7 Best Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 4×4 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

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Good Choice
Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks set - 03-12 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 4WD with 2-3" leveling kits
Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks set - 03-12 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 4WD with 2-3" leveling kits
Good Choice
Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks set - 03-12 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 4WD with 2-3" leveling kits
Rancho RS5000X Gas Shocks set - 03-12 Dodge Ram 2500 / 3500 4WD with 2-3" leveling kits

Here are the seven best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4 based on damping abilities, shock-effectiveness, anti-corrosion, and durability.

Every driver aspires for high-performance efficiency and a smooth-riding experience. All of this can be achieved by the inclusion of shock absorbers in your vehicle.

Best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4 are incorporated with improved damping abilities, better vehicle response, shock-effectiveness, anti-corrosive properties, sensitive velocity, user-friendly installation, increased absorption, durability, and budget-friendliness.

Based on these factors, this article offers a detailed insight into the seven best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4.

1. Bilstein Front Shock for Dodge Ram 2500

Bilstein Front Shock for Dodge Ram 2500


Bilstein Front Shock for Dodge Ram 2500 is an outstanding and remarkable product featuring a monotube design. The equipment offers the appropriate smoothness that you expect from a shock absorber.

We also observed it to be highly durable. The enhanced durability is attributed to the metal construction and protective coating to prevent the system from rusting or getting damaged.

In addition to this, the digressive piston incorporated in the design ensures utmost efficiency and imparts additional properties to it. We were also surprised to find out the dynamic nature of the item, which ensures its performance and suitability according to different geographical terrains. Thereby offering a smooth riding experience despite your location.

It is also advised to keep the springs on a rough turf; it will not only bring the best out of your tool but will also improve its working efficiency.

Other highlighting attributes include velocity sensitiveness and inclusion of the direct filament that makes the unit suitable for dodge ram 2500 diesel. The direct filament offers effortless installation, and its velocity-sensitive nature prevents electronic damage to the apparatus.

  • Ideal for various terrains
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Velocity Sensitive
  • Effortless installation
  • Optimal Performance
  • Might get floaty


Bilstein Front Shock for Dodge Ram 2500 is a cost-efficient and performance-oriented tool available in the market. It is renowned for its monotube design and integration of digressive piston that improves its performance to a great extent.

Moreover, the metal construction and protective coating imparts anti-corrosive properties to the object and makes it perfect for use in humid environmental conditions.

Last but not least, the effortless installation is admired by the majority of consumers and is the reason for its popularity around the market.

2. Rancho Gas Shocks Dodge Ram 2500

Rancho Gas Shocks Dodge Ram 2500


Rancho Gas Shocks Dodge Ram 2500 is another incredible item included in the list of best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4. The model features a unique design that is made up of a 2 to 3 inches front lift system.

Furthermore, besides the main apparatus, that equipment also comes with four hardware installments that increase its performance to a great extent. Furthermore, all of these are available at an extremely reasonable price, and you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase them.

The versatility of the material is evident from its ability to work for both the front and rear end without occupying much space. Hence, it can work in a confined area and leaves space to install other accessories in your unit.

After installing the product, we also observed that the installation kit was user-friendly and did not trouble us at all. So, it is my ultimate recommendation for all the beginners out there that do not want to hire experts for installation purposes.

Now, you can do the job by yourself in the minimum time. Its dynamic nature and ability to transform itself according to various terrains also allows it to be used with 4WD trucks, where it contributes a lot to enhance the efficiency of the vehicle.

This version of the Rancho shock absorber is characterized by 3 inches lift at the front, and 2 inches lift at the back of the truck and allows you to navigate through challenging areas without exerting much effort.

  • Lift on dual fronts
  • User-friendly installation
  • Reusable bolts
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Dynamic and versatile
  • Could be stiff


Rancho Gas Shocks Dodge Ram 2500 is a compact and versatile tool that can be used at both the rear and front end. The dynamic nature of the unit allows you to adjust it according to various terrain types and protects the vehicle against damage.

