How to Clean Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Well known for its healing properties, Baltic amber teething necklaces are used to provide babies relief from teething pains. You must know how to clean your Baltic amber teething necklace the right way as there is a risk of contamination if not done correctly. This is because your baby puts these beads in its mouth, and dirt and debris on the necklace could harm your baby’s health.

If not properly cared for or stored, amber can become dull and ineffective, but with proper care, it can remain potent for up to two years. After purchasing this Baltic amber teething necklaces, you want to ensure that they look good and stay active for the time you intend to use it.

Cleaning your Baltic amber teething necklace is not as hard as it sounds; in fact, it is easy and low maintenance. Your amber teething necklace should be hand cleaned to ensure its effectiveness. Here are four tips to help you properly clean and store your Baltic amber teething necklaces:

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Cleaning your Baltic amber teething necklace:

To regularly clean your amber teething necklace, use a soft, clean microfiber towel and lukewarm soapy water. Avoiding using soaps, detergents, and hot water as these would erode the beads and inactivate the succinic acid. Rub gently on the amber beads applying soft pressure as cleaning them roughly can cause scratches on the amber beads. Clean each bead on the necklace individually and air dry to avoid discoloration. You can also polish your Baltic amber teething necklace from time to time with olive oil using your hand or a cotton pad.

Drying your Baltic amber teething necklace:

Once properly cleaned, the next step is to dry your amber necklace. Keep your Baltic amber teething necklace away from direct sunlight as excess UV rays and heat can cause damage to amber beads. Air dry in a cold environment away from the sun and avoid wearing these necklaces in hot places, such as the spa.

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Storing your Baltic amber teething necklace:

Keep your amber teething necklaces away from surfaces or other jewelry that can scratch it. A great way to store your teething necklace is to keep them in a soft drawstring pouch.

Also, remember to keep your amber teething necklace from chemicals that can oxidize and inactivate the amber. Cosmetic products such as hairspray, perfumes, and household cleaners should be kept away from your amber teething necklace. As these chemicals leave an unattractive coating on amber, dulling it and reducing its effectiveness. So you should apply body and hair products before wearing your jewelry.

Inspect your Baltic amber teething necklace regularly:

Make sure to regularly check for cracks and damages to your amber teething necklaces to prevent your baby from choking on these pieces.

However, it is essential to know other properties and factors of the amber teething necklace. You can visit Baltic Proud to know more about Amber Teething necklace or to buy it. We are preceding to other related topics of the necklace.


Uniqueness of amber

Amber is a stone with healing properties and an unusual structure. It differs from any other natural creations in such features:

  • Soft;
  • Completely organic in origin;
  • Does not contain particles of crystals;
  • Combustible;
  • At temperatures above 350⁰, it is able to form vapors, and if it is heated to 1000⁰, it can completely evaporate;
  • When lowered into boiling water, it dissolves;
  • If it is rubbed, it is electrified;
  • In sea water it is always on the surface, as it does not sink due to a density similar to it;
  • When exposed to ultraviolet light luminesces;
  • Possesses healing properties, positively affecting the energy and the human body.

As early as the 16th century, inquiring minds discovered its protective abilities and began to use it as a remedy for evil spirits, diseases, and even the influence of bad people. Since in those days, medicine was not at a high level, these properties of stone were considered even magical among the common population. But this did not stop them from being used.

Source: Today’s Parent

Today, doctors highlight such useful qualities of amber, which are widely used in medicine to create medicines, tinctures, etc.:

  1. Reduces inflammatory processes.
  2. By activating the work of internal organs, it speeds up the metabolism.
  3. Beneficial effect on the level of blood pressure.
  4. It is able to cleanse the body of toxic and radioactive particles.
  5. Prevents the breakdown of red blood cells, normalizing the circulatory system.
  6. It improves the condition of the thyroid gland.
  7. Cleanses the skin from the manifestation of an allergic rash, psoriasis, furunculosis, ulcers formed, etc.
  8. It helps to recover during a hangover by neutralizing alcohol in the body.
  9. Eliminates pain with radiculitis, treats diseased joints.
  10. Beneficial effect on the health of pregnant women.
  11. Accelerates recovery from colds and viral diseases.
  12. Increases immunity and body defenses.
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The use of amber beads

In order to comply with safety rules, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not leave the child alone with beads on his neck, an adult should be around;
  • The length of the product is selected so that the baby could not drag small parts into his mouth;
  • It is strictly forbidden to gnaw the beads since amber is quite soft and can crack;
  • Be sure to remove it at night;
  • Each time before putting it on, you need to carefully inspect for cracks, chips and other damage, and also monitor the integrity of the thread.

If your baby sleeps much better with beads, when her teeth cause pain and anxiety, then change the jewelry for an ankle sleep and only in the afternoon let the child wear them around his neck under the close attention of adults.

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Care recommendations

Amber is a beautiful and useful stone, but only if proper care is followed:

  1. When transporting or storing the product, try to separate the beads from each other, as the pebbles will quickly erase.
  2. Do not keep these beads near silver or gold jewelry.
  3. For periodic polishing, use a piece of flannel, a little toothpowder or paraffin.
  4. For useful saturation and charging with good energy, the stone should periodically be in the sun, absorbing bright rays.
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In conclusion, your Baltic amber teething necklace requires proper care and maintenance to function effectively. It is not only enough to buy an amber teething necklace for your baby, but you must care for it to ensure it retains its functionality.