Martini Artnugan Net Worth 2024

Martini Artnugan is not just a regular celebrity. She is known for the most bizarre thing, the fart. If you ever heard about the queen of farts that was Martini. Usually, guys are the ones who are making farts jokes, but Martini is making them also, and that is the main reason for her fame.

If you would love to know more details about this young celebrity, then we recommend you to stay tuned and to keep reading our text.

Early Life

Martini Artnugan was born on 11 of January in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. She was raised in a place where she was born, which is Thailand. Martini didn’t reveal any more information about her childhood, parents, or siblings.

Also, her educational background is a secret, so we are not sure which schools she finished.

Source: Pikdo

Martini’s Path to Fame

Martini found a unique way to present herself in the media. Even though she says that she is a model, and we can see her modeling photos on social media. However, Artnugan became famous after she began to fart in public and to make videos of it. She didn’t want to be like other models, so she chooses farts to step out of the crowd.

Martini has the most of the followers on the social media Instagram, where she is posting photos daily. Her sexy photos are always with a lot of likes and comments. Besides, Artnugan has also a YouTube channel where she uploads her fart videos. YouTube posts have a lot of views every day. In total, she has more than 650,000 views.

Currently, on social media, there is one exciting challenge named the Fartini Challenge. The star of this bizarre challenge is Martini. The main topic of the challenge is that Martini goes on the public places, takes her skirt up, and fart on the people. Later, they slap her on the bath, and that is all filmed.

Interestingly, this challenge has a lot of fans, and it seems like people enjoy it. Thanks to the enormous interest in the contest, Martini decided to go on a world tour and to fart on the fans in public.

Source: Pikdo

Personal Life

Currently, Martini is not dating anyone. Even though she is attractive, she remains single. We can assume that we will find out through social media when she finds a boyfriend.

Martini Artnugan Net Worth 2024

Martini’s videos are top-rated on some fetish porn sites, so we can assume that she is earning a nice amount of money. However, her net worth for 2024 is $1 Million.