10 Essential Home Safety and Security Features – 2024 Guide

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While it might be easy to overlook the possibility of a burglary or fire, it is better to be safe than regret later. Home safety and security features may include the installation of appliances or making renovations to a home. There are home remodeling projects such as doors/windows replacement, shower replacement, and repairing property damage that can minimize accidents in your home. For these projects to achieve the goal of promoting safety and security, they need to be accompanied by essential features.

“Implementing essential safety and security features can require partnering with a professional renovations company, however, this investment doesn’t have to be detrimental for your budget, and it will definitely be worthwhile in the long-run” – say experts from Solid Construction & Design.

To get right down to this article, here are the 7 most important security and safety features to have installed in your home:

1. A smart lock

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Having an ordinary lock that a burglar can pick to get into your home is not secure. With the recent advancement in smart home technology, a smart lock is one of the most important devices that you can invest in. This lock can be operated with ease onsite and remotely. A smart lock is often integrated into your phone such that you can customize other features to boost your security.

For instance, you can enable the lighting feature so that when the door opens, the lights go on. This feature deters unwanted persons around your home thereby keeping you safe. With a smart lock, you never have to worry about losing your keys because the smartphone has a virtual key to your house. Additionally, you can add a DoorSense feature to alert you when your door is opened. This way, you can control who comes in and goes out.

2. Motion sensor lighting and detectors

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Motion sensor lights function by going on when they detect movement in close vicinity. Installing these light fixtures will prevent vandalism to your home and keep off intruders at night. They are also energy efficient because they stay off most of the time and only go on when someone or something is approaching your home. Motion sensor lights are also recommended by the police to enhance safety.

Motion detectors are also key to ensuring safety on your property when you are not around. Like the light sensor, they also detect movement and will alert you immediately when someone breaks into your house.

3. Fireproof safe

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When a fire breaks out, it tends to ravage everything. It can be devastating if you lose valuables in case of fire. You can get a fireproof safe to protect your valuables such as passports, expensive jewelry, checkbooks as well as money, and important documents. Apart from keeping your items safe during a fire, this kind of safe is difficult to break into hence protecting your treasures from thieves.

4. Carbon monoxide alarms

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These detectors can perceive a poisonous gas and alert you. Carbon monoxide in the home can emanate from your gas heater, furnace, or generator. If leakage goes undetected, it causes serious health complications such as brain damage as well as cardiac complications from carbon monoxide poisoning. Having such an alarm at home lets you know when there is leakage of this gas so that you quickly move to safety.

5. Smoke alarm

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Ever wondered what you would do if a fire started in your home while your young children are sleeping? Having a smoke detector raises an alarm when a fire breaks out. This feature can save your life and that of your loved ones when installed at home. Having this alarm alone is not enough, you should teach people in your home how to respond to it so that they are protected.

6. Portable space heater

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In certain circumstances, the power may go out and take a long time to come back. In such scenarios, it may be important that you have a portable heater to warm or cool your home depending on what season it may be. Imagine the power going out for hours during winter, it can be detrimental to your health.

7. First aid kit

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Accidents are inevitable at home and having a packed first aid kit can reduce the severity of an injury while you make your way to the ER. A kit should have essential items such as alcohol swabs, bandages, sterile gloves gauze, medical tapes as well as Sam splint, and tourniquet.

8. Fire extinguisher

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Fires at home can occur as a result of an errant ember on the fireplace, a random electric spark from faulty cables, or frying oil in your kitchen. It is essential that you have a fire extinguisher in your home to put out these fires when they break out. Management of these fires immediately they start might save your life and your property too. Apart from owning this safety device, you need to know how and when to use it properly. You should use an air-pressurized water extinguisher for fires in Class A that occur from paper, wood, or burning cloth. For Class B and C fires that breakout due to flammable liquids and electrical faults respectively, use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.

9. A landline

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For emergency preparedness, you need a landline in your home. Mobile phones are fallible. They can be rendered useless immediately a cell tower goes down, when the power goes out, or when the phone is damaged. In such instances, the good old-fashioned landline will be the only reliable device that you can use to call for help. Therefore, keep to a corded phone for backup in your home!

10. Have an exit plan

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Mother Nature may decide to get even with us and cause an earthquake, a hurricane, or any other kind of unforeseen emergency. In such instances, you need to be prepared for such events especially when you have a family. You wouldn’t want to be running back to the house to find a missing family member in the middle of a disaster. When you live in an apartment building, ensure that it has an exit ladder for emergency purposes. You can also draw arrows in your home to show escape routes. To crown your exit plan, you need to have the people you live with know about these escape plans.

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Enhancing safety and security in your home is paramount. The Installation of these features is taking the first steps to secure your living space. Trust me, you will have peace of mind and sleep better when you know that your home is safe!