9 Best Motorcycle Bags in 2024

So, are you going on a long tour on your bike but are worried about your luggage? Worry not, for this article will shed light on the best bags that suit and match your taste and style to carry your belongings on your tour. There are many types that you can choose from. Click here to find out more. Additionally, these come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and fabric to fully complement what you’re looking for.

Top 9 Best Motorcycle Bags

1. Motorcycle Saddlebags

Source: Naz Bags

Saddlebags are just too cool to be true. These bags are attached under the seat and will give you the freedom you deserve. Moreover, they can carry many important items as well. When you’re going on a long tour, don’t forget to take inner tubes, puncture repair kit, rain gear and first-aid kit etc. in this multi-purpose bag.

2. Sissy Air Bags

Source: Haul N Ride

Durable sissy bags come with a leather build. Also, they usually have a semi-rigid frame for shape retention. Easily carry small items in sissy airbags for ease of access. Sissy bar bags come with outstanding comfort since they can easily be attached to the bike handlebar.

3. Seat Luggage

Source: DHgate.com

These bags can easily be attached under the seat using adjustable straps to sissy bars. The bag comes with an adjustable backrest pad to provide extra comfort to the rider. These bags generally contain many pockets for added organization and sorting of belongings. They also come with rain covers and retain shape when they are empty. These bags come in very handy if you want to have both comfort and ease of access!

4. Hard Saddlebags

Source: ovamusic.com

Hard saddlebags are a perfect choice for the lads who prefer durability over anything else. Take a bow, these hard saddlebags are going to last long since they usually come with high-quality fiberglass used in them. In addition to this, they are weather resistant and come with locking feature. This means that no matter how harsh the weather, this bag will endure the tough conditions. Moreover, with the locking feature, you can rest assured that all your belongings are safe and sound. Nobody will be able to access your accessories without your express permission. Now, how cool is that!?

5. Street Bike Luggage

Source: Viking Bags

Street bike luggage is for you if you hone a sporty spirit. This one’s not for the faint-hearted. There are many variations of this bag available in the market. Usually, these come with heat resistance, a top-loading main compartment and rain covers. The good news is that these bags are also coated with PVC, are fully expandable for more space and their protective nature prevents slipping. These bags are a must for you if you flaunt a sporty outlook.

6. Tank Bags

Source: Young Choppers

Tank bags style a leathery built with a core focus on café racers. A compact build, the bag comes with a mount that is magnetic and powerful. This mount greatly aids in easily taking the bag on or off. The bag also comes with a zipper compartment. This allows for greater ease of access and organization within the bag. Some variations of the bag come with waterproofing abilities. These bags are the most durable ones. Even if it’s raining, ride your vehicle with full fervor and enthusiasm and not a single worry about your belongings getting wet.

7. Motorcycle Trunks

Source: Viking Bags

Motorcycle trunks come with leather builds. With a smooth and sleek design, these bags come with powerful straps and large buckles. These bags also come with a reinforced body to prevent sagging. They can be mounted to the sissy bar or strapped to the passenger seat. With a carry handle and detachable shoulder strap, they are just about the perfect fit for your next road trip. The material is generally too good to allow any weather conditions to wear it off. It is an excellent choice for long trips to carry your most important belongings such as mobile phone, wallet etc.

8. Swing Arm Bags

Source: Squaredeals Ltd

Swing arm ones, as the name implies, are attached to the swing arm of the bike. They come with durable leather material and free mounting straps. Generally, they flaunt a plastic reinforced body that prevents sagging. These bags are normally weather-resistant and possess quick-release buckles as well. On the go, these are a must-have for frequent travelers. Although not too large, these are a perfect choice to carry all your important belongings.

9. Tool Bags

Source: Fox Creek Leather

These bags are made of leather and fit all motorcycle models. Tailor-made for carrying tools, these bags can be a handy addition to your bike accessories for safe travel.

There are many bike accessories out there. For bike lovers who adore traveling, bags come in very handy. These bags, on the go, can end up being potential lifesavers. More often than not, in case of any puncture in the middle of nowhere, these accessories can do away with much hassle. Any tiny injury can see itself easily treated with a first aid kit that you can easily carry in these ones. Any rainy day you can journey to your dream destination and all you need is a waterproof bag. These are a must-have for bike lovers. Of many different uses and utilities, each bag comes with own offers to suit its unique buyer. So, what are you waiting for? Race off to your nearest store or order one online. Happy shopping and happy traveling!