Does Vinyl Car Wrap Scratch Easily?

Are you looking to upgrade your car or vehicle? Then look no further than cost effective car wrapping.  Car wrapping has so many benefits and is extremely popular these days.  You get to choose a variety of colors, a variety of designs as well as having the car wrap personalized to your specific taste. We get asked a lot about how durable car wrapping is.

According to Atlantic Wraps in Charlotte, NC, it is the quality of the car wrap and the expertise of our fitters that ensure your car wrap isn’t easily scratched.  Of course, if you try to wrap a car yourself and don’t have the expertise, then the job won’t last and can scratch easily.

1. Types of Car Wrapping Available

To ensure you don’t scratch your car wrap easily, you will want a car wrap film that is going to stand the test of time.  Many companies offer a large selection of car wraps to meet your needs. For example, we stock a range from Gloss Vinyl Car Wraps, Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wraps, Matte Vinyl Wraps, plus several others which are for those who like their car to be camouflage or other more artistic designs. To ensure your car wrap doesn’t scratch easily, we offer a professional fitting service.  Our durable car wraps also protect the paintwork of your car from any damage or stones from the roadside.

Source: TouchUpDirect

2. Washing your Car Wrapped Vehicle

Dust and dirt can be a real problem for many cars.  This is no different if you have a car wrap.  We recommend that you wash our vehicle at least once per week.  If it gets filthy, then more than once per week is recommended.  We also recommend utilizing the professional vehicle washes on the market.  We can also recommend which particular one to ensure you clean your car wrap with the right products to make it last.  Making use of professional products such as wrap specific wax, a chamois and a microfiber cloth that will enhance and make car wrap last.

3. Localized Stain Cleaning

If you see a stain on your car wrap, it’s essential to act immediately.  This requires you to remove the stain immediately with cool water then wiping it clean with the microfiber cloth we mentioned above.  It is essential to appearance of your wrap to quickly remove any localized stains by gentle motion as any aggressive cleaning will scratch the car wrap. Using hot water will also cause the car wrap to warp.  You don’t want this to happen as over time the car wrap won’t be as effective on your vehicle.

Source: Auto Quarterly

4. Is it Possible to Pressure Wash a Car Wrapped Car?

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to hand wash your car wrapped vehicle, then you can pressure wash it.  However, we recommend that you take care by ensuring the water you use is cool water and the water pressure is low.  If you use too high of water pressure or water temperature above 140 degrees, it will indeed damage the car wrap. This could cause the car wrap to crease and eventually start to separate from your vehicle.

5. How to Shift Difficult Stains from your Car Wrapped Car

There are stains which will require immediate removal, especially bird droppings. Bird droppings can damage any paintwork on a car if they are left unattended, and the same goes for a car with a car wrap.  The best option is to use soapy water which isn’t too hot and wipe the area gently.  The idea is to soften the droppings, which will allow you to remove them quickly.  Make use of the microfiber cloth you have, or if this doesn’t do the trick, you could opt for making use of a small amount of alcohol however remember to dilute as recommended by the manufacturer.

Source: Big Picture Graphics

6. Can you Park Your Car Wrapped Vehicle Anywhere?

If you want to ensure your car wrap is kept pristine, then you need to consider where you park and for how long.  Excessively hot and cold temperatures will start to break down the car wrap. The result of which is a car wrap that starts to lose its tip-top condition. When parking, try your best to keep your car wrap in a shady spot or have a canopy over your car if this is possible.

7. Beware of Gas and Fuel Spills on your Car Wrap

Again, maintain your regular paintwork as gas and fuel spills can cause damage. Same goes for your car wrap.  If you spot any of these spills, then wipe them off immediately.  If you are at a gas station, then make use of any paper towels they offer.  This is a stop-gap until you get home and have time to remove the stain properly using soapy water and a proper cloth.

Source: The Drive

8. Car Wrapping Can Protect your Paint

A car wrap with a paint protection film is a fantastic way of protecting the existing paintwork of your car.  This is good because it ensures you preserve it and if you plan on reselling your car, the paintwork will be in excellent condition.  Remember though, if you are choosing a car wrap for your vehicle it will only look good if the paintwork of your car is in good condition.

Remember, the car wrap will act as a protective layer offering you protection from any chips or stones that fly up from the roadside.


We strongly believe that a car wrap is a great way of preserving your vehicle’s paintwork, but also it will most certainly not scratch easily if you follow the above-mentioned steps. Remember if you want to change the look or color of your car then a car wrap is most certainly the way to go.  If budget is an issue, then you can start by using the car wrap on specific parts of your vehicle before going to a full car wrap.  The car wrap and the options available are as unique as you are and can be a statement piece showcasing your artistic side.

Choose a company that has an excellent reputation and has been in the business many years. A professional will work with you on your design specifications, provide an excellent installation service and after service too. Choose experts who use wrap materials that are trade quality, and offer a professional wrapping service.