5 Best New TV Shows to Binge Watch in 2024

If it was not for the best series on Netflix, what would we do? At a time when the countries are still just in the process of opening up their borders again, with more people receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, we still do not have many things to do but binge-watch the newest streaming series. Nevertheless, the task of selecting content is becoming increasingly difficult. This is because there are so many excellent choices to choose from, and they vary in style, genre, and taste.

Maybe for a weekend, or some bad day, or simply a normal Wednesday evening, you may want to watch some great TV shows. In fact, you not only like to do it, you actually feel you need to do it. But where should you start? Don’t worry-we’re here to assist you. Below you’ll discover a suggested list of some of the most popular and accessible TV shows.

1. Too Hot to Handle

“Too Hot to Handle” is an American-British reality TV dating game show, which is produced by Fremantle production company Talkback. This show was made by Laura Gibson and Charlie Bennett. In case you adored the first season, then you will be excited to find out that the second season will be released on June 23. However, if you happen to be entirely unfamiliar with the series, you may be a little doubtful after seeing the trailer, but it actually proves to be more amusing than anyone expects because you get to watch several hotties who try to deal with their libidos. The hot reality show is focused on around 10 ultra-attractive singles who need to live together, but with one drawback: a celibacy challenge of $100,000, which means all violations could have the prize money docked.

2. The Circle

The Circle is an American reality competition series that was produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group with its first release on Netflix in January 2024. The series is also produced on the basis of a British television series with the same name. In The Circle TV show, participants stay in isolation in their own homes and only are able to interact with each other via a social media app. Each person gets requested to evaluate his or her competitors at regular intervals, with high rankers eventually turning into “influencers” and low rankers getting eliminated (and the most favored) participants earning the cash prize. However, at this point, there is a catch, people may pick to be whoever they want in the contest, which means that the sweet girl who lives nearby and with whom you’ve been so flirtatious could be a middle-aged man.

3. Lupin

The name Lupin may remind you of many anime movies. Lupin is a French mystery-thriller television series that was created by George Kay. The actor Omar Sy is playing the role of Assane Diop, the character who is actually a motivation derived from the fictional gentleman thief Arsène Lupin a figure originally made by Maurice Leblanc in the early 1900s. The story focuses on the professional thief Assane Diop the only son of an immigrant who came to France from Senegal in order to provide a decent life for his child. The Senegalese immigrant was falsely accused of theft and jailed on the orders of his mighty employer. Decades following his father’s suicide, Assane seeks revenge on his employer’s family, with the help of his “gentleman thief” skills that are the inspiration of the Lupin character. This popular TV show is directed by the Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier.

4. Bridgerton

Bridgerton that was created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes is an American streaming TV drama series. The series is inspired by the novels of Julia Quinn and takes place in the competition-driven world of Regency-era London Ton over the season in which debutantes are showcased at court. In fact, it’s Rhimes’ first scripted Netflix series.

The story follows one group of young society ladies undergoing engagements, balls, and betrayals in 1813 London and trying to outwit the enigmatic Lady Whistledown, a woman known for her gossip sheets that can change a debutante’s image overnight. It’s fun for the most part, with a sharp script, colorful costumes and sets, and some playful covers of Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande on era-appropriate instruments.

Likewise, the wide-ranging casting is a benefit, emphasizing Bridgerton’s desire to both modernize and stir up a genre that’s quite boring. Asiana Circus offers a wider range of TV show suggestions for 2024, so make sure to check them out.

5. The Crown

The Crown was made by Peter Morgan and is produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for Netflix. The Crown series is one of the most popular historical drama streaming television series based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Crown represented Netflix’s first major shot at a high-profile British drama as it normally comes from the BBC. The Crown represented Netflix’s first major shot at a high-profile British drama as it normally comes from the BBC. The series’ huge budget outcomes in a gorgeously rendered representation of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, who was initially played by Claire Foy and then in Season 3 was played by Olivia Colman, with a terrific cast.

You may have confused feelings about the real life of the Royal Family, however, when it comes to the Crown, the series is definitely a true story that deserves to be seen. Now available, The Crown season 4 describes Charles and Diana’s relationship, in which there is Gillian Anderson who plays the role of Margaret Thatcher, keeping it as exciting and engaging as ever. There are also an additional two seasons set to star Imelda Staunton as the Queen, and The Crown season 5 is expected to be released in 2024.

TV and film production is recovering in a hurry following a year in which the COVID-19 pandemic brought it to a global standstill. Considering the fact that we are constantly provided and presented with so many options this may somehow be difficult when you have to choose. In order to help you determine which ones are definitely worth watching, we’ve compiled some of the year’s best series into one easy-to-read list. Therefore, take a look at these suggested TV shows, and you will not end up disappointed.