7 Female Inventors Who Changed Our Lives

Without inventors our world wouldn’t be the same, so we have to give them as much credit as we can which is the least we can do besides using their products. Their inventions should never be forgotten, and that’s why we’re here, to remind everybody of those who changed our lives with their brilliant creations.

Throughout our history, these people managed to come up with concepts that may seem a bit simple nowadays, but they were quite complicated to think of in the past, such as the wheel for example.

In today’s article, we’ll mention inventors who managed to re-shape the world we live in. But, we’re only going to mention females. We feel like they’re not given enough credit, so we’re here to change that. Let’s take a look.

1. Marie Curie – The Theory of Radioactivity

Source: Influential Women

In the eyes of many people, Marie Curie is the greatest scientist of all time. She won a Nobel Prize for her discovery once for her study confirming that we can split an atom and create radioactive energy, and the second time for introducing us to polonium and radium. Unfortunately, Marie Curie had a tragic event in her life which was the death of her husband Pierre Curie.

Marie managed to become the Professor of General Physics on the faculty of sciences later on in her life. Without her discoveries, our world would be very different. Marie Curie wouldn’t be able to achieve what she did without the support, which is why new inventors nowadays must find someone to support their researches if they want to be successful.

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2. Stephanie Kwolek – The Kevlar Fiber

Source: Time for Kids

Everyone is familiar with the concept of Kevlar, the invention responsible for saving thousands of lives. Not many people know this, but The Kevlar was invented by a female inventor, Stephanie Kwolek. She didn’t purposely come up with this brilliant idea of creating such a strong material that can save lives, but it wouldn’t be possible if she didn’t previously engage in an experiment trying to create an alternate solution for steel in car tires.

Throughout her experiment, Stephanie Kwolek accidentally found out that the material she created is at least six times stronger than steel. Nowadays her invention is used for police protective vests, bicycle tires, and a lot more. A truly remarkable discovery.

3. Josephine Cochrane – The Dishwasher machine

Source: The History Chicks

Imagine having to wash all of your dishes one by one every single day after many hours of hard work. Well, you no longer have to do that, and for that, you can say thanks to Josephine Cochrane for inventing the dishwasher machine. We know that her story is similar to the Marie Curie one, but we have to mention it. Josephine’s husband passed away and that’s when she gave her best effort to make her inventions as present in our world as possible. She managed to do this by pitching her creation to hotels until everyone adapted the machine.

4. Katharine Burr Blodgett – Glass that doesn’t reflect

Source: Mujeres con ciencia

Back in World War Two, many lives depended on whether an army will be equipped with non-reflective glass gear pieces or not. For example, the glass on a gas mask cannot reflect because that could lead to many mistakes in terms of friendly-fire and confusion. Needless to say, her non-reflective glass invention contributed to the manufacturing of car shields, computer screens, and eyeglasses in our modern world. Katharine Burr Blodgett was indeed one of the greatest minds of that particular period.

5. Mary Anderson – The Car Windshield Cleaner

Source: Wikipedia

Driving in the rain would be pretty impossible without the use of windshield cleaners, or wipers, whatever you prefer calling them. Thankfully, Mary Anderson made it happen back in 1902 when she got frustrated by how difficult and unsafe it is to drive during awful weather conditions in New York City. She immediately started working on a solution for this problem and sometime later she came up with a great invention. At first, everyone was skeptical about it for some reason, but after a few years, the car manufacturer named Cadillac included it on all their cars. Ever since then it’s one of the most helpful things we know of in the world of driving.

6. Maria Beasley – The Life-Saver Water Raft

Source: NewsGram

Maria Beasley is an inventor with multiple popular and helpful inventions. She managed to achieve a lot throughout her career, but this invention is what people remember her for the most. The Lifer Saver raft managed to help those who found themselves in a disaster while on a ship, but it helped other individuals and lifeguards do their job better as well. Needless to say, it’s a simple but life-saving invention.

7. Grace Hopper – The First Ever Computer

Source: Mental Floss

Grace Hopper is a brilliant female inventor that laid down the foundation of what we have nowadays. She created the Mark 1 Computer back in 1944 which was a part of Harvard University. She also managed to come up with the idea for a compiler and then invented it. Grace didn’t stop there despite making the greatest breakthroughs in her career. She continued working and made the first programming language used by many governments throughout the world.

That’s not all. Grace Hopper invented the concept of debugging which was a huge change in the world of programming. Most people know her by the invention of COBOL, the first programming language but she managed to do tons of other things as well. Probably one of the most favorite inventors for those who are into computers, programming, and technology.


No matter what it is that you invented, it’s going to be something people will remember you for. That is if you bring your idea to life. Millions of inventors come up with ideas daily but only a few of them manage to realize them. These are the nine female inventors who changed our lives for the better, so feel free to check out what they’re remembered by in history.