James Comey Net Worth 2024

Politics are the most significant part of each country. In the United States, politicians are essential figures, and they are often at the center of the media’s attention. One of the most famous names in that area is James Comey. You could see and read a lot about him in the period of the elections when Donald Trump won. He was involved in that election by supporting Trump. Besides, Comey is known as a director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Keep reading the text that we prepared, and you will find out various information about the politicians’ career and net worth.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Early Life

James Coney was born in Yonkers on the 4th of December 1960. He grew up with his family in the birthplace, but they moved to Allendale, New Jersey. His parents are J. Brien Comey and Joan Marie Comey. The father used to work as a real estate agent, and the mother was a housewife and computer consultant. He spent childhood with three siblings, a sister Patricia and two brothers Christopher and Peter.

Comey began education at the Northern Highlands Regional High School. Afterward, he attended the college at William and Mary and earned a degree in religion and chemistry. Besides, he got a doctor’s degree from the University of Chicago.

At the United Methodist Church, he used to be a Sunday school teacher.

Source: ABC News – Go.com

Professional Career

The attorney began his career in various law firms. In 1987 he worked in the attorney office where he had a position of deputy chief. In that job, he worked together with Rudolph W. Giuliani.

In 1993 he worked on the position of the managing assistant in the district of Virginia.

From 2002, the politician started to have more success in the career. At that moment, he worked as a U.S. attorney and later on continued as a senior vice president at the Lockheed Martin Corp. In the same firm, and he held the position of the general counsel.

When Barack Obama was a president, James became the Director of the FBI. He worked on that position for four years and later on was fired.

Currently, the attorney is a professor at Howard University Washington DC.

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Personal Life

In 1987 James got married to his wife, Patrice Failor. Until now, the couple is still in a happy marriage. The couple has five children together.

How tall is he?

Even though his career is not related to the physical look, people are interested in it. Interestingly, Comey is a tall man, and he has a height of 2.03m. His weight is 93 kg.

Source: The Boston Globe

James Comey Net Worth 2024

The politician earned a lot of money during the career in which he had a lot of achievements. Besides, after he published the book A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, he earned even more wealth.

As of 2024, James Comey has an estimated net worth of $15.5 million.