Easy Guide: How To Export Google Docs To WordPress

Do you remember when computers primarily came into existence or you’ve started working on a word? Obviously, you are attempting to recall old memories and ultimately ended with a poor result. No worries, you no need to give so much stress upon such childish questions.

As of today, your actual problem is writing content in a Word Document/ Google Doc and so posts it into WordPress, right? You already need to spend tons of time researching your subject matters, writing informative articles with interesting sentences, editing and revising your piece of content, and get ready to publish.

And now, you are stressed upon getting onto your WordPress site to post it and make online visible. Let’s assume you are quite worried about posting your content and unable to get your selected images and several other problems are really annoying as it requires more minutes to rearrange it entirely. Therefore wordpigeon.com is extremely useful in such stressful situations.

This official website can assist writers to transfer Google Doc/ MS Word Documents to WordPress in just a single click. That’s just a second it needs to complete your entire work, and also you don’t require any coding or illegal software. Before getting started let’s discuss what is WordPress and why to choose WordPress.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the CMS (Content Management System) world’s most popular and open-source software ( open-source ) with thousands of templates and tools Digital Marketing (among others) effective (If you want to create a website, blog or store e-commerce, found the ideal tool!), economical and that help your business.

One of its main features is that it is very intuitive and easily accessible. It allows working a little (almost) all areas of digital simply and effectively. Yes, it’s true. I’m talking about Digital Design, SEO, Performance and Analysis, content creation and even managing the functioning of the website itself. Fantastic, right?

7 Advantages of WordPress

1. Costs:

WordPress is perfect to support your website. The main reason? WordPress is open-source software, which does not represent any cost to its users.

There is no need to subscribe to any subscription or purchase a license. That means you can download and use it according to your needs. In other words, you don’t have to use services that sometimes don’t justify the investment.

2. Fast, intuitive and simple:

To put a website on the air you don’t need a lot of technical know-how. Just find a theme (yes, you can choose thousands of themes with WordPress) and start installing WordPress.

3. Architecture and SEO Optimization:

One of my “battles” is exactly this. I can’t get enough of talking about the importance of SEO and how it is essential to cement your digital presence.

Through WordPress, working with SEO bases is simpler than with other types of CMS: there are a number of plugins and add-ons that make (a little) uncomplicated in this area. The platform was created to be potentially friendly in terms of SEO architecture.

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4. Custom Design Templates:

Creating an amazing layout with WordPress is possible and you don’t have to get your hands dirty in design. WordPress (I already mentioned) is fully customizable and can adapt according to your needs. But be aware that the bad choice of a theme (template), can compromise your business, your positioning and the generation of leads that your company is looking for with the construction of an optimized website.

5. Convenience and Simplicity of Use:

Access your website settings and back-office anywhere. You don’t need to be at the computer to be able to make changes to the content.

6. Support Communities:

WordPress is also known as a solid option, due to its excellent support ecosystem in which there are millions of users, development teams and communities, where anyone can easily find a solution to their problems with a Google search (SEO, right?)

7. Secure Sites:

WordPress works continuously and consistently to ensure the safety of users. It releases regular updates and security patches, with the aim of creating a typically secure solution with the fewest possible vulnerabilities.

How To Export Google Docs To WordPress With:

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You might wonder if it is right or not and if it needs any special skills to use this tool. Yes, you’ve pleased as it does not require any extra skills only you need to follow the simple step-by-step guide to export word documents to WordPress postings. Word Pigeon is quite simple using and works perfectly all-right in the existing situation.

Let’s check out its steps and start working on it right now –

Step 1: Create Your Content

Step 2: Open Word Pigeon 

Step 3: Click On “Export”

Step 4: Fine-Tune

Step 5: Publish

You’ve options to select to publish your article as a page or a post, or you only want to save it as a draft. As early as you click on export your article, it will automatically get posted into your WordPress, just like magic.

Step To Export MS Word Documents To WordPress:

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These useful steps are as simple as other online platforms and so users must continue with

Step 1: Register On Word Pigeon And Sync Your WordPress Site With It

Ste 2: Connect Your MS Word Documents

Step 3: Export Your MS Word Documents To WordPress

The entire exporting process is extremely simple, only you must have a complete understanding of the above-mentioned steps and exactly continue with the same.


In addition to export content and publishing, www.wordpigeon.com also offer extra advantages, which are

  • Supports GIFs
  • Choosing Tips
  • Choosing Authors
  • Choosing Categories
  • Retaining Links
  • Retaining Image Resizing
  • Retaining Text Alignment
  • Retaining Colors for Text, Table Background, and Highlight
  • Exporting Tables And Embedded Charts
  • Retaining Text Decoration (Like Bolding, Italics, And Underlines)
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So if you are writing regularly on Google Docs, this easy tool can assist you with individual software as saving your valuable minutes, which you can spend on important works. Are you excited to get started? Create an account and start with exporting your Google Docs/ MS Word Documents to WordPress today!