Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for the Golfer in Your Life

The period of years when we buy the most gifts is right behind us, but it is never too early to start thinking of gifts for some next occasion. Although Christmas and New Year are not close at the moment, it will surely be the birthday, then Easter, Independence Day and many other moments when you will want to make someone important to you happy. And after all, do we really need some official reason to make someone happy? Well of course not, every day is the right day for a gift. This is the best way to maintain relationships with the people you care about. Surprises are always in.

But you probably have a dilemma of what to buy to make that person happy. This can be a problem if that person doesn’t have something he or she really likes. But if that person has a hobby, which is golf, for example, then choosing will not be a problem for you. You have a huge selection of things in front of you that will make every avid golfer thrilled. Read our guide and find out what thoughtful holiday gifts to buy for the golfer in your life.

1. Bag for things

Source: Forbes

A bag for clubs is something every golfer has, but it’s not the only bag he needs. He needs a lot of other things that he constantly carries with him, and he never knows where to pack them. So then he usually turns the trunk of his car into a warehouse for all that stuff. It’s very messy and you can’t find exactly the thing you need at the right time. So buy him a specialized bag for things. Such bags have a place for shoes, as well as for clothes. Then there are special compartments where sunscreen, energy bars and similar things can be stored.

Mostly such bags have compartments that can be customized according to needs which is very useful. Everything in them will be arranged neatly and he will always know exactly if he has everything he needs. Those bags are also waterproof, so he won’t have to worry about his belongings getting wet and damaged.

2. Hitting net

Source: Best Golf Accessories 2024

Every sport requires a lot of practice to be good at it. Whether it’s football, tennis, basketball or golf, you have to practice every day. But it often happens that you do not have the time or opportunity to go to a place where you can practice daily. However, there is a very simple solution. Buy a golfer hitting the net and allow him to practice daily in his backyard.

With the help of the hitting net, swing and follow-trough movement can be significantly improved, because a large number of balls can be hit every day without spending much time. Also, the shot placement will be improved and when he goes to the golf course, he will be able to practice finesses, and he will not have to waste time on the basics, like swing. Hitting net does not take up much space, so it can fit in a small yard.

3. Custom ball markers

Source: Northern Ball Markers

Ball markers are something that every golfer needs to be able to mark where their ball is. Then they can move it without losing position. This is used so that each subsequent player has an empty field, not a field covered with balls. And also in this way it is prevented from making a mistake and hitting someone else’s ball which will lead to a penalty. And what every golfer wants is to have custom markers that will be their trademark.

Think about what is characteristic of that person or what your relationship is with him and order custom markers accordingly. If you’re not familiar with golf, you certainly don’t know how you can design a custom marker, but don’t worry. All the answers about what exactly markers are, how they are used and how to design them can be found at

4. Gloves


We won’t say that gloves are the most important part of the equipment, but they are certainly among the three things that must be as good as possible. They significantly affect the performance, because the better they are and the better they adhere to the club, the better the shot will be. They are made of different materials, but leather with the addition of other materials is the best and highest quality.

It is a gift that will delight every golfer, and who is a particularly important person for you, you can further enhance this gift. You can order custom gloves, which will be the ideal size and of the highest quality materials. You will also choose the design, so it will be a trademark of the players as well as ball markers. All you need to know is the hand size of the person you are buying for.

5. Ball case

Source: Andy Rawls

As with tennis balls that are best stored while packed at the factory under pressure, golf balls should also be stored in a special way. Every real golfer wants to have a case in which to keep them. In addition to the fact that the ball case will be a very useful gift, you can also further customize it so that the box is engraved with something you want to tell to that person. It will then be both a beautiful and useful gift.

6. Cooler

Source: Stripebird

It is a special type of bag that will keep the drink chilled. It is very well insulated and you also get a special gel that will further cool drinks. It is not a big bag and is easy to pack anywhere, and it will be very useful. Golf is often played in the sun and heat, so cold refreshment will be necessary.


Of course, if you don’t have enough money to buy some of these gifts, there are always little things that will make a golfer equally happy. For example, you can choose different decorations for the desk, which will remind him of golf whenever he looks at them. You can also opt for a mug, bookend or anything else that has golf motifs.