4 Tips to Make Your Emails Stand Out – 2024 Guide

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Email is a very underrated form of communication, perhaps because of the frequency of its use. It is free, quick and does not have the inconveniences that are associated with traditional communication means such as postal mail and telephone. To send, receive or view an email, all you need is a reliable internet connection and a good customer support like that of cox communications. Click here to find more information.

Making your email stand out is a task that doesn’t come naturally to you most often. But it requires a lot of patience and determination and will to learn, experiment and grow with time. Writing well-thought and crafted emails is however more important than you think. An email is the first impression the receiver has of the sender. If you’re careless about writing one, it will leave a poor impression of yourself. From getting promoted to convincing customers to closing a deal with a business partner, emails can have an impact on all these aspects of your life and more. Hence, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the tips that’ll help you make your emails stand out. Here are some tips and to make your emails stand out more effectively.

4 Tips to Make Your Emails Stand Out

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1. Perfect Your Subject Lines

When your receiver (consumers, employer, etc.) opens their email inbox, they may be confronted with countless subject lines (if they don’t clean it up on a regular basis). In that case, they would have to skim through the subject lines to decide which one to reatod first. If you’ve written an email with a strong and catchy subject line, it’s bound to grab their attention and persuade them to open it.

Good email subject lines need to be concise and crisp. They let the receiver have an idea about what to expect in the email body. So as a rule of thumb, try to summarize the content of your email into 8 words or less to develop a suitable subject line. It will not only help the receiver open it soon. But also will complement your purpose or goal. Keep it concise is the key and the one who masters it. That person is the true champion

If you’re a marketer, there are a few subject line writing tricks that you can use to get your customers to click on your email. These include incorporating numbers and question words into your subject line. An example in this regard is ‘3 steps to make your coffee’ or ‘How to get the perfect abs?’ These are writing tricks that arouse the interest of the reader and get them to click on the email. In case you’re writing a formal official letter, eliminate the use of excessive punctuation marks and emojis as that would reflect an unprofessional and non-serious attitude on your part.

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2. Know the Purpose

You must not start your email randomly. You first need to be clear about its purpose and then determine a direction accordingly. Is it an educational piece or are you writing to promote your service or introduce a product? Clearly understand the ‘why’ behind an email as that would guide you on the kind of content you need to include. Besides, it would help you gather the information and assets you need to draft your email.

Experts in every field of life would say that, whatever you do, you must have a purpose or a goal behind it. Similarly, same is the case with email marketing or outreach. Drafting an email subject line, body and clicking the send button without thinking about goals will not serve the purpose.

While selecting the purpose make sure you have an idea in your mind to devise the pitch. Learn about your target audience before setting a purpose or a goal. Make sure you have assigned goals with the strategy and pitch. If it translates with the target audience, you will have no issues landing leads and make it stand out among the rest.

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3. Use Pictures

Incorporating pictures in your email is an effective strategy to make it stand out from others. By using pictures of your clients, staff, office and others, you can add a personal touch to the emails. (Do not use pictures without permission/authority). Also, if you wish to explain concepts and reports you could include charts and graphs; this would make your emails look more credible and worked on.

Email marketing software provides companies with image libraries that are readily accessible and easily incorporated within email templates. However, remember to maintain a balance.

Do not fill your emails with pictures to the extent that your words get overlooked. Also, emails with a large number of pictures are more likely to be labeled as spam.

Make sure while drafting emails, do not keep unnecessary pictures. The purpose of your email content/body where textual or visual, is to get the person to read or view it. Not get bored out of all the irrelevant stuff. So, once you are done drafting, make sure you proofread it a lot of times. It will help in email content optimization.

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4. Personalize

We often get emails that are written to appeal to a large audience. They are not just evidently promotional but also very uninteresting. So, when drafting an email, if you can, always choose to personalize it. For example, if you’re sending out an email to a client/customer, include their name in the greeting. Such minor details can go a long way in making your customer feel valued.

Story-telling is a very smart way to personalize an email. When we communicate in the form of stories, we share experiences and use simple language. This makes our emails interesting for the receiver and they continue to read till the end. A generic email body may be forgotten in a few minutes but stories are remembered for long periods of time.