6 Business Location Relocation Tips for Companies!

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Business owners may feel the need to relocate their offices for many reasons. If the business is expanding, it may need more space and overall, more extensive arrangements. A new place would be convenient for that reason. Commercial moves are rising. With documented relocation strategies, things become smoother. It saves from confusion, extra expenses, loss of items, misdirection. Moving is a tedious task nonetheless. Let us discuss tips that will help you to get the job done easier.

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1. Task Force

A team that works for the entire moving process of your office is the task force. It includes realtors, designers, property managers, and office movers. Internal members of the HR department, facility management, finance bring the complementary efficiency together to work as a single cohesive group. You can consult with every department to evaluate individual needs related to your office relocation.

2. Let Your Team Know

Involve your IT team in the process of moving from the starting. They shall need some time to plan on how to transfer equipment to the new space. They may also want to see the new location in advance. Thus, your It team can ensure compatibility and can make the necessary upgrades in advance. Try not to move equipment that is no longer used. Instead, make arrangements to recycle or donate outdated equipment before the move. This way, the old things will not lose their utility value.

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3. Keep All Concern Person Informed

Collect bids and do your research on various moving companies. Thorough research will help you to choose the best team to do your moving job. It is best to get an in-person estimate from a minimum of 3 different companies. Verify the credential of those who are given the responsibility of the move. Confirm the task is done satisfactorily. Visit the new office place in person. This will help you plan space, setup, and facilities that would support the new office structure. Moving organizers should inform the company managers and supervisors how the moving process will influence the office work and the business.

4. Cleanup, Label Up and Update

Encourage your company employees to be responsible for their workspace. Make them involved in the process actively. Ask them to check all their files and non-essential documents. Tell the team members to clear personal items and other decorations from where they seat before the moving day. Then, they can transfer their items to the new location. Use labels for the packing. Write the thing’s name on the box. Unpacking becomes a little easier this way. Update your company address in online platforms like websites, social media pages, and everyone somehow related to your business so that the location change does not hamper the business.

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5. Plan it Right

Proper planning is key to a good setup. Conduct several visits to the new office place with space planners & designers. Review the current assets that you possess. Make a list of things you want to move. Make another list that you want to donate and one more list of the things you need to buy for the new office. The floor plan and layout are essential for an effective relocation process. Review the documents with your movers and make sure they have the same copy on the day of moving. This way, everything will be delivered and installed correctly. A checklist helps to prepare a plan and to execute that flawlessly. A checklist is a simple but powerful tool to make things happen. It is useful for accomplishing tasks that require strategic planning.

6. Keep People Engaged in The Relocation Process

Discuss things with your employees. Consider their concern if they have one with the new settlement. Employees with families may have some concerns that the single ones don’t. Discuss their views on the new location of the office. Is that suitable for them too? Engage all from staff to business partners in the relocation process. This way, the communication will be more assertive. They will feel like they matter to you. Take their suggestions on starting a new venture. This will ensure all understand their roles. Update and acknowledge them via email, personal message, and other means of communication.

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The importance of finding the right help:

No matter how well you plan or prepare for the office relocation, it is not a one man task. You will have to take help from experts and hence finding a credible moving company is crucial. However, you cannot rely on just any random company to get professional moving assistance. You will need to find an top rated commercial movers and let them handle the job. So, how do you do that? Well here are a few points to note:

  • Check the company address as well as contact details. If possible, visit them once in their office.
  • Check the license and insurance status of the company. A professional moving company must be fully licensed, insured and bonded.
  • Read online reviews and make sure that they are highly recommended by their previous clients.
  • Make sure you discuss your moving requirements as well as budget with the moving company. A credible mover will be flexible to your needs.
  • You must get free moving quote from the company and enjoy affordable services that meet your requirements.

Final Thought

When it comes to the relocation to a professional place, focus on action-based goals. Be specific about what you would like to achieve during the move. Tie the plan into a bigger picture. This helps to situate a relocation in a wider context of your business favor. For example, if you aim to improve your company’s customer service, your strategy of relocation is supposed to reflect this. A new setup of better customer service will be a priority in the new office. These are some of the office relocation tips that can be applied to any company. We hope you find our article informative. Good luck with the relocation.