Scared Of Flying? 3 Alternative Ways To Travel The World


Fear of flying is an extremely common problem, and while many people seek medication from the doctor or even find comfort in a couple of alcoholic beverages, for some, it is just too much to handle. It can be really problematic if you are someone who wants badly to travel and see places but just can’t face the flight.

But you cannot let it restrict the person in you who wants to see the world. There is no reason to curb your wanderlust because of your fear. With many alternative modes of traveling, one can now see the world without ever having to go through an unpleasant experience.

In this article, we will discuss some of the alternative travel arrangements that can still allow you to see the world while staying in touch with the earth’s surface!

Car & Coach


Traveling by car or coach isn’t everyone’s idea of a great holiday, primarily because it is so much slower than most other travel options. That being said, it does have some advantages too. Your journey to a destination often becomes more of a road trip when driving, one can stop at multiple locations en route to your main destination, extending your holiday and seeing more whilst you do. Always a bonus.

If you are going to travel by car, it is a good idea to plan for a proper road trip rather than considering the car as a means to an end. It would mean packing snacks, visiting places on the way, and camping if the opportunity arises. A road trip is a journey which is also an extended travel experience. Everyone would get to experience a lot of new places even before reaching the destination.

One can also usually book ferry crossings in advance and get a bit of a rest and a nice meal whilst on the boat.  If traveling by coach,  one can also nap some of the way, as they are not the one driving.

As mentioned above, however, the downside is the time difference. A flight to a popular destination like Spain would take between one and a half hours and 3 hours on average, whereas driving by car could take between one and three days, depending on how many stops one needs and for how long.

So, if the time difference is really huge, it can eat into your holiday time. One way in which this can be solved is by taking a longer vacation by saving up vacation days in advance. This will not make you regret the trip and will help you enjoy it without any apprehension.

However, one might counter with: There is also a huge increase in fuel costs to consider! In such a case, it is better to save up so that the budget doesn’t hold you back to fulfill all the things in the checklist. Include some buffer cash in your travel funds to finance extra expenses on the way.



Cruises are often considered the most luxurious holiday one can go on.

The nice thing about a cruise ship is that whilst it often anchors at different locations to explore during the day, at night when it is on the water, the ship is much like a huge hotel. It is a world on its own with shops, pools, entertainment, and restaurants. It really is the ultimate holiday.

Much like road trips, it is also a great way to enjoy the journey even before reaching the destination. All the pit stops would be perfect to explore places one would not have visited otherwise. While on the ship, you will experience the luxury of a resort and the ocean view is something one cannot get tired of.

There is a catch, however; lots of cruises still expect the people to fly to the location where the ship will go from. So, if looking specifically for cruises from your home country, it may be a little more limited in the choice of destination.

However, there is a way to find some options which will suit your specific needs. Research ‘no fly cruises’ in order to find some great deals on ships that sail from home. They might require some commuting depending on how far you live from the port but are great if you do not want to fly to a particular destination.

Cruises are expensive holidays, which would be awful to lose the funds if something happens and you can’t go. So it’s worthwhile looking at travel insurance for cruises before your trip. For additional information, just check StaySure.



If you are thinking of traveling to Europe, taking the train through the tunnel could be a great option for you. It is much faster than driving, reasonably priced, and can connect a tourist to most of Europe. It is a great option for city breaks like Paris especially, as the crossing from London to Calais only takes 35 minutes!

Traveling domestically is extremely easy via trains. It is also much more time saving than cars. The tickets are also cheaper than airfare so it is more savings and convenience for anyone afraid of flying. Trains can help one add more places in the itinerary to help with better exploration.

When we talk of trains, it is not only the railways you can take advantage of. The idea with traveling is that it can just be to the neighboring city if one is in a mood for exploring. In case there is a time crunch and one cannot go for an extended stay, choosing a nearby location might be the best call. This is where interconnected subways come in.

There are subway services that run from one city to another. They might allow you to cross the border and get to the destination. It is better than taking the car because there is no traffic to tackle. Public transportation also has less fare than what one might spend on fuel.


Whilst flying opens up the world to you, it is not for everyone. So, if you have tried things like medication, hypnosis, or fear of flying courses to no avail, and still want to travel, don’t let it stop you.

Most countries are reachable via other methods, but you have to be aware that it usually is going to either take longer or in the case of a cruise, the travel time becomes part of the holiday. It will also set you back more money in all likelihood.

Happy traveling!