8 Best Galentine’s Day Celebration Ideas With Your Female Friend (2024)

Galentine’s Day is as amazing and exciting for friends as Valentine’s Day is for lovers. Galentine’s Day has gained prevalence quite recently and in the past few years groups of friends have come together to make their own Galentine’s Day celebrations and traditions. Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the 13th of February or the weekend after Valentine’s Day. Girls on this day take a break from their boyfriends and husbands and appreciate their female friendships. So if you want to show your love and support to your female best friends do it on this day by celebrating your friendship and treating them with lovely gifts and surprises. Thus we are here with some best Galentine’s Day celebration ideas so that you can have some really great time with your female friends whom you love to the core.

1. Buy flowers for your friend

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It is not necessary you can buy flowers only for your soul mate, your friends are also your soul mates and so you must greet them with their favorite flowers and even red roses to let them know how much you love them. Thus surprise them with a gorgeous arrangement of flowers because not all the flowers are about love there are flowers that represent endless friendship too. You can also give love flowers to your friend because you also love them though in a friendly way. Order flowers online from giftblooms.com and surprise your friends and relatives with the same on special occasions and festivals to convey your heartfelt feelings to them.

2. Plan a favorite thing party

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Do what you guys love to do it can be anything from watching movies together to going for a class like cooking or dancing, go shopping, get each other’s nails done, go for a mini or weekend trip, have a boozy brunch party anything that would give you joy. You can get amazing Valentine’s Day celebration ideas with friends from our online gift site and have the most memorable time on this day.

3. Enjoy a relaxing spa day

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Every one of you would be very busy with your lives that you hardly find time for each other to meet. So on this Galentine’s Day, you can enjoy a relaxing spa day together and have a lovely time with your girlfriends. This way you will get some pampering after months of hustle and also get your gossip time with your ladies. So you can schedule pedicures, facials and massages and spend the day resting in sauna and relaxation rooms with your best friends. There are some special offers too especially for Galentine’s Day so you can grab it and have budget-friendly services.

4. Do a wine tasting

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If you and your girls love wine and your Instagram is all about it you must have wine tasting organized at one of your homes or at the vineyards so that you girls have the time of your time of your life. If some of you are hosting a wine tasting party at your homes you must have different varieties of wine and while wine tasting you has also play games of guessing the wines with a blind fold on. This way, honor the one who was able to recognize the highest number of wines. This would be so much fun and you would have winey Galentine’s Days.

5. Road Trip

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You do not have to spend the holiday indoors, if you do not have enough time do not go for a vacation but at least you can go for a road trip to someplace near to you. If you have a beach near your place, it is best, you can go for a hike, or to explore any nearby town, visit a ski lodge or simply book a nearby villa or resort where you girls can freshen up and enjoy the time there being each other. Road trips will reminisce so many memories of your old times and these moments will be etched in your hearts.

6. Make it a slumber Party

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You would have done a slumber party many years ago so invite your friends for a sleepover and make sure they pack their favorite slippers and pajamas. You can enjoy the quality time with your girlfriends and involve yourself in doing things you love to do. You can watch movies, make prank calls, get each other their nails painted, play some games and do not forget to gossip. Through this, you can catch up on each other’s lives and have a most memorable day in recent times. Buy Valentine’s Gifts online from our online gift shop and conveys your love to your better half through these romantic gifts.

7. Surprise your Galantines’ with thoughtful gifts

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You can simply pick some amazing gifts for your friends that they would love and appreciate. You can make boxes of chocolate or surprise them with home-baked goods. You can also gift them a photo frame of your group of friends as this a gift that has a great sentimental value. You can also think of a gift that your friend is trying to buy from a long time but couldn’t buy due to some personal reasons. Thus these type of gestures will make them feel very special and you will have a remarkable Galentine’s Day.

8. Game Night

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You can get a little bit naughty with your girls and play adult-friendly games. This type of game will help the conversation flow without putting people on the spot at your Galentine’s Day party. You can play various card games or stick to the classics. One of the funniest card game is Who should I be with? This game will help you and your friends identify their love match. These are some best ways of how to celebrate Galentine’s Day and have the time of your life with your girl gang.

We hope these amazing Galentine’s Day celebration ideas give you and your female friends give so much fun and you guys enjoy to the fullest.