8 Pros and Cons of Buying a Wireless Doorbell

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The role of the doorbell in your home is pretty simple – someone rings and it has to alert you through a sound effect. Once the button is pressed, you will hear the “alerting” sound that grabs your attention and tells you someone is in front of the door. Wireless devices can be a nice addition to your home, especially if you don’t want to deal with cords. But, it comes with additional units, a transmitter, receiver, and battery, so it’s properly connected all the time. Also, using the fixings, you can attach them to the doors, and control the volume, so you can hear it every time.

Mostly, these types of doorbells are for smart house solutions, and they feature a camera and live stream of the events in front of your home. But they don’t necessarily include a camera too, it’s by choice. As the button is pressed, the transmitter sends signals to the antenna, and then the frequencies reach it, and you will hear a sound, so you can know someone is already here. But in order for that to happen, you have to make sure that the parts are properly plugged in, or you use batteries. It works like radio frequencies, and you don’t have to worry that you will have to make holes in the wall for the wires. The good thing is that you can find plenty of good devices on Amazon, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality for the money you spend.

There are many positive and negative sides to using a wireless doorbell at your home. Here are some of the benefits you need to be aware of, and after that, we will mention some disadvantages too, so you can decide for yourself if you need this type of bell at your home.

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1. It improves the home security aspects

If you use a camera, you will know who is in front of your door, and you won’t open it if you don’t want to. That will make you feel more secure at home. Also, you can sync the newer models with your smartphone, so you can spot any suspicious activity immediately. Also, if you don’t feel like having guests at the moment, you can easily skip answering to those who are coming uninvited. Almost every person can have problems with nosey people, and you can easily avoid them using video integrated devices.

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2. No cables and wires

Even though some models come with wires for the installation, you won’t need to make huge changes just to install them. Wired doorbells require making holes in the wall, so you can have control over the cords and wires. But with wireless ones, you have fewer cords to deal with, and you can easily hide them behind the door or above it. That also means the installation is easier, and the whole thing looks very tidy too.

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3. You can sync it with your mobile device

Can you imagine having complete control over everything at your home, including the doorbell? You can sync the wireless devices with your smartphone through proper apps, and you can see who is in front of the house, even when you are in another city or country. Some advanced models allow you to communicate with the person and tell them when you expect to be at home.

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4. You have different installation options

You can choose every spot in your house to install the device, so you can hear it better. Also, some models come with more receivers, and you can literally put a few inside the house, and make sure you always listen to it. People who live in bigger houses often struggle to hear the doorbell, but by using these powerful devices, they won’t have any problem with that in the future.

And as we promised, here are some of the disadvantages of using wireless doorbells:

1. The whole process can be expensive

Even though they come at an affordable price, sometimes the additional work-related to them can be pretty costly. Make sure you are ready for that expense, especially if you want to cover the whole living space.

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2. You need stable Wi-Fi

That means you need to put the router closer to the basic unit. If you have problems with the connection pretty often, maybe this is not the right choice for you.

3. It may mess up with the other devices that use the same Wi-Fi connection

Due to the interference of the waves, the doorbell can mess with the other mobile devices around. It rarely happens, but there is always a chance for something like that to happen, which also means…

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4. You can get hacked

It’s an open breach and those who know what they are doing can easily find a way to rig the security system or turn off your video camera. And no one wants that to happen.

So, which one to choose?

Knowing that you have only two options, you need to make a decision quickly. The standard wired bells require more complicated installation, and they don’t provide the same level of security as wireless ones, but knowing the risk of getting hacked can change your mind too. It’s on you to decide which pros and cons are meaningful for you and your decision, and then buy the new doorbell.

Pick the wired ones if you don’t want to deal with hackers or poor Internet connection at your home. Keep in mind that wireless doorbells need connection all the time, and they can slow down the Internet.

But, if you don’t want drilling, cables, wires, and holes, you can go for wireless options. They are more optimized for the “job” they have, but it’s on you to see and choose the right one for you.

Knowing all of these things can make you easily decide what’s your priority when it comes to doorbells. We hope that our suggestions will help you make the best choice possible.