5 Latest Trends and Technologies in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is changing every year, following the current trends and technologies, but also the users’ needs, so they can improve the overall experience, and of course, to increase the sales, and give the people the product they are expecting. Cars and the other vehicles were an important part of our lives since forever. People are using them to go from one place to another, and driving is a special experience, and also kind of relaxing for some of us. The latest years were the years of innovations and new technologies, that had a huge impact on the whole industry.

The vehicle manufacturers are trying to follow the development of the new technology, and implement it in their new products, so they can provide a good product, that will attract a lot of customers who are interested to buy it.

Here are a few trends that are important in 2024 when it comes to the automotive industry:

1. Electrical vehicles

Source: Institute of Energy of South East Europe

Many manufacturers are aware that the fuel is harmful to the environment, because of the gas emission. Electricity is a good option if the chargers are easily accessible and available in the city. As the time goes by, we can witness that people are now more focused on saving the nature and environment, and many of them require electrical cars, so they can decrease the carbon dioxide emission in the air.

2. Exploring without seeing the car

Source: wapcar.my

Today, when we have a lot of websites like Wapcar.my, we don’t really need to visit a lot of sellers and stores, so we can see and compare the features and properties. This year, to be exact, is very bad for visiting stores and meeting with people you don’t know, because of the coronavirus pandemic and the risk of getting infected. Most of these websites list all the things you need to know about the vehicle you are interested in, also giving you the option to compare the features and prices and choose a few models. Then you can pay a visit to the sellers, just to check the car, and proceed to buy it, or looking for a better one.

3. Autonomous (self-driving) cars

Source: Industry Wired

Just a decade ago, this was an idea that seemed too hard and complicated to be released, but in the last few years, many manufacturers gave their best to make them a reality. The automation of the whole process of driving will probably ensure safer movements and reactions, knowing that sometimes the driver can be too tired, or may feel bad or sick. The artificial intelligence will make all of these things possible because it can calculate the risks, the possibilities, and take the most optimal action, so the self-driving car may avoid accidents on the road. This technology can also predict pedestrian behavior, detect their moves, and stop right on time, without putting anyone at risk.

4. The usage of AI

Source: Expleo

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned the artificial intelligence, which is helping the car owner to calculate the risks and drive safely while on the road. But this technology also provides deep learning, and machine learning improves safety, and at the same time using the energy resources smartly. We are the ones who need to embrace these things, even though they may look confusing at the beginning.

5. Easier communication between the drivers

Source: DesignNews

Sometimes we want to signalize that something is happening on the road, but the other drivers may not see the signs. But, with today’s technologies, manufacturers are hoping they will be able to establish easy communication with the other people around you, so you can share important details with them. Of course, it’s impossible without artificial intelligence, because the whole industry today is based on it.

What is AI?

Source: AI

It was previously known as machine intelligence because as the phrase says, we talk about the intelligence that is provided by the machine, and it’s different from the one that exists in people’s brains. Of course, the existence of AI is impossible without the human factor, which creates smart and intelligent machines, who are improving the mental activity, and helps them learn and solve the problems faster. When it comes to the automotive industry, it may help the drivers predict the behavior of other drivers and pedestrians, but also save the patterns, creating a capable and intelligent vehicle, that is saving the environment at the same time.

Can you imagine having a vehicle that is capable of reasoning, planning, and learning? Today’s technologies make all these things available for us, by using advanced computers in almost every field of our life, and cars are not an exception. But, the AI doesn’t come naturally, and we must be aware of that. It was a human being that created it, and it can be changed and improved over time.

Also, there are people who prefer the traditional vehicle over modern ones, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some of them, especially the adult ones, are not that open to technologies, and can’t even realize how it works, because when they were young and more capable of learning, it wasn’t this developed. But, millennials and GenZ-s are able to learn how these new machines work, and take a huge part of this market.


The technology is taking a huge part of our life. Every day, we are using different gadgets and devices, including our laptop, the computer at work, our smartphone, the watches, the smart fitness bands, and it’s expected that soon we will all drive smart cars. It’s a normal step, especially in this time and stage of tech development. Self-driving cars will soon become a huge thing, and everyone will want to at least try driving it once. Taking care of the environment is also important, and electricity-driven cars are already popular in the world. We only need to adapt to the new technologies, so we can keep learning and improving our knowledge, but also accept everything that is new in the world, including the new trends in the car industry.