8 Best Engine Degreasers And Cleaners 2024

The clean engine will be running more smoothly, using the car performance to the maximum. The efficiency and reliability will depend greatly on how well you maintain your engine. Keeping the machine free of gunk and grease will prolong the lifespan of your can significantly.

A clean engine will make your job easier under the hood revealing leaks and crack in early stages. Fixing problems before they mount to be huge ones is sometimes crucial in enjoying your ride for a long time. The market is saturated with different products claiming to solve various problems in one bottle, but more often than not, they don’t solve a thing.

So, to clear the air a bit, and see what products are actually working, we put up a list of the best one’s available today.

1. WD-40

In the old days, WD-40 was that super liquid that will get rid of the squeaky noise on your office chair, or untighten the old screws. Today, WD-40 is also known for one of the best engine cleaners on the market. It is useful in many ways. The primary task is to remove dirt and debris from the engine, but it can also be used to clean off grease from many surfaces, metal, floors, etc.

On top of that, it’s an environmentally friendly product that is water-based, so you won’t be adding to the pollution. However, it is still strong enough to remove gunk from the car parts and is not recommended for use on sensitive surfaces like electronics and filters.

2. Wash-All

Source: washwax.com

This biodegradable solution does a superb job on many different surfaces, including car engines, plane turbines, and tires. It’s completely free of alcohol and ammonia which makes disposing of the unused liquid safe for the environment. It’s super-tough so be careful with electronic parts of the car as well as the filters since it can seriously damage them.

However, for the engine part, it does its magic. Spray a bit, wait a couple of minutes and you’ll see your engine shine.

3. Gunk

Source: Halfords

What an appropriate name for a dust, dirt, and gunk engine cleaner. Its biodegradable formula makes it safe for the surroundings, but don’t let this fool you. This family-owned business made a strong liquid that will remove literally everything accumulated on the metal and plastic surfaces.

However, like many others, it is not safe for electronics, and filters, especially air filters, so make sure to cover those when spraying. It’s easy to use, with the regular spray-and-wait routine after which your engine will look like new. Besides car motor, it can also be used on motorcycles and boats.

4. Carfidant

Source: Pinterest

This one is an all-around car cleaner. That means that cleans not only under the hood but also the interior like the dashboard and every other plastic part in the car. It’s also good for a regular motor cleaner, but not so great for the stubborn dirt, grime, and gunk. If you maintain your ride often this liquid will do the work.

However, if you have some accumulated dirt that is stuck for a long time this might not be strong enough to take care of your engine. For more maintenance tips go to carfixbook.com.

5. Meguiar’s

This one has everything. It will clean your engine from all the gunk, dust, and dirt that stuck throughout the years. The formula is very powerful so be sure not to use it on sensitive surfaces like aluminum, namely electronics and filters. When watered down it can be used for interior cleaning but be sure to follow instructions on this one. The solution is sold in huge 3.3 pounds containers, so you’ll have it stocked in your garage at all times.

It is safe for the environment and – the best part – it has a herbal smell. This might not seem like an important point, but just think about all the hours spent cleaning. This one will not irritate your eyes or skin. Spray and wash it off, and your engine will sparkle.

6. Sacato

Source: Cristal Products

This Extreme Engine Cleaner is powerful enough to take care of all the grime and gunk from your engine. Besides this, it also removes stains that were left from the prolonged grease on the metal surfaces. However, it is not recommended to be used on the interior of the car, since it can damage plastic and aluminum. There is one major downside to it – it is not safe for the environment.

The strong liquid is filled with hurtful compounds that would need to be discarded with care. If you have no way to do this safely, better choose a different degreaser.

7. Bio Circle

Source: Products Finishing

First of all, this one is nature-friendly, while at the same time super-powerful in removing grease and grime from steel surfaces, even the old stubborn ones. It comes in a huge container of 44 pounds, so you’ll never run out of it. It can be used on every metal surface, including your garage and garden tools. It is VOC free, non-flammable, and water-based.

When dissolved with water it can be used for stuff that is not so sunk in grime, like household goods. However, do not use it on sensitive areas and always wash it off with plenty of water. Not only a quick wipe down but a thorough wash.

8. Chemical Guys

Coming from Chemical Guys is Orange Degreaser Engine Cleaner. You’ll always notice this one in the store by its vivid orange color. Very cool marketing on the Chem guys part. This one you probably have seen many times in your mechanic shop and rightfully so. Orange can clean almost any and every surface, engines, tools, tires, and floors. The formula is so strong that the liquid has to be diluted before use on metal surfaces.

The instructions are clear and pretty straightforward, just make sure you read them before getting down to cleaning. If not watered down enough it can cause irreparable damage, so be careful. Definitely not recommended to be used on aluminum and plastic, let alone upholstery, even when diluted. After use make sure to rinse well, not just wipe off the solution.