Top 9 Must-Try Amazon Seller Tools for Beginners

A growing number of people today are recognizing the importance of starting an Amazon FBA business. Anyone can now build a business in Amazon from scratch, leading to a profitable and ever-growing enterprise in a relatively shorter timeframe.

To start an Amazon can be overwhelming for many, especially those who don’t have an intensive technological or technical background. Fortunately, there are a variety of tools in the market to help you optimize your business.

One can easily find a list of the best Amazon FBA seller tools across various digital platforms. But many of these are not ideal for newbies, especially with their technical parameters. But don’t fret. Here are some tools that can help any beginner establish a solid foundation for a sustainable and profitable Amazon business.

1. Camelcamelcamel

Camelcamelcamel is one of the best tools for those who are just starting their Amazon business. It comes with comprehensive information and helpful resources to guide you with the fundamentals and advanced features. It’s technically a website which comes with downloads, tips, news, add-ons, and guides to guide you in building a successful Amazon FBA business. Guess what? It does not entail any cent since it offers a free membership registration.

Source: Infinite FBA

2. KeyworX

When speaking of adjustability and flexibility, KeyworX is a premium choice, primarily geared to helping Amazon sellers. It’s necessarily a keyword tracker tool to help sellers identify and find the proper and competitive keywords to rank their listing in the Amazon search results. Take note. Those who apply the best practices in keyword research typically rank on the top. That translates into increased visibility and, therefore, more conversions and sales. Even if you are a new seller, it’s imperative to rank high on search results ASAP. Tools like Keyworkx help you do that fast, but there is a monthly subscription fee. That comes with on-going training, support, and tutorials.

3. Amazon Seller App

Amazon Seller App allows you to scan items to help your retail arbitrage. By doing so, it presents any FBA seller a suggested selling price. It is an excellent introductory tool, although most reviewers consider it fairly basic. Because the tool is entirely free, it is an ideal option without any upfront investment. With this tool, you can have the opportunity to test how being an Amazon FBA seller works. In other words, it allows you to test the waters first.

4. Octoparse

If you’re looking for a tool that lets you scrape data from Amazon for both Mac users and Windows, try Octoparse. It is an entirely free web crawler that allows you to extract data, including but not limited to profiles, customer reviews, and product details. You can also access pre-set extraction date fields using the tools as it has built-in Amazon web scraping templates. That’s an added bonus for any user of the tool, and users don’t have to know configuration or coding to make the most out of it. With Octoparse, you can also select the best market strategy for your business or analyze the data in the form of CSV/HTML/Excel.

5. Seller Snap

If you have extra cash to spare, you can always go for paid tools such as Seller Snap, one of the fastest-growing options to date. One of its banner features is the Seller Snap’s 2024 Accelerator Program which helps subscribers nail the tight Amazon competition. It comes with advanced seller analytics tools and AI powered repricer. They also have reputable account managers that boosts the chance of Amazon sellers to rake increased profits.


6. Unicorn Smasher

Product research can spell out either profit or loss. So make sure you do it and you do it right. Knowing your product, the prices that make the niche competitive, and what your competitors are selling can make a huge difference. With keyword research, you can significantly boost your listings’ rankings and rake in healthy profit margins. To help you do that, check out tools like Unicorn Smasher. It’s basically a website with a membership platform open for anyone willing to avail of its offers. Members can have access to intensive information, responsive support, and free downloads.

7. AMZ Finder

As an Amazon Seller, it’s important to always be on the lookout of customer reviews. These are critical aspects to keep in mind as they can either boost or adversely affect your store’s reputation. If you generally have good customer reviews, you can improve your products’ rankings and convince potential customers to hit the purchase button. That is otherwise known as the conversion rate optimization. With AMZ, you can attract reviews via automated emailing for as much as 500 monthly emails. There are paid options that allow you to deliver more emails. But for a starter, 500 emails per month is sufficient.

Source: taxomate

8. PriceBlink

PriceBlink is an add-on you can use to determine the lowest price for a particular product across various platforms or websites. Simply download it from your browser, and you can avail of its unique function. The tool is helpful for Amazon FBA sellers through the following. First, it allows the seller to identify the most competitive pricing through intensive research. Secondly, it lets you determine the most ideal pricing on products and materials you need to improve your business. These are crucial functionalities and features which you can have using this free tool.

9. Sellics

It’s important to know that as your Amazon business grows, consider leveraging the power of a comprehensive management tool. It comes with extended or added features and functionalities that you cannot avail from free tools. One such comprehensive tool is Sellics which is tailored for Amazon FBA. Sellics can guide you in various aspects of your business, including reviews, inventory management, SEO, research, pay-per-click advertising, and competitor monitoring. These are important parameters or elements you need to take into account when scaling up your Amazon business. With these, you can sustain your store’s income and attract more potential clients.

Source: Sellics

So these are just some of the must-try Amazon seller tools, especially those who are new to the industry. They are tailored-fit for beginners and come with excellent features to help you start and grow your Amazon business. And yes, many of them are free though you can always access their paid options if they have.