Andy Hubbard Net Worth 2024

Andy Hubbard is a name known as an American businessman. At the moment, he works for UBS O’Connor, where he holds the position of managing director. The firm is based in New York, United States of America. Besides, he was also part of many companies like Kiodex, Deutsche Bank, and Suisse Financial Products Company. The businessman is mostly known thanks to his marriage to Stephanie Ruhle, who is a famous reporter and journalist.

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Early Life

Andrew Lewis Hubbard was born in 1973. However, the exact date of his birth is now revealed to the public. Also, information about his parents or place of his birth is not known, as he tries to keep those details in private. He grew up with a younger brother, Jesse.

According to this source, at Princeton University, he gained a degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. Also, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Science. During his education, the businessman was interested in sports.

Source: People

Professional Career

Even though he has a degree in Engineering, he began a career with a position in the finance sector. At that time, he worked for Swiss bank Credit Suisse where he held the positions of Derivatives Marketer and Associate Manager.

In 2000, the businessman joined Kiodex and worked there for three years. After he left the firm, Hubbard joined Deutsche Bank, which is one of the most renowned banks in Germany.

From this bank, he moved to Deutsche Bank, where he got the position of the Chief of US Structured Credit Derivatives Trading. All of these jobs brought him a lot of experience in finance.

Later on, he joined the UBS O’Connor, where he got promoted to Managing Director. In 2018, he joined HausMart, where he got the position of a co-CEO.

Personal Life

The businessman is married to Stephanie Ruhle, who is a famous journalist and reporter. The couple met while they worked in Credit Suisse. So, the love birds were together even before they gained fame. They tied a knot in 2002.

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Andy and Stephanie have three kids together, Drew, Harrison, and Reese. The happy family lives in Manhattan.

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Andy Hubbard Net Worth 2024

Andy made a lot of money during his career. As of 2024, Andy Hubbard has an estimated net worth of $2 million. His wife, Stephanie, holds a net worth of $5 million. The couple lives in a villa that is worth $7.5 million.