How Aluminum Bottled Water Is Made: From Production To Distribution


From school-going kids to adults, almost everyone uses a water bottle. Water bottles have become a must in life. They come in varied types, materials, and patterns. Some are customized, while others have timings printed to keep track. So, what is your pick from those available in the market?

Disposable and reusable are two types according to which water bottles can be distinguished. Copper, glass, steel, aluminum, bamboo, insulated, and smart bottles are quite trending lately. The time had gone when plastic was given priority. For decades, aluminum has taken that place. But is it safe to drink aluminum bottled water? Well, the answer to this is an absolute yes!

Even water-selling companies today have ditched plastic and employed aluminum water bottles to sell purified water. Ever wondered what makes them so special? The answer to this probably lies in the way it is made. Hence, let’s examine how aluminum water bottles are made.

Creation Process Of Aluminum Bottles


Initially, aluminum vessels were used to store water. But as years passed, those vessels were transformed into bottles for enhanced functionality. Aluminum bottles have to undergo a lot of pressure and several testing methods to be useful. Since aluminum is highly likely to deplete in water, it needs proper insulation too. Therefore, specific care is required when packaged water is served in these bottles. The step-by-step guide below will help you understand the entire procedure.

  • Gathering Raw Material

The raw or primary material of these bottles is, of course, aluminum. Manufacturers ensure that the aluminum they use is recyclable, rust-free, and corrosion-resistant.

  • Going Through Extreme Pressure

Any metal has to go through extreme pressure to form a shape. To create a bottle, a cylindrical shape is employed in which the aluminum is compressed to form a desired bottle.

  • Necking Procedure

One cannot drink water from molded aluminum. There are chances of getting hurt by its edge. It is where the necking process comes into the picture. The metal is wrapped at the mouth of the aluminum bottle, leaving a center space ideal for water flow. It is made considering the size of the cap.

  • Cleaning The Bottles

Once this process is completed, manufacturers move to the following procedure, i.e., cleaning or washing. All bits and particles of metal, dirt, dust, and grime are cleared in this process.

  • Insulating Using Polymer

As said earlier, aluminum items must go through insulation, so the metal is not depleted in the stored liquid. It is carried using high-tech polymer plastic. Insulation is done in the interior of the bottle after which the bottle is heated for 10 minutes at a high temperature.

  • Spraying Process

Now that the bottle is ready, it is given a metallic appearance using a spray. In addition, it is also given an acid bath so that the bottle layer thickens and stays free from rust and corrosion.

  • Adding Details

Plain bottles don’t really attract customers. Hence, colors and designs are added to the aluminum bottles to increase their aesthetic appeal. Screen printing, embossing, or pad printing are some methods used in this process. In addition, some brands may customize the designs on the bottle as per the client’s demand. For instance, names and logos are generally printed.

  • Heating It Again

Solidifying the detailing is necessary before the bottle is packed to sell. Hence, reheating ensures that everything is intact and the exterior is smooth enough to appear pleasant on holding.

Making Of Aluminum Bottled Water


Once the bottle is ready, it is time to fill them up! Four types of water are generally filled in these bottles. Spring, Alkaline, Purified, and Electrolyte enhanced are examples. Every water has its features. Let’s look at that in detail:

• Springwater

It is high in minerals and extracted from underground reservoirs. Water has immense health benefits.

• Alkaline

This is the most commonly used water. Its features include high pH, alkaline minerals, and less acidity.

• Purified

Water filtered mechanically or processed to remove impurities and make it safe for drinking is termed purified water.

• Electrolyte

This type of water is packed with ions. The minerals in this water carry an electrical charge, facilitating energy in the body.

Depending on the choice of the client, the water is filled into the aluminum bottle and packed to be distributed. However, every manufacturer has a different method of packing.

Distribution Process Of Aluminum Bottled Water

Aluminum Bottled Water

Unlike regular plastic packaged water, aluminum bottled water is not available in the market quickly. However, they are generally available on order. For instance, you can order it via an online shopping store or company.

If you wish to have this bottled water in bulk, contact an organization that will help you provide the type of water and the designed bottle. And do you know what is best about it? They are shipped to your doorstep within the allotted time.

Features Of Aluminum Bottled Water

Why is aluminum bottled water so trending among the audience? There is no doubt in the safety of this metal – but that is not it. There are a few more positives about this bottle that one should know.

  1. These bottles are special and are preferable over glass or stainless steel because of their reduced weight. So, if you are worried about carrying water bottles to work – aluminum water bottles are the finest option!
  2. Aluminum bottles are visually appealing. Unlike plastic which used its shine after some use – aluminum bottles stay intact for years.
  3. The reusability of these bottles makes them unique. You can wash it and use it as you like.
  4. Did you know aluminum bottles can control water temperature? Yes, this is one of the striking features of this bottle which is achieved through insulation. Whether you want your water to be hot or cold, aluminum bottled water is at the rescue!
  5. These bottles are durable. They are free from rust, corrosion and do not break on falling. It keeps the water in it safe and there is no chance of spillage as well.


Aluminum alloy is shaped into a long cylindrical shape using an extruding press method, which is how aluminum water bottles are made. Also, it requires finishing touches like protective coating, colors, patterns, and insulating materials. Then water is packed in it and made ready for shipping.

Many people are perplexed about the safety of aluminum bottled water. Let us tell you that this water is absolutely safe and has many benefits. These bottles can keep water fresh for many days. Once the bottle is empty, you can wash it and reuse it later. Isn’t that a good idea? You should try adopting this sustainable method to keep yourself and the environment from the harmful effects of plastic.