4 Tips for Choosing the Best Trademark Attorney for Your Business

As a business owner, you are probably looking to get ahead of the competition at every corner. If you are constantly improving and expanding your business in many ways, there is no reason to feel either challenged, intimidated, or threatened by competitors.

Still, it could feel overwhelming if you are a part of an industry with dozens of similar businesspeople around you, all with their own ideas and potential. In such a corporate world, you have to have a team behind you that will help you think of innovations and introduce ideas that will take your company over the top.

Beating your competitors to the punch is the key to staying relevant in the industry, and one of the greatest ways to do so is through trademarking. If this is something you need to succeed, keep reading the article and make sure to visit Cohnlg.com to find out even more.

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1. Trademarking Experience

Start off by asking yourself do you even have any trademarking experience. The answer is probably a big fat no, which is why your actual first move is to hire a trademark attorney, such as Goldstein Patent Law. You probably have a good idea of how important this is in business, and you also know how little you can do about it on your own. Therefore, an experienced attorney makes all the difference.

A trademarking attorney is going to take care of that portion of business for you, so make finding a quality one your top priority. During the interview, ask them for their experience and knowledge of the trademark law. You have to know their past clients and experiences, and exactly how long they have been a part of this market. Also, make sure to ask them if they specialize in certain aspects of trademarking.

If you like what you hear from them and what their CV and past clients say about them, there is no reason not to give them a chance.

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2. Things to Trademark

During the job interview and initial communication phases, you should also talk with your potential new attorney about the things you could and should trademark. If it seems like this is a step you should take only once you actually hire them, it does not have to be. For starters, the attorney will know how serious you are and what to expect from you. You will also learn how they operate and how they can advise you about your business and the moves to make. Trademarking opportunities are sure to come up during such a conversation.

Ask them what you can trademark and what they think about it. If the attorney knows enough about their job and the market, they will immediately tell you what your company will thrive from and what the current norms of the industry are. This important exchange could be the difference-maker because chances are you will bond with the attorney right then and there if the fit is right.

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3. The Fees

Of course, once it is all set and done, the money conversation still needs to take place. What you must know about the whole trademarking process is that there are some heft fees involved, and a lot of them. Therefore, this is another topic you absolutely have to discuss and agree on with the trademarking attorney you deem fit to run your campaign. The best firms will charge the most for the services of their attorneys.

Many of them charge for the total number of hours it took to register a trademark in the name of your company. If this is the case, you can expect an hour to cost anywhere from around $140 to $360. Remember to ask the attorney about all the different fees and prices including additional searches, watching the registered trademarks, and the application. Things are not over once your trademarks are registered either since their monitoring is another crucial piece to this whole puzzle.

The attorney is also in charge of keeping an eye on them and making sure nobody steals them or copies them for their own business. If this happens, legal action takes place and your attorney becomes the most important person in the process. Therefore, look for an attorney who makes the watching process their top priority. What is the use of someone who will easily help you register a trademark and vanish?

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4. The Amount of Involvement

Different business owners like different things, or more precisely, different kinds of involvement from their trademarking attorneys. Some like it when they have their hand in every part of the process, while others like to be included and involved themselves. This all comes down to the nature of the owner as well as how much time they have on their hands. Since it is an expensive endeavor, you must ask each candidate for the job whether or not they will have their hand in every single part of the process.

If you think they should because this is literally their job, it is not that simple. Often times, attorneys ditch large amounts of paperwork to their interns and never oversee it. Of course, this is not at all what you want from your attorney since their dedication is directly connected to the success of your company. The trademark has to be 100% foolproof and legally correct so overseeing by the guy in charge has to happen. Of course, there is nothing wrong with using others for paperwork help, as long as the attorney is still there to check it.

Everyone ends up with a busy schedule eventually, and they may have other clients. Depending on what is important to you, ask the attorney how involved they are in the whole process and make it clear that you want it done a certain way. As long as you do this, your business and all the trademarks will be in good hands.

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Conclusion and Takeaways

There you have it, a clear and concise collection of tips on how to hire a trademark attorney the right way. Basically, tell them all they should know about you and your wishes and ask them all you want to know about them and their practices. That is all! The right amount and quality of your future trademarks will be guaranteed if you choose the correct person for the job and build a strong relationship with them.