Andrew Ilnyckyj Net Worth 2024

Andrew Ilnyckyj is known as an actor and senior video producer at Buzzfeed, which is an internet media company from New York, United States of America. He showed up in a lot of Buzzfeed series, which brought him fame and popularity. He won the hearts of the fans thanks to his charisma. Also, people love him because he accepts the roles that are funny and makes fans laugh. He is well known for the show Worth It, which is a number one on the Buzzfeed.

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Early Life

Andrew was born in New Jersey on 23 May 1990. He grew up with his family in birthplace, but there is not a lot of known details about his parents and siblings. Ilnyckyj never revealed any information about that matter.

At college, Andrew chooses to study film, and that affected his future career.

Professional Career

In 2013, he got a job in the company Buzzfeed, which was developing at that time. John S. Johnson and Jonah Peretti made the Buzzfeed. The company’s focus is digital media, and it also has a successful YouTube channel with a lot of videos. It covers different topics.

At the job in Buzzfeed, he gained a lot of experience, and he started to shoot videos for channels like Tasty and Violet. Afterward, Andrew began to work on the series Worth It. The series follows three-man that is traveling around the world and tasting expensive and cheap food. They tried out the food and decided which is better. Their videos on YouTube have over a million views.

Before the show Worth It, he showed up together with Barack Obama in the Buzzfeed video named Things Everyone Does But Doesn’t Talk About. This video has over 22.4 million views in the first 24 hours.

Ilnyckyj also works as a director. Also, he showed up in shows like How To Be Creepy Office Gay, and Things Babies Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them, and a lot more videos with similar topics.

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Personal Life

There were a lot of gossips that Andrew is dating Ashly Perez, his colleague from the Buzzfeed. In some of the videos, they showed up as a couple, so fans assumed that they are also together in real life. However, the couple announced that they are just friends.

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Andrew Ilnyckyj Net Worth 2024

Andrew Ilnyckyj has an estimated net worth in 2024 of $500,000. He is still young so that we can expect a lot more from him.