Adjusters Will Dissuade You From Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Little Rock

Research has revealed that injured victims of auto accidents who hire attorneys to handle their cases are likely to receive 2 to 5 times more money in compensation claims than those who manage the matter independently. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why an insurance adjuster wouldn’t want you to get help from an attorney.

The insurance adjuster knows they can settle your case with a far less payout if you don’t seek professional assistance from an auto accident lawyer or attorney. This is why they get in touch with you immediately after the accident. They may try to persuade you into settling the case immediately, in an effort to reduce their payout, if you agree to this then you lose your right to sue their client later. In most cases, victims of such car accidents aren’t even aware they can sue the other driver whose negligence lead to the accident. A lawyer will help you know your rights and get handsome compensation for all your losses, which would be far higher than the payout an insurance adjuster will offer.

Why You Should Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in Little Rock

An insurance adjuster will do everything to protect their client and their interests. If you are involved in an auto accident because of another party’s fault, you have all the rights to claim compensation for your suffering and losses. An auto accident lawyer in Little Rock investigates the case and obtains all the evidence required to strengthen your case. They will provide you with an accurate estimation of all your losses, including medical expenses, property damage, mental suffering, and wage loss.

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