Similarly, the reusable bolts and long-term performance of the substance add five stars to its performance and makes it ideal for 4WD trucks.

3. Monroe Shock Absorbers

Monroe Shock Absorbers


Monroe Shock Absorbers are second to none when it comes to quality construction and offers unrivaled performance throughout the year. The equipment features a unique outlook and is a perfect alternative to monotube and twin-tube installment designs.

Its ability to work in a diverse range of conditions coupled with its effectiveness on dodge ram 2500 diesel systems makes it worthy of being included in our list. Furthermore, the improved steering design is the highlighting feature of the object and offers you better control over the vehicle.

In addition to this, the metal construction of the model is coated with grey paint that acts as a protective layer around it. Thereby imparting anti-corrosive properties and making it suitable for humid environmental conditions.

However, I recommend using a leveling jack while installing the substance as it might become stiff during installation. Using a leveling jack will make it easier to control the item and will relieve you from unwanted hassle.

Similar to its previously mentioned counterpart, this shock absorber can also be used for dual purposes, and one unit can be used for both rear and front ends.

Hence, it saves you from the trouble of spending extra money on purchasing separate objects for different areas. Lastly, the high gas pressure enhances the stability of the model and prevents it from shaking or unbalancing on tough and rocky terrains.

  • Versatile and long-lasting
  • Optimal performance
  • Enhanced stability
  • Improved vehicle response
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Difficult to install


Monroe Shock Absorbers is renowned for its unrivaled performance and remarkable construction. The shock absorber is coated with a protective layer that prevents its color from fading and rusting even in humid environmental conditions.

Moreover, the improved vehicular response coupled with its ability to work at both the front and rear end makes it stand out among others of its kind.

4. Bilstein Gas Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500

Bilstein Gas Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500


Bilstein Gas Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 falls under the category of monotube shock absorbers and performs exceptionally well in diverse geographical conditions. Its ability to handle conductive temperatures combined with the high-quality construction makes it perfect for dodge ram 2500 diesel.

Furthermore, we loved the heat dispersion technology integrated into the system, which prevents it from overheating and forces it to deliver the best performance. The heat dispersion technology keeps the equipment cool even after hours of use and is admired by a wide variety of consumers.

Similarly, the apparatus is capable of stabilizing itself in rough and rocky terrains and prevents the vehicle from shaking, thereby offering you a smooth riding experience.

The accessories available with the main unit are capable of lifting heavy cargo and do not disappoint you in any aspect. Along with this, the amplified maneuverability is another prominent attribute of the object and adds five stars to its performance.

Additional hardware and accessories are also included in the package and enable you to effortlessly install the shock absorber into your vehicle. Finally, it is durable and long-lasting due to its metal construction and is highly recommended.

  • Amplified durability
  • Versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Heat dispersion technology
  • Enhanced stability
  • Requires monitoring.


Bilstein Gas Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 is a durable and performance-efficient object that displays a monotube design of construction. The heat dispersion technology incorporated in the product keeps it cool and prevents it from overheating even after hours of use.

Moreover, the easy installation and enhanced sturdiness are attributed to the hardware included in the package. The tool is also stable and offers a smooth riding experience.

5. Fox 2.0 Shock for Dodge Ram 2500

Fox 2.0 Shock for Dodge Ram 2500


Fox 2.0 Shock for Dodge Ram 2500 is the only product in the list of best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4 that use IFP technology. The IFP stands for Internal Floating Piston Technology and is characterized by its ability to protect the gas chamber from oil.

Thereby making it secure for consumers. Furthermore, it also eliminates the aeration problems in the system and improves its valving abilities, which contribute to incredible absorption in the long term.

In addition to this, the monotube design is reliable and offers you everything that you expect from a shock absorber. The extraordinary shock dampening system ensures the smooth operation of your vehicle despite the characteristics of the geographical location.

Hence, you can always expect optimal performance and a smooth-riding experience almost everywhere. Based on our experience, we observed that the unit performed exceptionally well on highways and related areas.

