Are Long-Term or Short-Term Cryptocurrency Investments Better?


Cryptocurrencies that have been used as an alternative to printed money for the last ten years have enabled a number of people to make quick and relatively easy money. Ten years ago, large investors and investment companies predicted a very rapid decline in the value of influential cryptocurrencies and, in fact, the collapse of the entire market. To the great surprise of most cryptocurrency experts, they still exist today, and some of them have reached such a value that they are invested in them in the long run, ie they are not used as intended as a means of payment. Predictions of cryptocurrency growth and decline are even more difficult than such predictions in stock and bond markets, and there are certain parameters that make it almost impossible to assess whether a cryptocurrency and its value will rise or fall and by how much. In any case, there are still many who see the future in digital money.

Source: Peer2Peer Finance News

The average cryptocurrency user uses them less often as a means of payment, but much more often as a means of investing money. Apart from individuals, institutional investors are also becoming more and more frequent investors in it. There are also funds that trade currencies in which individuals who do not have enough knowledge to trade cryptocurrencies can invest. Investing in gold, stocks, digital money, and real estate will always pay off. Of course, you need to think about some things first and one of them is whether it is more profitable to invest in the short term or long term.

Short-term trading is often associated with the term daily trading because risk management is paramount in this strategy. So, in this case, it is important that you have the right goals. Unfortunately, this strategy has not proved to be very effective, and it is very demanding, with the use of stop-loss being a key mechanism.


On the other hand, we have a long-term investment that we can say is an investment in the future. When applying this strategy, it is important to pay attention to certain things, and one of them is certainly the choice of cryptocurrencies. Although they are prone to volatility, try to enter those that are more or less unchanged in the market, ie that their value does not fall often. Some of these currencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many others. When making a long-term investment, it is important to keep in mind that in that case your capital will be frozen for a longer period.

Another important thing is the way you enter – trading or mining. Those who really don’t like waiting prefer to choose trading for which it is enough to choose the right platform that you can access anytime and anywhere. Many platforms have also developed applications whose work is based on artificial intelligence, which means that they monitor the situation on the market even when you do not. When choosing a platform, it is important to choose a proven and reliable one, because keep in mind that where there is money, there are always scams. You can find more about this topic if you visit


Mining, on the other hand, is a type of investment that can in some ways be considered long-term because it takes a long time to mine one coin. In addition, many give up on it when they hear that electricity consumption is quite high and that additional investment in computer equipment is needed. Mining is a method of producing new blocks in the Blockchain system of the most prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. This requires miners to solve a computational set of puzzles and cryptographically link the new block to the previous block in Blockchain.

In order for the investment to be successful, it is necessary to protect your digital money from hacker attacks. Since this money is kept in a digital wallet, it is important to choose the safest one. Wallets can be cold and hot, and the main difference is in the way they are stored – a hot wallet is very practical because you can access it from anywhere if you have internet, but where there is the internet, there are many dangers of hacker attacks. A cold wallet is also called a hardware wallet, it is very safe, but it is also an additional investment because it can be quite expensive. However, those who are serious about investing know that this is a smart investment.


The crypto market is very unpredictable and creates millionaires as often as it bankrupt them. There is no objectively risk-free way to invest in anything, and only intuition and experience will help you go as winners. How much you should invest depends on how much you are willing to lose, and this should give you a fair idea of the level of risk involved in entering the cryptocurrency space.

The history of cryptocurrencies is not long, so it is difficult to determine by fundamental analysis how the cryptocurrency market will move and what the future holds. Further development of Blockchain technology should reduce the consumption of electricity for mining and increase the speed of processing transactions on Blockchain. Already in some countries, you can pay for a vacation, hotel accommodation, or make a purchase by paying in one of the virtual currencies. A significant number of new projects and new ones appear everyday cryptocurrency so crypto began to be viewed as a serious term in the new global economy. Will cryptocurrencies become part of history as another financial bubble and be forgotten or any other person will use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment we can only speculate. It is up to each individual to think for himself and decide whether potential success worth the risk.