Improving Your Health After a Serious Car Accident

There are few things as life-altering as a serious car accident, especially if you are the victim of someone’s poor actions or negligence. If you have suffered from severe injuries in your collision, you may face a lengthy recovery battle ahead. With your health as your primary concern, you may be looking for ways you can speed up the healing process or at least ensure you remain on the right path. The following information may prove useful:

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Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

It may seem strange to think that a law firm like Blumenshine Law Group could help you on your injury recovery journey, but it’s entirely possible. Health care is expensive, and being able to access the best is not always within everyone’s budget. Personal injury attorneys are in the best position to fight for compensation for your pain and suffering, injuries, income loss, and future medical care. By trying their best to get you the compensation you deserve, you may be in a better financial position to take care of your medical needs now and into the future.

Get Checkups Often

Alongside some of the most common health problems people experience in life, car accident victims can find themselves suffering from a few more. Sometimes, they are not immediately apparent, which is why regular medical checkups can be paramount. Some of the most common injuries resulting from car accidents include bruising, strains, sprains, and soft tissue injuries like muscle, tendon, and ligament damage.

While these may not be evident right away, they can present themselves in the days or weeks after an accident. Therefore, seeing your doctor for any small ache can ensure that you’re doing all you can to improve your health and put you on the road to recovery.

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Get Plenty of Rest

Even if you’re not used to resting and relaxing very often, it may prove helpful for letting your body heal after a car accident. Quality sleep and rest may assist in tissue damage repair that speeds up the healing process and gets you back in action sooner. According to research, sleep causes increased blood flow in your muscles, bringing with it vital nutrients and oxygen. These assist in repairing muscles and helping them to recover while regenerating cells.

Even your hormones play a part in accident recovery while you sleep. The pituitary gland releases a growth hormone that can stimulate muscle growth and repair. When you don’t get enough of this, your body can find it more challenging to initiate injury recovery. While resting, ensure that you sleep in a position that promotes comfortable rest and doesn’t aggravate your injuries.

Start Exercising

It might seem counterproductive to exercise after a car accident, but some movements may be able to reduce the pain and discomfort stemming from accident injuries. The type of activities you do may depend on your injuries, so consult a medical professional to determine those that may suit you.

Stretching, lifting exercises, and yoga, may all be ideal options for helping you through the healing process. Some chiropractors also recommend specific exercises to relieve back and neck pain, such as the seated neck release and seated clasping neck stretch.

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Focus On Your Diet

Your body will likely be going through many changes after a car accident. While it’s healing, it may need a helping hand, and a change in diet may offer that. Protein-rich foods may be able to benefit your body’s muscle tissue, so include ingredients like chicken, tuna, and salmon in your meals. Vegetables with vitamin C may also protect your cells from free radical damage, while food with zinc, vitamin D, calcium, and fiber may also prove beneficial.

Consult the Experts

Depending on your injuries, it may prove extremely beneficial to seek expert assistance for your specific injuries. Fortunately, if you have a reputable personal injury attorney on your side, they may be able to secure compensation to pay for your treatment. Rehabilitation experts, physiotherapists, brain injury experts, and more can all be worth calling upon so you can put yourself in the best possible position to heal.

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Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

In the days and weeks after a car accident, your health care professionals likely have recommendations for what you should do to help yourself. While you might feel that you can push yourself beyond what they say, it’s imperative that you don’t. By pushing yourself too far, you run the risk of potentially setting back your recovery. Follow your doctor’s instructions, and keep yourself on the right path to recovery.

Don’t Neglect Your Mental Health

Physical injuries are some of the most common after a car accident, but many people also suffer from emotional distress, as well. It’s not unusual for collision victims to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, fear, anxiety, and sleep problems in the days, weeks, and months after a car accident. You may even avoid driving, going in a car, or being out in public.

Therefore, while you’re busy focusing on your physical healing, don’t neglect your mental healing. Improve your self-care, stay social, make small lifestyle changes, and eat balanced meals. You may also call upon the services of a mental health professional to provide some helpful tools to assist. Don’t forget to rely on your friends and family for help. They will be more than happy to be a listening ear while you vent your frustrations.


Be Patient

You’ve just been through one of the most traumatic experiences of your life. You might be sore, frustrated, and angry, but it’s essential to be patient. Give yourself and your body time to recuperate and heal. Let people help you, and stay the course so that you can be fighting fit as soon as possible.

After being the victim of a severe car accident, your life is bound to change. However, by getting the experts involved and making a few lifestyle changes, you may be able to vastly improve your healing process or at least put yourself on the right track.