What Is A Bodily Injury Claim?

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When you get hurt because of another’s negligence, you should seek compensation. This is where bodily injury claims come in. To get a bodily injury claim, you first should speak with a personal injury attorney to review your case. They can inform you of all the damages you are owed and whether you are eligible. In some cases, you may have contributed to the accident and your injury. If this happens, your attorney can let you know how much you can still receive in damages in your bodily injury claim. Speak to a Personal injury attorney in Fort Walton Beach first to learn if you should file a bodily injury claim to recover your damages.

What Is The Difference Between A Personal Injury And A Bodily Injury?

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When an accident happens and you get injured, you would have a personal injury. If your personal injury was caused by another’s neglect, then you would file for a personal injury claim. A bodily injury is specific to motor vehicle accidents alone. Typically, the insurance coverage of the other party would be the one to cover a bodily injury caused. If you were at fault, then your insurer would cover the bodily injury damages.

Why You Should File A Bodily Injury Claim

When you are injured due to another’s negligence, you can experience the following damages:

Medical Expenses

Car accidents can result in long-term injuries. Even after treatment, you may have lingering pain because of your car accident injuries and require physical therapy. This should be compensated for when your collision was caused by a reckless driver. Your attorney will calculate your expenses based on your medical bills. All of your medical treatments, medication, examinations, surgeries, medical devices, and other expenses can cause a hefty bill. As long as your expenses resulted from your car accident injuries, they can be covered by your settlement award.

Pain and Suffering

Bodily injury can cause anguish and grief, both from your injuries and their negative impact on your life. Your attorney will help calculate your pain and suffering damages based on how severe your wounds are. This amount is also included in your personal injury settlement.

How The Settlement Is Obtained Through A Bodily Injury Claim

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When you initiate a bodily injury claim, your attorney will perform the following tasks to facilitate the claim process:

Initial Review

Your attorney will review your bodily injury claim to determine who is at fault. If you are not at fault, they will recommend you seek a settlement.


Attorneys will find the evidence to support your claim by investigating the circumstances of your accident.

Damages Calculation

Your attorney will calculate how much your damages are worth so that you receive fair compensation.

Filing a Bodily Injury Claim

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After all the evidence has been collected and the settlement is calculated, your attorney files a bodily injury claim. This is done against the other party’s insurer via their claims process system.


Your attorney will contact the other parties on your behalf and negotiate with them for fair compensation. If a resolution can’t be reached, you should file a lawsuit.


You will receive your compensation once your bodily injury claim is resolved.

Gathering Evidence

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When an individual has been injured in an accident or through someone else’s negligence, the right to make a claim for bodily damage arises. When pursuing a bodily damage claim, it is essential to secure evidence that demonstrates how the incident occurred and identifies the responsible party. Gathering evidence can take time and involves working with several professionals, such as lawyers and medical providers, who can support your case.

The type of evidence needed for a successful bodily damage claim will depend on the exact circumstances and may include medical records, photographic or video proof of the incident, police reports, witness testimony, and more. Your lawyer will work with you to establish a strong case that documents your losses from the accident.

To build a strong case for compensation for your injuries under Alabama law, it is important to immediately collect any available evidence close to where the damage took place. This could include tangible items like parts from vehicles involved in an accident or debris that collected after a fall on private property.

It is also important to obtain documentation from any healthcare workers who attended to your injuries back at home or while you received treatment at a hospital or other healthcare facility.

If possible, you should also ask potential witnesses if they are willing to provide statements or written affidavits regarding how they remember events unfolded before and during your accident. All relevant parties involved should be notified legally by their insurance companies as rapidly as possible so they have sufficient time to gather their own statements and information surrounding the incident resulting in damage. Your lawyer can provide guidance throughout this process if needed.

Other Damages You Can Seek

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While a bodily injury claim focuses solely on your physical health, other damages you seek can include the following:

Lost Income

Your personal injury may have made you temporarily disabled for some time. Based on your injuries, you might have to stay home from work. This causes you to lose valuable income, which can set you back financially. Before you were injured, the average amount of income you were making could be paid to you in your settlement. The future amount you could have been paid had you continued working will also be included.

Property Damage

Car damage that goes beyond your insurance coverage will also be added to your settlement total.

Speak to Personal Injury Attorneys About Your Car Accident

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Work with personal injury attorneys in Fort Walton Beach who can represent your best interests. They can help you receive fair compensation for your injuries and will guide you through this difficult situation.


Ultimately, understanding these claims is important for anyone seeking financial compensation when their body has been harmed due to the negligence or recklessness of another party. As a claimant, you must prove both the existence of damage caused by the other person and that you have suffered damages to be able to recover a fair amount.

Furthermore, knowing the different types of compensation for these kinds of claims can help you understand what type of payment is reasonable and attainable in your particular case. As such, consulting with an experienced personal damage attorney can be essential if you are ever confronted with this type of situation; they will have invaluable knowledge about the laws as well as how to consider damages when filing your claim, so you may receive a fair settlement or judgment.