Julian McMahon Net Worth 2024

The only way you would not be able to hear about Australian-born actor Julan McMahon was if you were living under a rock. His career is filled with names of very popular films and TV shows; this is proven by his high net worth.

Here you can learn all about his life, career, and income.

Early Life

He was born on July 27, 1968, in Sydney. His parents are  Sir William McMahon, an Australian politician, and Lady McMahon, Sonia, who was a fashion icon of the time.

Julian’s mother left him and his sisters in the care of many nannies so she could join her husband in Canberra for the time when he was a Prime Minister.

Julan McMahon attended Sydney Grammar School, a private all-boys school in Sydney. After that, he even started studying law and economics at the University of Wollongong. But, he did not find his studies interesting; instead, he found passion in modeling: he worked in London, Paris, Milan, NYC… Alongside modeling, he also starred in commercials.

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His acting career began when he landed the role of an Australian soap opera “Home and Away”. Shortly after the soap opera was canceled, the actor moved to the U.S, where he started landing roles on many films such as “Wet and Wild Summer”, “Profiler”, “Will and Grace”, “Premonition”, “Fantastic Four”, as well as “Charmed” and a few other soap operas. He was even considered for the role of James Bond but lost it to Daniel Craig.

He did not go unnoticed by the ladies. He was named “Givenchy Man of the Year” in 1990, listed in “50 Sexiest Men Alive” in 2004 and “Fun Fearless Males” in 2007.

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Personal Life

Due to his rebellion against education, Julian McMahon and his parents came to not get along. However, the three reconnected shortly before his father’s death in 1988.

By the British Honors System, and because he is the only son of a Knight, he is entitled to be an Esquire.

In early 1994, McMahon married Dannii Minogue, who also starred in Home and Away, which is where the couple met. However, the two split up less than two years later, in the summer of 1995.

Four years after the divorce, MacMahon married again. This time, to Brooke Burns, who you may know from Baywatch. The two had a child together; a now 19-year-old girl named Madison Elizabeth McMahon. Julian and Brooke separated a year after her birth, in 2001.

In 2014, he tied the knot with Kelly Paniagua. Third time’s the charm, I suppose.

Julian McMahon Net Worth 2024

Our sources estimate that Julan McMahon’s net worth in 2024 is around $16 million. This is not a surprise, given that both his modeling and acting careers have blossomed into successful businesses.