The aluminum-based production improves the sturdiness of the system and allows the vehicle to absorb the shock effectively. This is done by increasing the resistance of the material to the external factors and preventing it from getting damaged.

Apart from the above-mentioned attributes, this version is also prevalent for its cooling abilities and does not overheat even after continuous usage.

  • Prevents overheating
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Better absorption
  • Internal Floating Piston technology
  • Incredible shock effectiveness
  • Expensive


Fox 2.0 Shock for Dodge Ram 2500 is a lightweight and compact tool that is integrated with a monotube design. The internal floating piston technology embedded in the equipment improves the aeration, which in turn leads to better absorption.

The cooling technology is also extremely efficient and prevents the absorber from overheating throughout its operation.

6. KYB Gas Shock Absorber

KYB Gas Shock Absorber


KYB Gas Shock Absorber utilizes twin-tube technology and is a perfect alternative to the monotube design that is most commonly used around the market. The outstanding driving experience associated with the KYB shock absorber is admired by a wide variety of consumers. The highlighting feature of the device is its ability to transform itself when switching between terrains.

This not only offers you a smooth driving experience but also relieves you from the trouble of manually adjusting the vehicle. The amplified aeration of the apparatus is attributed to the gap between the oil and gas chamber and contributes to increased absorption.

Besides these listed attributes, another significant feature of the model is the high gas pressure that ensures stable performance even on the rock surface and keeps the vehicle from shaking or unbalancing.

A floating piston is also present in this version of the KYB absorber and is responsible for the stability and maintaining the balance of the tool. Last but not least, the chambers included in the system are associated with immediate response and air-hydraulic piston, respectively, and offer 20% better damping efficiency.

Thus, if you are one of those that need a performance yet cost-efficient shock absorber for your vehicle, this product is my ultimate recommendation.

  • Better aeration
  • Increased absorption
  • Immediate response
  • Multiple chambers
  • Stability and durability


  • Fitting issues


KYB Gas Shock Absorber allows for improved aeration, which later on increases the shock absorption abilities of the device. Additionally, the immediate response and inclusion of air-hydraulic pistons improve the damping properties of the system to a great extent.

The model is also more stable than its other counterparts and can shift automatically between its performance when you switch between various terrains.

7. Skyjacker Nitro Shock Absorber

Skyjacker Nitro Shock Absorber


Skyjacker Nitro Shock Absorber is the last product included in the list of best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4. This item also uses a twin-tube design that is not only durable but also offers you access to two shock absorbers at the same time.

The multi-stage velocity-sensitive valving generated by the equipment offers a smooth riding experience while riding on some of the toughest terrains.

During our trial sessions, we observed that the device is capable of absorbing shocks effectively and is suitable for highways and other associated areas. You can even use it in unpaved hilly areas and without worrying about shaking and unbalancing your vehicle.

The durability is also extraordinary and is because of the metal construction. The metal design prevents the system from getting damaged even in the most dangerous and vulnerable conditions.

Similarly, the double chromed component embedded in the system is capable of long-term usage without wearing out. The protective coating present around the absorber prevents it from corrosion and makes it ideal for areas with a lot of humidity. Finally, it is also one of the cost-effective options on the list and can be afforded by the majority of consumers.

  • Stable and durable
  • Smooth riding experience
  • Budget-friendly
  • Anti-corrosive properties
  • Twin-Tube design
  • Difficult installation


The absorber is a budget-friendly item available at an extremely reasonable price range. The unit features metal construction with a protective coating to prevent corrosion and enhance its life.

Moreover, the twin-tube design ensures smooth performance on highways and hilly areas alike and improves the abilities of the device to a great extent. The tool is ideal for use in moist environmental conditions and is not prone to damage at all.

What to Consider While Searching for the Best Shocks for Dodge RAM 2500 Diesel 4×4

There are a great variety of factors that must be considered carefully while searching for high-quality shocks. It is highly recommended for beginning to monitor the accessories, material of construction, and the type of shock before making a decision.

