9 Best Summer Party Games

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You have the drinks ready. You have the music playlist all set. Now you’ll need the entertainment. Get your game on with our handy list of the best summer party games to play both indoors and outdoors. If you’re wondering what to wear to stay cool even when it’s hot outside, we’ve got you covered there too.

1. Outdoor DIY Twister

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If the forecast calls for a bright and sunny day, you’ll love playing an outdoor game of DIY Twister. Instead of bringing out the Twister mat to the yard, you can get spray paint and paint your own Twister mat on the grass. To allow for ample movement in this twisty game, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothes. Stay away from too many accessories, so you don’t get weighed down with jewelry when you’re trying to put your left hand on red and your right leg on blue.

2. Limbo

Limbo is a great summer party game that works well both indoors and outdoors. You don’t need a lot of space. All you need is a limbo stick, which you can order online or just use a broom that you have at home. Two people will need to hold the limbo stick, or one person will need the other end of the broom. Wear clothes that flow well and will allow you to be limber while doing the limbo.

3. Piñata Party

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Break out the piñata because it’s time for a piñata party! Choose where you want to place the piñata carefully because you’ll have to do clean up afterward. If the weather is nice and you can take it outside, you can tie the piñata to a tree branch. If you’re going to have the party indoors, then secure the piñata and have it dangle from the ceiling. Use painters’ tape if you’re taping it to the ceiling so it won’t peel any paint. When it comes to clothes that you can wear when hitting the piñata, go for colors that are as bright and bold as the piñata itself! Think neon pink or pretty florals. Little ones can show off their personality with our girls’ graphic tees and boys’ graphic tees.

4. Mystery Party

Hosting a summer murder mystery party is the best thing you can do in summers where the temperatures are rising and gives you more time to spend outside in the sun. Playing a detective game is a great choice where people are altogether to solve a mystery and find the killer while holding clues in hands. Give your guests some clues and hints that can help them to solve the mystery puzzle on time.

5. Obstacle Course

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There are so many fun ways you can set up an obstacle course inside your home or outdoors. They don’t have to take up a lot of space. You can have several different challenges in a row for this game. Have people hop on one leg for 30 seconds. Try doing a forward roll or somersault. Spin a hula hoop around your waist. Each mini-game in the obstacle course can be worth a point. Wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable and confident to win each game.

6. Treasure Hunt

For a treasure hunt, you can get into the spirit of the game by dressing up in the theme of the treasure hunt. If it’s a pirate-themed treasure hunt, dress up like a pirate with a hat, sailor’s clothes, boat shoes, and an eye patch. If it’s inspired by a movie, you can dress up as characters from the film. Treasure hunts can be done indoors, outdoors, or a mix of the two to expand the game as much as you’d like.

7. Tug of War

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All you need is a long piece of rope to start playing tug of war. To be fair, you’ll want teams of equal strength on either side. If you don’t want to get calluses on your hands, consider wearing gloves to protect your hands from the rope. You may also want to wear long sleeves to reduce any friction from the rope.

8. Frisbee

Looking for a game that both kids and adults will love? Play a round of frisbee. This game is best played outdoors on a sunny day because you’ll need ample space to run around. It can be played back and forth with just two people for smaller parties, or you can create frisbee teams. Stay cool when you’re playing frisbee by wearing women’s shorts for her and men’s shorts for him.

9. Potato Sack Race

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When choosing clothing for the potato sack race, you’ll want clothes that will easily fit into the potato sack. Consider taking off your shoes and any other accessories that can weigh you down. You’ll want to be as lightweight as possible when you’re hopping around in the potato sack. Break out the spray paint and paint each of the potato sacks. You can paint them different colors to represent different teams or personalize them, so everyone has their own unique potato sack for the game.

What to Wear During the Games

With all that fun in the sun, you’ll want to stay cool and protected. Although swim shirts are commonly associated with what you wear at the pool or beach when you’re doing water sports, they’re also known as rash guards. They can be worn to keep your body protected from the sun’s harmful rays and will keep you dry when you’re sweating. Our rash guards are available for kids and adults. They’ll protect your torso, armpits, and neck from getting chafed. Many of our rash guards come with the UPF 50 sun protection you need for your summer game day.