Where to Find the Showflat for Hillock Green? | Singapore

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Beginning the thrilling journey in finding your dream residence usually starts by visiting the showflat. Here you can get an insider’s view of the future that might very soon be yours. To those who are eager to visit Hillock Green, the luxurious newly launched condominium located within District 26, the initial step is to find the showflat. This guide will lead you on to a virtual tour around the location of the showflat, making sure that you are prepared to visit.

How to Get There?

1. By Car

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If you’re driving and want to travel by car, it’s good to learn this area is a car-friendly development. Hillock Green provides seamless access via major roads, making sure an easy ride to the open-air displayflat. It is easy to access by Seletar Expressway (SLE), Central Expressway (CTE), as well as the soon-to-be constructed North-South Expressway (NSE). For further assistance this step-bystep guide from SLE. You can take the Lentor Avenue exit. This will take one towards Lentor Central, where it is located.

The showflat is clearly indicated with clear signs which makes it easy to find. Parking is plentiful and plenty of parking, enjoy a leisurely tour of the area and see what that it can offer.

2. By Public Transport

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If you are using public transport, be sure that the venue can be accessed by public transport as well. Its Lentor MRT station (TE8) located on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) is the nearest MRT station located near the residential area. At the MRT station, it is possible to get to the showflat within an easy walk.

Things to Expect on the Showflat

This showflat is more than a mere glimpse of the building – it’s an insight into the life it is promising. Once you walk in it, you’ll see the most meticulously planned space which reflects the luxurious lifestyle that residents can expect to enjoy.

  1. Different Unit Types: The showflat typically offers a range of type of units that showcase the wide range of options available. No matter if you’re searching for an intimate one-bedroom home or a large family home there’s a chance to look at each one.
  2. Furnished Interiors: The homes of the showflat are completely decorated, allowing you to get the chance to see how your dream home will appear. It is possible to look at the designer details including kitchen fixtures to bathroom fittings.
  3. Facilities and amenities: The showflat also shows a glimpse of facilities and communal spaces that residents can take advantage of. The swimming fitness center, the pool or the beautiful greenery and lush greenery, it is possible to experience the amenities of the project firsthand.
  4. Experienced agents: Knowledgeable sales representatives will usually be available to help you navigate the process of displaying. They are able to answer questions as well as provide information about the developments, and aid you to make an educated choice.
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Showflat Tips for Visiting

For the best experience from your time at this area, and a showflat, here are some suggestions to be aware of:

Bring all the documents you need: If you’re considering buying a property you should carry essential documents, such as the identification of your buyer and financial records to make the purchase more seamless.

Answer For Questions: Please don’t be afraid to answer any questions you ask. Showflats are not just focused on viewing spatial space, but also collecting information and learning.

Visualize your lifestyle: As you walk through the showflats, try to imagine what your family and you would be living in the building. This can help you decide whether the design is in line with the vision you have for your dream home.

Make Notes: Write down important aspects and details which stand out. It’s difficult to remember the details of the unit. Taking notes can be useful for later when comparing.

Take a look at future development: Consider the coming developments that are happening in the area. Knowing the future of your neighborhood could be as crucial as understanding the present amenities.

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Beyond the Showflat

If you’ve been to the open space and discovered the enticement that is this residential area, you may be excited to begin next steps to secure the perfect home for you. It may mean deciding on the right unit, settling financial details as well as negotiating with the sales staff. It is important to talk about your booking procedure as well as payment options, along with any other incentives available.

Finding the ideal home you’ve always wanted here, is not only about the final destination, but about the amazing experiences that you can experience throughout the journey. An experience at the showflat provides an opportunity to start this exciting journey, and to take the first step toward an unforgettable living experience within the most magnificent building.


Locating the Hillock Green showflat is the best bet to experience the very essence of modern-day living. The experience offers an actual taste of the future. It allows one to fully immerse themselves in the luxury opportunities.

With clear and concise suggestions in your mind You’re ready to start this fascinating journey. Spend time exploring the area, ask questions and envision your future with the amazing developments. Your trip to this particular showflat is just the start of an unforgettable adventure that is waiting for your arrival.

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1. What is the best way to get to the Hillock Green showflat?

Answer: This showflat is situated in 10, Lentor Central, Singapore 788547. You can easily reach it via car and have easy access to major expressways, such as SLE as well as CTE. Alternately, travel by MRT up to Lentor MRT station (TE8) located on Thomson East Coast Line and follow the signs to the display.

2. Are there parking spaces on the showflat?

Answer: Yes, there is plenty of parking on the showflat for guests coming by vehicle. It is possible to enjoy a stress-free trip with no worries about parking.

3. What will I experience on the showflat?

Answer: The showflat offers an overview of different kinds of units, with fully-furnished spaces, and displays the amenities and facilities of the building. The showflat is a complete experience which lets you envision your dream living area.