Chester Bennington Net Worth 2024 – Children, Cause of Death

Chester Bennington was the lead singer of the Linkin Park, and it was recognized as one of the best rock vocalists. Sadly, on July 20, 2017, he found dead in his home in California, and this information came as a shock to all of his fans all over the world. Bennington is also known as a frontman of the bands like Grey Daze, Dead by Sunrise, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Keep reading the article below, and you will find out the story of the excellent musician star.

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Early Life

Chester Bennington was born in Arizona, on the March 20, 1976. His mother, Susan Elaine Johnson, worked as a nurse, and his father, Lee Russell Bennington, was a police detective.

Unfortunately, Chester was a victim of sexual abuse from the older boy. At that time, he was seven years old. Despite this fact, Chester lived a healthy life with their parents until they got divorced. In the beginning, he finds peace in writing music, but soon after, Chester started to use illegal substances like meth, cocaine, and marijuana.

When he was seventeen years old, Bennington left his father and started to live with his mother. She realized that he was using drugs and helped him to overcome the addiction.

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When he stopped to use drugs, he became a part of the band Sean Dowdell. Alongside with his friends, they formed a new band named Grey Daze with Dowdell. The group had three albums together.

However, the group didn’t have a lot of success, so he had in mind to stop pursuing a music career. At that moment, he got invited to the audition for band Linkin Park. In 2000, they released the first album called Hybrid Through.

Later on, with the band Dead By Sunrise, he recorded album Out of Ashes. Besides, he was a lead singer of the band Stone Temple Pilots. Together with them, Bennington released a couple of albums.

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Chester’s Children

Chester Bennington had two marriages. The first marriage was with Samantha Marie Olit, and with her, Chester had one child named Draven Sebastian.

In 2006, Chester got married to Talinda Ann Bentley, and the couple had three kids together, a son Tyler Lee and twins Lilly and Lila.

Before he got married the first time, Bennington had a relationship with Elka Brand with whom he had a son, Jamie. Also, he adopted Erika’s son from his previous relationship. In total, Chester has six children.


Cause of Death

Chester’s housekeeper found him dead in July 2017. He committed suicide, and the reason is that the act is not known.

However, that day was the birthday of one of his close friends, Chris Cornell, who also took his life two months earlier.

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Chester Bennington Net Worth 2024

Before he died, Chester Bennington had an estimated net worth of $30 million. All of his wealth, he accumulated money from his successful music career.