Even experienced users might get scammed sometimes. Furthermore, budget is also significant and must be taken into account. All such factors are mentioned below in detail.


First and foremost, durability is of utmost significance. You want to purchase equipment that is sturdy in construction and lasts longer than most other products available in the market.

Vehicles such as Dodge Ram 2500 are renowned for their ability to work in harsh and tough environmental conditions and rough geographical terrain.

Hence, the apparatus and accessories integrated into the system shall also possess incredible strength and should be least vulnerable to damage. The remarkable durability is attributed to the high-quality construction that enables the tools to withstand harsh conditions even after continuous usage.

Thus, you should always invest in items that can survive in rough and tough conditions without getting damaged over the long term.

Type of Shock

The type of shock is also essential. It is directly dependent on the location of installation as well as the performance of the material. There are different types of shocks available in the market, including mono-tube shocks, twin-tube shocks, gas-filled tube shocks, and external reservoirs.

All these substances have unique functionality that greatly impacts the performance and efficiency of your vehicle. You should think and plan about what type of shock absorber is compatible with your model and can fit into its system without creating further hassle or trouble for you.

Hence, next time you decide to purchase a shock absorber, stop and think about which type is the most useful and advantageous for you.


Last but not least, price is another factor that makes or breaks a deal. Searching for items that are way above your budget will only result in wasting your time and effort. Before looking at the features and accessories available with the main apparatus, you should filter the results by their price.

This will not only decrease the amount of time consumed in the selection but will also relieve you from overspending. Expensive items undoubtedly offer outstanding attributes and incredible efficiency, but they will over-strain your budget.

Contrarily less expensive alternatives with high-performance ratings will offer a long-term solution to the problem and will also help maintain some savings.

Hence, all these factors must be taken into account before setting out on the quest to purchase the best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4. Apart from these, you should also look into the construction material, installation procedure, mounting bolt quality, and compatibility with various vehicles in this regard.

Installation is a crucial element, especially for beginners. It would be best if you could find a product that is available with a detailed installation guide. It will save you from the trouble of assembling the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do shocks last on Ram 2500?

Shocks are an essential component of your Ram 2500 and must be taken care of properly to ensure outstanding performance. Shocks incorporated in the system must be replaced between 50k to 100k miles for a better outcome.

Furthermore, if you observe any damage before that, you must also replace the shock to prevent working inefficiency.

How much does it cost to replace shocks on Dodge Ram 2500?

The average cost for the replacement of Dodge Ram 1500 varies between $500 to $600. However, the specific cost incurred on the process, including the labor and equipment cost, may vary between the damage and model of your shock absorber.

Furthermore, taxes and fees must also be taken into account before purchasing a new shock absorber for yourself.

Should I replace all the shocks at the same time?

Yes, you need to replace all the shocks at the same time. The performance gap between various shocks and the inclusion of one new object without replacing others can have an adverse impact on the stability and efficiency of your vehicle. Moreover, the difference in the damping characteristics between various models can lead to loss of wheel grip and might cause serious accidents.

Wrapping Up

There is a diverse variety of shocks available for Dodge Ram 2500. The selection of the best object depends on the damping performance, anti-corrosive nature, enhanced aeration, smooth riding experience, remarkable stability, immediate response, and shock resistance. Based on these factors following models are considered the best among their counterparts.

Fox 2.0 Shock for Dodge Ram 2500 because of its increased absorption, internal floating piston technology, shock effectiveness, and prevention of overheating.

Bilstein Gas Shocks for Dodge Ram 2500 because of its amplified durability, heat dispersion technology, enhanced stability, effortless installation, and amplified durability.

Monroe Shock Absorbers due to its versatility, optimal performance, improved vehicle response, anticorrosive properties, and outstanding stability.

Thus, they are highly recommended for those looking for the best shocks for dodge ram 2500 diesel 4×4.