5 Helpful Natural Remedies to Ease Joint Pain 2024

Source: Healthline

Joint pain is a problem that is becoming very common among American adults these days. If you are one from that bunch and are taking aspirin regularly to get rid of it, then this article is for you. Whether you are suffering just from joint pain or have pain in your back, knee, shoulders, or arms, or you even have Arthritis, there are natural remedies available out there that can help you get rid of this pain. Living with pain like this isn’t the ideal way of life, and by now, you’ve probably tried many things to ease the pain.

Some people deal with joint pain on their own while others move to medications. The severity of the pain also varies from patient to patient, and if the pain is sharp and is stopping you from doing your day to day tasks, then you should do something about it.

The medication is not always the best answer, and sometimes you can find the solution in natural remedies, which are more healthy, easier to use, and usually don’t have side effects. If you are interested in discovering a new way that can help you live a happy and pain-free life, you should read this article and consider using these natural remedies:

1. Epsom Salt Bath

Source: Medical News Today

Taking an Epsom salt both is an excellent way of relieving joint pain. Not only are these baths generally relaxing, but due to high amounts of sulfates and magnesium, they are quite useful for joint pain as well. The salts are absorbed quickly by the skin, and then they start their work by reducing inflammation, taking stress off the tensed area, and healing muscle spasms. You can add essential oils as well in your Epsom bath as they will relax you even more. You can choose the essential oil, depending on the pain you are experiencing.

2. Use Helpful Supplements

Source: Dr. Seeds Blog

Using helpful supplements can also help you reduce joint pain significantly. The one highly effective supplement that you can try and is Dona. These capsules are composed of Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, Calcium, Ginger, and other effective components that work magically on joint pain. If you are looking to purchase these capsules, you can get them online as well in just a few steps. Many people have solved their problems with joint pain with them, so maybe they are just what you need.

3. Lose Weight

Source: Healthline

Something that has proven quite effective for joint pain patients is weight loss. Carrying too much weight on your joints can also cause inflammation. So if you have time to work out and want to reduce your weight, you must start exercising. Especially those people who suffer osteoporosis must opt for this as their bone pain will be reduced after losing weight. You can also avoid future joint pains by opting for this option. Losing weight does not only reduces your joint pain, but it promotes a healthy life as well. Obesity is a common factor among a lot of joint problem patients, and avoiding it can be your good step towards a healthier life. It is difficult to lose weight, even if you have just a few pounds over, but you must find the motivation to do it. If you’ve never worked out, or you can’t remember the last time you’ve worked out, you should begin with baby steps.

First of all, you should incorporate walking at least 10 minutes in your daily routine. After some time, that will not just help you with losing weight, but it will help you with your overall health. Running can be tough and even damaging, so you should avoid running. If your joint pain is severe, you should avoid walking as well, because your weight can cause even more stress on your joints. The best exercises for those with severe joint pain and problems are low-impact exercises where you won’t add additional stress on your joints. The perfect low-impact exercise is swimming, so if you have an opportunity to swim a few times a week, you should do it.

4. Use Cold Packs and Hot Packs

Source: CNet

A great way of relieving joint pain is opting for cold hot therapy (cold therapy vs heat therapy, curious which is better, then read). You can use a heated gel pack on the area that hurts you for fifteen or twenty minutes and can follow it up with an ice pack for about the same amount of time. Ice Packs are handy for stiff areas, and this approach will make you feel better in no time. If the ice is too cold for you, then you can use essential oils with a cooling effect as well. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil are quite famous for their cooling effect, so you can try and use them instead. They also smell very good and you while you are relaxing your joints you will be relaxing your body and mind as well.

5. Change Your Diet

Source: Newsmobile

One of the easiest ways to fight joint pain is to improve your diet.  The inflammation caused by pain eventually starts degenerating the tissues, which cause weakness as well. So, by making your diet more anti-inflammatory, you can fight against the degeneration of tissues. Also, a healthy diet will provide you other health benefits as well. You should start with fresh fruits and vegetables and add anti-inflammatory foods like fish and walnuts. Something that you need to avoid in your diet is highly processed foods, sweets, white bread, and junk food. Also, it would be best if you avoid sugary drinks and sodas, and instead of them drink plenty of water. After modifying your diet, you will feel a clear difference in the pain, and you will also see that the affected areas are less swollen.

If you would like to live a life where you can do your everyday tasks with ease and pain-free, you should try these natural remedies that we suggested. They are great and much healthier alternatives than most of the medication that is available in the market. You should know that every change is difficult at first and that changes aren’t going to happen overnight. You must devote to your new lifestyle, and you must persevere in it. Small steps make a big difference, and after some time, you will become aware of that. Before doing anything that has to do with your health or your diet, you should consult your doctor first.