Jackie Oshry Net Worth 2024

Jackie Oshry was born on November 6, 1992, to Pamela Geller and Michael Oshry. Her Zodiak sign is Scorpio. Her mother is a political activist, famous for her anti-muslim views. Pamela’s organization would present a problem in Jackie’s and Claudia’s careers, but the two sisters would sort it all out.

Jackie grew up in NYC alongside her three sisters: Claudia, Margo and Olivia. After graduating from Ramaz School in 2010, she attended Colgate University. There she studied Arts in History and earned a Bachelor’s degree in 2014.

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After earning her degree, she worked for several companies such as AOL and The Huffington Post. After that, she decided to collaborate with one of her sisters, Claudia, on the podcast “The Morning Breath“. They did not host that podcast for a long period of time; there were many negative comments so Verizon’s Oath canceled the show.

The Oshry sisters did not give up, though. They launched their own, a new show named “The Morning Toast”. Mainly, it discusses the events of pop culture, which both of the sisters are very fond of.

She is best known for her Instagram profile, which brings her most of her income, @jackieoproblems. The profile has over 233 thousand followers, and the number is constantly growing. Her fans can also follow her on YouTube, which has over six thousand subscribers.

Some of her sister’s racist tweets and her mother’s negative political views have slowed her down, but she had managed to hold on to her fame nevertheless.

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Personal Life

Jackie tied the knot with her longtime spouse Zachary Weinreb on February 17, 2019. The wedding was held at the Taj Pierre Hotel, where Jackie wore 3 gorgeous gowns, one of which was inspired by Elsa, the Disney Princess from the movie “Frozen”.

Zachary is a senior director at the Howard Hughes Corporation. He appeared on his wife’s podcast several times. The two don’t have children.

Jackie Oshry Net Worth 2024

Since both her social media and her podcast seem to take her on a bright, successful journey; there is no doubt that the estimated number of Jackie’s net worth for 2024 will grow. Now, it is around $2 million.