Effective Habits To Unwind From Daily Stress

Stress is the most commonly mentioned term in modern-day life. Under stress, we mean the adaptation of an organism to any new situation. That refers especially to those situations that carry a lot of negative sensations with it. In that sense, very often we hear that we need to move away from technology to completely relax and rest our minds. But that is not completely true. Some mobile apps can even help us change our habits and unwind from daily stress.


Stress is the greatest enemy of the modern man. Under stress, we mean the adaptation of an organism to any new situation, especially one that carries with it negative sensations. Children, the working population and the elderly are exposed to stress. A handful of responsibilities, demanding jobs, poor interpersonal relationships, inadequate nutrition, and insufficient sleep are all known stressors that occur daily. Lack of free time, the fast pace of life also greatly influence the appearance of stress. Some are on a much larger scale such as the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of employment, etc. All of the above has a so-called cumulative effect and consequences for an individual’s health status.

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Importance of Fighting Stress

It is of great importance to deal with all of these factors that cause stressful conditions. We can do this through certain defense mechanisms and behavioral patterns so that there are no cause-and-effect relationships and health consequences that are most important to us. Keep in mind that there is no business success, no money earned, or any other recognition that can replace our impaired health.

Impact Of Stress On Our Health

The effects of stress on health are multiple. They are mainly of psychosomatic origin. The most commonly reported are nervousness, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, rapid heartbeat, and a disturbance of the Ph organism. Thyroid dysfunction is also a common occurrence as well as problems with digestion and frequent occurrence of gastritis. Under the influence of stress, the body secretes a large amount of cortisol, which can cause the onset of obesity, and is a common occurrence of cholesterol increase – which can also occur due to intense stress. If the diet is inadequate under conditions of increased stress, the general weakness of the whole organism, impaired immunity, and endurance can also occur. Diabetes is also closely linked to stress.

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Technology In The Service Of Health

Health gadgets and various applications have found their place in the market by introducing new categories of revolutionary products every year. We have highlighted some of the interesting devices and applications, which include new and old concepts shaped into more advanced “toys.” If you care about your health – these kinds of things can be very interesting.

Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation App

Does everyday stress make you nervous? Don’t know how to calm your consciousness or how to deal with everyday problems? The solution may be meditation. Try the Meditation, Mindfulness & Relaxation App. Certainly, this is one of the best meditation apps for such a purpose. This application gives you the possibility of meditation that is adapted to different life situations. You can use it to help you deal with everyday stress at work, family problems, but also better learning and memory. Mindtastik is easy to use and you can download this app here. The app has guided but also unsupervised meditation options. You can choose the option that suits you best. With numerous affirmations, music, or a variety of soothing sounds – you can easily get rid of negative thoughts or poorly received behavior patterns. It has also proven to be a good tool in coping with problems such as anxiety, weight loss, addiction, etc. What is very good about this application is the fact that it is updated weekly, so you can always have new content that may be helpful.

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Cefaly – Combating Migraines

This is a medical gadget approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is used to help with all kinds of headaches, migraines, and stress. It works by acting specifically on the nerves affected by the pain. The Cefaly kit contains three electrodes, and through them transmits electrical impulses that are perfectly adapted to the trigeminal nerve, the most common cause of migraines. We know this method to reduce the use of analgesics and thus improve the quality of life, reducing the stress we feel. It is also the first electrical device for treating cranial pain with ISO medical certificates. Users have three programs at their disposal:

1. For prevention

It stimulates endorphin production and raises the pain threshold, resulting in less frequent migraine attacks.

2. For relief

The attack program blocks the pain and brings relief during the migraine attack.

3. To combat stress

The antistress program leads to relaxation and a strong sense of overall comfort.

Dreampad Pillow

The cause of high levels of stress is very often due to poor sleep quality. After a bad sleep, we all feel even worse – thus increasing the extra stress. We could spin like this in a circle, but luckily, some gadgets can help us with this problem. Dreampad is a medical product that should improve your sleep. It stimulates the relaxation response of your body and ultimately leads to the elimination of stress and falling back to sleep. It plays music and unique sounds through quiet, gentle vibrations that the user can hear or feel. The music travels internally and is intended only for the user’s ears. The Dreampad team has been making music for therapeutic purposes for more than a decade. In this case, they used frequencies, tempos, and structures that are proven to be best suited for sleep and relaxation, including the sounds of nature. To activate the pillow, you should first download the appropriate app, the Dreampad Music App, connect the pillow and your phone using a Bluetooth receiver, play music – and you’re ready for some quality sleep.

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Calm App

The Calm is an application that offers soothing visuals and quotes but also helps with meditation and has a calendar to help you keep track of your progress. This app allows basic lessons for calm and better sleep for complete anti-stress therapy. You have the option of a free trial after which the application costs $ 60 per year. Free meditations, music, and stories are posted on the “Calm” YouTube channel so you can check its performance even before downloading it.

Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is a non-profit organization promoting the practice of meditation in children and adults. It offers 10-minute workouts that are a great help with anxiety, stress and similar problems of the modern age.