5 Best Tracy Morgan Movies & TV Shows

Comedies are one of the most popular genres when it comes to movies. We usually think of comedy actors as cheerful and always smiling people ready to entertain us. Still, few people know that comedy is also one of the hardest categories in every actor’s work – because it’s actually the hardest thing to make someone laugh. Comedians are people who we experience as our own, and they are favorite characters in every home. Tracy Morgan is one of those faces. Whether you like his movies or watch TV shows – this guy leaves no one indifferent. Still, behind all our laughter lies a great work and effort. Here, we will try to single out the top 5 movies and TV shows of one of our favorite actors.

Comedy Is A Serious Genre

Someone smart once said that comedy is a phenomenon that allows us to be serious in a fun way. When all this is combined, it turns out that humor and comedy, and therefore laughter are really serious things. Indeed, even a slight glance at the history of comedy indicates that laughter has been approached quite seriously throughout history. Ever since Carly Caplin and the first movies, to these days – comedy has changed its shape and become more modern and dynamic. Still, the mission of comedy remained the same. Comedy still has a distinctly socio-critical function. It simply makes us laugh at ourselves and what we are in our real lives. How hard it is to play comedies sometimes – actors like Tracy Morgan know very well. He is the actor who has been thrown into the orbit, by this particular genre.

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Tracy Morgan’s Middle Name Is “Comedy”

Colored actors somehow always had a very difficult task. To prove themselves in Hollywood, they had to make a twice as hard effort as the others. This is a factual situation. However, we are used to their characters that have become our favorite on both – small and big screens. Actors like Whoopi Goldberg and Eddy Murphy may have paved the way for this. However, today there are favorite characters like Tracy Morgan who sometimes bring us tears of laughter. According to Taddlr, Morgan was born in 1968, though he might seem as an actor of the new generation. He became famous for his involvement in comedy cast of Saturday Night Live, as well as numerous movies where he starred side-by-side with famous Hollywood stars like Bruce Willis. More on Tracy Morgan, and other famous stars on

The Pressure Of The Public

This guy from the Bronx really made it on the big screen, so today, he is one of the most popular and well-paid actors – also known for his fascination for good cars, and sometimes a bad temper. However, his work speaks more about him than the occasional outbursts that all movie stars are subject to from time to time. The fact is that they all live under the watchful eye of the public, and we must admit that it is not always easy. That is why today we are going to present to you 5 movies and TV shows by Tracy Morgan – that says much more about this actor than you can find out in the tabloids.

1. Saturday Night Live

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Although he began his career in the early ’90s when he made his Hustle man role debut in the series “Martin” – Tracy Morgan paved the way for his further career with his appearance on the famous Saturday Night Live TV show. Perhaps less well known is the fact that Morgan was as long a member of the Uptown Comedy Club, and also appeared in the HBO series Snaps. However, with the arrival of the Saturday Night Live show – Tracy Morgan becomes a recognizable face, and it can be said that it was this show that launched it into orbit.

2. 30 Rock

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As it is usually, one job is complementary to another. Thus, acquaintances born of collaboration on the SNL show were transferred to other projects. The 30 Rock series, authored by Tina Fey – has gained widespread acceptance and popularity. Specifically, Tina found inspiration in her experience while working as a screenwriter for SNL. The main character of the show is Liz Lemon – played exactly by Tina. She is the lead scriptwriter for a comedy composed of a sketch named after the star. That star is a famous actor, Tracy Jordan – played by,  you guessed it – Tracy Morgan. The main characters include narcissistic actress Jenna Maroni. Her character is interpreted by Jane Krakowski, who we know from the Ally McBeal. And as the cherry on the cake, there’s NBC Network Director Jack Donagi – interpreted by the fantastic Alec Baldwin. If you don’t believe us – trust the New York Times. NYT highly rated 30 Rock and ranked Baldwin among the seven actors who turned television into art.

3. Cop Out

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Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan star as two partner police officers who handle their cases in a completely unconventional way. During one of their working days – the two of them will try to solve problems that include a stolen baseball card and local mobsters trying to get away with stolen money.

4. Tracy Morgan – Black And Blue

Put your kids to sleep and forget about inhibitions, because Tracy Morgan has his first stand up comedy show. It is the show where no stance on any topic, public figure or situation is inappropriate. Filmed in front of a live audience in  Apollo Theater in NYC, an Emmy-winning superstar will share his views on racial issues, politics, public figures, comedian icons, etc.

5. What Men Want

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Another comedy where Tracy Morgan feels like a fish in the ocean. As a question asked in the former movie “What Women Want” – we got the right answer, only here is the situation reversed. Specifically, Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) is a successful sports agent who is constantly teased by colleagues. After a wild night out with girls, she mysteriously acquires the ability to hear the thoughts of men. Using his newly acquired powers, Ali tries to outsmart his teammates as he rushes to sign a new basketball star. Still, her actions will put her best friends and newfound relationship to the test. In this amusing comedy, everything is allowed – in love and in signing a contract.