Maxine Sneed Net Worth 2024

When people think of Maxine Sneed they usually think of her in context to her former husband Tommy Chong. Otherwise, than that, she is a complete unknown to the public.

Personal Life

There are many unknown things regarding her early life and birth. It is believed that she was born on the 23rd of September, but this is also disputed. She has always kept her early life secret and extremely private and there is not any data regarding her parents and reading her education. It was just speculated that she is of Canadian origin but it is known that she has both Canadian and USA citizenship. On the other hand, there have been some data that she is a Cherokee and that she is not African-American. However, nothing of this was neither confirmed nor denied by her. It should be also noted that she does not have any social networks.

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There is not any data regarding her career and the things she did. It is only known that he used to work for Black Radio Magazine and that she used to be an editor there. However, we do not know when she worked there and for how long. There are also some speculations that she also worked as a proofreader, but we do not have any specific data.

Tommy Chong

Maxine is mostly famous for being married to Tommy. It should be noted that the two of them met during the 50s in the USA, and it should be also mentioned that both of them have Canadian and American citizenships. The couple met when Tommy was expecting the child with another woman, he was not married to her. Maxine was a step-mother and a good one since she raised Tommy’s daughter. The child was born on the 28th February in 1961, and they named the baby girl Rae. Rae became a successful actress, and she continued to work in her father’s industry. Tommy and Maxine decided to get divorced in 1970 and the reason for the divorce was Tommy cheating on her.

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Maxine Sneed Net Worth 2024

We do not know what she did in her career and for how long, so it is difficult to determine how much her net worth is. There are some speculations that she must have obtained a significant amount of money when she divorced Tommy. The figures usually revolve around $1 million, which can be considered as Maxine Sneed’s net worth in 2024.