Benjamin Hoeksema Net Worth 2024

To begin with, Benjamin Hoeksema is a very talented young architect originating from New Zealand. He is a businessman who has been having a successful company for a long time. However, he became famous only when he started dating a famous actress from New Zealand called Rose McIver.

Personal Life

When the personal life of Benjamin Hoeksema is concerned, we should mention that he was born in Auckland, New Zealand. However, we do not know the exact date of his birth since he is trying to keep his private life away from the media and flashlights. It can be only concluded that he must have finished his education in New Zealand since he is living there and he is building his career there.



As far as his career is concerned, we can add that he is an architect. It should be noted that he is very ambitious and hardworking, and this was the reason why he has been trying to make a name of his own. This was the reason why he decided to found Hoeksema Decorating Limited. It is known that the company is based in Auckland and that the majority of business is done there and in New Zealand. When we are talking about his position in the company that he founded, he is the director.

Love Life

Even though he is a very ambitious and successful person on his own, who is very independent and who has been trying to make a name and career of his own, he became famous and recognized only when he started dating Rose Mciver.

On the other hand, despite the fact that he has been dating a celebrity; he is still managing to keep his private life to himself and private. It should be mentioned that the two of them met in 2005 and that they have been together ever since. We cannot hear of any scandals and rumors about their relationship.

To make things even more series, the couple decided to start living together, which they eventually did in 2011 when they moved into a new house. It should be noted that the couple started living together in LA, the USA since the actress is pursuing her career there. They often have a long-distance relationship, but they are making it work.


Benjamin Hoeksema Net Worth 2024

It is true that he is a very young man and that he has just started to build his career and name. He has been having a lot of work and success with his company. People have recognized his talent and abilities, and his company has constant work.

It should also be mentioned that he makes a lot of money and that it has been estimated that his annual salary is somewhere between $150K and $200K. When all this is taken into consideration, the data that his net worth of 2024 is $1.5 million is not a surprise at all.