Top 5 Insurance Providers in the UAE


As the world is being hit by pandemic after pandemic, we can certainly say that life is uncertain.With our salaries just being enough to put bread on the table for our family (especially in the Emirates), we do not want to be in a position to take a loan for just our medical bills.

To solve this problem, we have compiled a list of the best health insurance providers in the United Arab Emirates for you to consider your insurance plans. This list we’ve compiled is a result of our thorough research, so you can rely on our suggestions and take care of the health of your loved ones as well as yourself without worrying about breaking your bank.

Here’s the list:

1. AXA Gulf Insurance


It provides you with the best medical and dental plans for you and your family. They have a flexible plan that covers any injuries or illness whether you are traveling abroad or in your home country(UAE of course). It has collaborations with various medical companies and state-of-the-art hospitals around the globe that make you feel at ease even if you’re traveling to another part of the world. This insurance provider will make sure that you are at peace with your health around the world.

Some of the benefits that you can take advantage of if you apply for AXA are listed below:

  • Instant refund on your hospital bill
  • refund on your dentist bill
  • personal accidental coverage
  • 24 hours support
  • the “wellbeing” telephone service around the world
  • World wide medical assistance with AXA
  • claim your refund fair and fast

2. ADNIC (the Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company)


The insurance policy by the  Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company also goes by the name of Shifa Medical Insurance. This insurance policy gives assurance to you and your family by providing you with the facility of direct billing 24/7. Shifa insurance also has exclusive benefits, especially for the Arab Emirates’ residents. Apart from that, they offer special discount coupons to their online customers.

Below is the list of benefits offered by Shifa Medical Insurance.

  • Direct billing facility in around 196 countries.
  • Annual coverage of up to 5 Million AED
  • Optical coverage included in the plan
  • Dental coverage included in the plan
  • Maternity coverage as high as the normal coverage limit (5m AED)
  • reimbursement of any illness during work
  • reimbursement of any injury
  • coverage for any pre-existing or chronic medical condition.

3. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company


The medical insurance provided by the Dubai Islamic Insurance Company is also known as AMAN insurance. AMAN insurance has been providing its services to the citizens of the Emirates and beyond for about 19 years now. With their all 5 star reviews, they’ve built their credibility for their state-of-the-art services.

They are widely known for their low-cost wide coverage policies. Their benefits are listed below:

  • Best hospital facilities
  • Crystal clear privacy policies
  • Fast coverage
  • World wide clinics and medical centres

They offer different plan for their health insurance such as Wiqaya, Moazara, Sanad, Himaya, and Al Shamel. Takaful for family, SME Family Takaful, and the Takaful Bancassurance are offered in the life insurance policies.

4. Oman Insurance Company


It is one of the most famous insurance providers in Dubai. It follows all the rules set forth by the Dubai Health Authority. The insurance offered by OIC not only covers health but also provides you with the facility of everyday services such as drivers, dependents, and domestic helpers. They have plans exclusive for companies with employees even less than 100.

Below are the advantages of getting their insurance plan:

  • Only AED 525 is the cost of domestic staff
  • Direct billing facility for in and outpatients
  • coverage of all pre-existing and chronic conditions
  • Covers all states of the Emirates except for Abu Dhabi where only emergency cases are taken into consideration.
  • Very easy to apply

Oman Health Insurance has a system that allows you to apply for the policy and start availing the benefits as soon as no other insurance company. They offer coverage up to 1 million AED which is a huge amount even for medical bills.

Their policies are flexible that you can buy one of their products as well as a combination of their products. If you buy two of their products as a whole, you can benefit from comprehensive coverage.  Their process for applying is so easy and smooth that you receive the receipt of policy documents on your approved UAE address immediately after applying for approval.

5. MetLife Individual Medical Plan


The individual medical plan is offered by MetLife which provides you with the benefits such as good coverage to salaried citizens, self-employed, and sponsored dependents as well in the Arab Emirates. All of their medical plans are approved by the Dubai Health Authority.

Below is a compiled list of benefits that come with buying their insurance plan:

  • medical visits to doctors in the UAE
  • coverage of medicinal bills
  • coverage of pharmacy bills
  • coverage of preventive services such as vaccines
  • wide range of hospitals and clinics in the UAE

Their insurance coverage provides illness protection against more than 32 types of medical conditions. They provide full reimbursement on cancer as well as stroke.Their most attractive trait is that they provide full coverage even if applied from not only outside of the Arab Emirates but also from outside of the Gulf.



Of all the salaries we receive by working day and night and even on weekends, we need to make sure that our health is taken care of. Its companies are there to take care of our medical bills. Insurance companies are like the government but only for medicine. We pay the tax and they let themselves worry about our medical costs. A good insurance plan can save your bank if you chose it wisely. That is why we have made this list of the best insurance plans out there in the UAE.

We wish you best of luck, Stay Healthy!!!

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