Kelley Phleger Net Worth 2024

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Kelley Phleger is best known for being the wife of Don Jonson, a famous Hollywood musician.

Personal Life

It is known that Kelley Phleger was born in 1969. As far as her parents are concerned, her father’s name is Wells Fargo and he was lawyer. Her mother’s name is Jean Phleger. It should be noted that she was born in San Francisco, California, the USA and that she spent her childhood there. She also used to go to school in San Francisco. As when we are talking about high school, she graduated from Urban High School. After her high school she decided to enroll at the university and to UC Berkley. Here, she decided that her major would be Fine Arts.

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As far as her career I concerned, she used to work as a teacher and then as a socialite.


As we have previously said, she is married to Don Johnson, a famous musician. It should be noted that the two of them have been married since 1999 and that he was married three times before that.

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She and Don were happy to be blessed with children. More precisely, Don already had two children from his previous marriage when he married Kelly. Kelly and Don got their first child in December 1999 and it was a daughter named Atherton Grace Johnson. Not a long time passed and Kelly gave a birth to a son called jasper Breckenridge on the 6th June in 2001. The couple was also blessed with another son in April 2006 and they named him Deacon Johnson. It should be also noted that Kelly also has a great relationship with children from Don’s first marriage – Dakota and Jesse Wayne.


Since she is married to a celebrity, it is not a surprise that she is living a luxurious lifestyle. For example, she and her family live in a lavishing home they have and which they paid $15 million in 2014. The home is located in Santa Barbara, California, and it has several bedrooms, bathrooms and there is even the pool.

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Kelley Phleger Net Worth 2024

Since she did not have any prominent career, and she does not own properties, we can only talk about her assets in terms of her husband ones. To be more precise, Don was estimated to be $23.2 million worth in 2024. On the other hand, there are some data that he is even $40 million net worth as of this year.