Difference Between Eyelet and Grommet

Making stuff on your own is amazing. It’s such a calm and relaxing activity and at the end of the day, you can look at something you made with your own two hands.

There are a lot of people who start crafting by accident and realize it’s something they really love. And if you are creative and skilled enough, you can even find your dream job in crafting.

However, when you start doing it, you realize there are so many confusing things and that you don’t really know the difference between two similar items.

Here we are going to help you learn more about eyelets and grommets. How they are used, what actually are they and what’s the difference between them. The next time you go to the store, you won’t have to ask the employees there for help, you will have all the info in your mind.

What is an Eyelet?

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Eyelets can be plastic, metal or rubber rings. They are usually inserted into a hole that’s made through another material.

How is Eyelet used?

Eyelets are usually used to reinforce the hole, or even to shield something from the sharp edges of the hole. The metal rings can be used as reinforcement for a hole that’s made in fabric or a paper.

Eyelet pliers are a tool that crimps eyelets through a hole. They can be put in a piece of fabric to prevent rips and frays.

To add an eyelet to the fabric, you just need to make a hole in the material so you can put the eyelet in it. When the eyelet is in place, just squeeze the pliers to secure it.

There are pliers that come with attachments so you can use them to make your holes. Here are a few steps you should follow to install the eyelets without any issues:

  • Punch a hole through the material that’s the same size as the eyelet.
  • Put the eyelet through the hole so that the flat side is facing the front.
  • Hold the pliers in a way that the pointed bit is on the back end of the eyelet.
  • Squeeze the handles of the pliers tightly and crimp the eyelet.

Since eyelets are smaller, they have a more attractive vibe. Usually, they are put on garments or other fabric and it makes it stand out. The eyelets can also be used in high fashion to make the piece unique and catch the eye.

What is Grommet?

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Grommets are edge strips or rings that can be inserted in a hole through the thin fabric. They can be inserted in a sheet of metal, wood, honeycomb, carbon fiber or textile fabric.

Grommets are collared or flared on each side so they can be securely kept in place. They usually are made of rubber, plastic or metal.

Did you know that they can be used as tiny tubes that are inserted in the eardrums to help treat conditions that affect the middle ear?

How is a Grommet used?

One of the most common uses is hole reinforcement in fabric, such as shower curtain holes and bootlace holes. These rings are easy to install using grommet-setting tools. If you need a more aggressive installation process, a grommet press can be used as well.

When the ring is properly installed, it prevents the hole from ripping or tearing of the fabric. For example, if there were no grommets in the shower curtain, the holes would rip after less than a month of use.

Grommets can also be used to cover sharp hole-edges in metal. They protect the material that passes through the hole. In these cases, the ring is made from a softer material like rubber.

When a wire needs to be run through a hole in metal, a two-piece plastic ring is usually used. This process is called as a strain relief and needs to be used to avoid added pull on a wire or a power cord.

Depending on the type of task you are finishing, you can use different shapes of rubber grommets. Click here to see the properties and general shapes of reinforcement rings.

There are a lot of different types of grommets and they are used for different applications. Depending on what you need them for, the most popular kinds include:

  • Plain Grommets
  • Spur Grommets
  • Drapery Grommets
  • Fashion Grommets

Difference between Eyelet and Grommet

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Now you know what these rings are and things are probably clearer. But we come to the question, what to use exactly for your next project.

When starting a new project and you are not sure if you should use eyelets or grommets, there are several things you need to consider first. Some of them include:

  • Material – The type and thickness of the fabric that is being utilized
  • Hole – the dimensions of it
  • Visibility – should the hole be visible? Is it decorative or functional?

If the material you are using is lightweight and smaller, you should use an eyelet. This is especially important if it is used as a decoration.

If the material should be more durable or robust and if it is a heavier material, then you should choose a grommet.

A grommet is much sturdier than an eyelet and it is much more durable. But eyelets look a lot better and can be used as fashion items.

Now you know what the difference between these similar rings are. Next time you start a crafting project you will be able to choose the right type of ring for it.

Just remember that if you are doing things around the house you need something that is more durable and that can withstand the time. That is a grommet.

If you want something that looks pretty and shiny, you want an eyelet. However, there are a lot of different types, sizes and materials these rings are made of. Before buying something, you need to do additional research. If you are not sure what size or material of a ring you need, it’s better to ask a professional for their help.