Wondering How To Make Your Divorce Cheaper? These Tips Are Proven To Work

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Getting a divorce can be terribly straining, not only emotionally but also financially. After all, when you started your life together, you did not imagine a nasty split.

Nor did you imagine a situation where you would potentially have to part with half of your net worth. So if you are in a messy relationship and need a divorce, hiring a professional Westlake Divorce Attorney would be the best option for you.

Further, this article gives a list of things you can do before and after your marriage to make your divorce less costly.

6 Things You Must Do To Make Your Divorce A Less Costly Affair

Sign Up For A Prenuptial Agreement Or Prenup

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Usually, most people believe that prenups are ideal for rich people or when there is a huge difference in the economic status of the bride and the groom. However, that is not the truth, and anybody with assets and wants to protect them against marital disputes can get a prenup.

However, before you go for a prenup, you have to ensure that your would-be husband or wife is on the same page as you. Some people may consider a prenup agreement a sign of a lack of trust in a relationship. So rationally state your perspective and discuss it before you visit an attorney to sign a prenup agreement.

Also, you need to know that prenups are not a recognized document in all cultures. In cultures where marriage is not seen as a contract, a prenup has no legal value in the eyes of the law. However, these agreements are acceptable in most countries of the western world.

A prenup clearly delineates who will get what in case a separation happens. The terms of the agreement are such that no party is in a disadvantageous position. So if you have a prenup, things become much easier and the financial implications much more tolerable.

Try To Pursue A Mutual Divorce

Mutual divorces get sorted out much more easily than those who have to go through a trial. So if you plan to go for a separation, talk to your spouse and decide mutually about sharing responsibilities and assets.

The biggest advantage of a mutual separation is mental peace, but it is also good from a financial standpoint. You will have to hire a lawyer for a shorter period of time, and this will save you money. Moreover, since the lawyer will not have to argue much or gather witnesses or evidence, he will charge much less.

Go For A Pro- Bono Lawyer Or Try Getting A Discount

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A mutual divorce is a great option, but not all of you may be lucky enough to convince your spouse to get one. In that case, you have no other option but to go for a contested divorce. However, you can still cut some costs if you get a pro bono lawyer or get a waiver on the fees that they charge.

Many attorneys work for free (pro bono) if the client is economically distressed or has been a victim of domestic violence. So it is best to be honest, and upfront with your lawyer so that you can negotiate a deal that is economically sustainable for you.

If you are unable to get a pro bono lawyer, you can get in touch with some NGOs or charitable organizations. If you are genuinely distressed, then NGOs can get in touch with good lawyers who will work for free.

Fill Out All The Forms Yourself

It would be great if you could get a lawyer for free or at a discount. However, if you cannot find an attorney willing to work pro bono for you, then you can do much of the work yourself.

The paperwork should not be very complicated if you are going for a mutual settlement. If you need it, you can take help from online resources where practicing lawyers offer advice for free.

Filling out the forms yourself will take some time, and comprehending the legal jargon can be challenging at first. But if you persist, you should be able to do it yourself.

Even if you cannot do the entire paperwork by yourself, you can take some help. But getting most of the work done yourself will make sure that you do not have to spend a bomb on legal expenses.

Be Honest With Your Lawyer

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Many people are embarrassed to discuss their private lives openly with a third person. So they end up lying or giving out limited information. But it is important to remember that half-truths and limited information will not be of any help, and it will only make the trail longer.

If you are not open about your life, the court will have to keep adjourning, and the appeals will keep mounting. So if you want things to be less nasty and quick, be very transparent when discussing things with your attorney.

Document Everything


In case of a contested separation, the court will believe you if you have the evidence. So it is better to document every aspect of your marital life. So that if you ever have a divorce, you do not have to put in a lot of effort and money to gather documents. So if you and your spouse invest in a property or take a loan together, make sure that the papers clearly reflect who spent what.


The cost of hiring a divorce attorney can be intimidating. So before you hire someone to fight a case on your behalf, check out their track record. If they can sort out messy situations and do so in less time, then definitely hire them.

Getting the services of a pro bono lawyer will also be of great help if you are looking to make your separation less expensive.

However, if you do not want to hire an attorney at all, you can take help from online resources or do all the paperwork all by yourself.