Alex Albon Net Worth 2024

Alex Albon is a young man who has already made his way to the top of the Formula One game. He currently races under Scuderia Toro Rosso and he was born on September 24, 1995 in London, England. If you haven’t heard about him before now, then there is no doubt that you will soon enough. According to he was born to a Thai father and an English mother.


Albon started racing when he was just six years old in the mini karting championship after being inspired by Michael Schumacher’s success at Benetton at that time. Actually, Albon has been a huge Formula One fan since his childhood days and it did not take long before he became obsessed with becoming a professional driver. When he finished school, he found a job as a computer store salesman but it wasn’t for him. In 2012, he left his salaried position to try his hand at becoming a racing driver by taking part in the Renault Clio Cup which is one of Europe’s leading touring car series where drivers get to manage approximately 30 races per season. His teammate Charles Leclerc was important to his career at this point. The winner of the GP3 Series in which Albon went a year later was Charles, and Albon was in second place after him. At this point, Albon is promoted to Formula 2.

After some successful races in this series, Albon moved up to the world of Formula 3 racing. Here he had an average first year but still managed to secure a podium finish at Hockenheim GP. He also finished 5th overall in the championship standings which was an impressive achievement for his first year. The next step was the GP3 Series which is considered as being one of European’s most competitive single-seater championships where drivers have around 10 races to compete over the course of five weekends out of seven. This time around, Albon came 4th overall which once again put him on the map as a new star on the rise within Formula One community.


Albon was scouted by the Mercedes junior team in 2015 and he took part in a number of races including the FIA European Formula Three and GP3 Series championships. He was confident about winning trophies for this team but it did not work out that well at all. Albon failed to win any race in 2016 which was very disappointing after his successful previous seasons. He continued with the same performance in 2017 where he won just one race which made him come 8th overall within the championship standings.

For 2018, he moved up to Formula One racing by joining Scuderia Toro Rosso as an official F1 driver under their “junior” program. This is considered to be one of the most popular teams because it has produced some great drivers in the past including Sebastian Vettel who is now racing with Albon’s rival team Ferrari. It’s not easy being a Formula One driver because you have to consistently compete against some of the best drivers in the world, you have to deal with super high pressure on and off the tracks, and, above all that, you have to keep your body as healthy as possible through specific training and dieting. Alex Albon is now one of those respected drivers that F1 fans will talk about for years to come.


What has he won?

Albon has won several races in his career but none of them are grand prix wins. His biggest win came when He won the GP3 2016 after coming 4th overall within the championship standings. He also has a DTM race victory in the DTM 2024 season.

Other important events:

In the season 2024 in Formula One, Albon started very well, until he crashed into Lewis Hamilton while overtaking him to 2nd place and then ended up retiring. At the Styrian Grand Prix, he was 4th.

Additionally, Alex finished 5th and 6th in the Hungarian Grand Prix and Belgian Grand Prix.

In the same way, four places further behind teammate Max Verstappen. Albon was ranked ninth at his race at the Italian Grand Prix.

Albon was the very first Thai driver to reach the top spot during the World Championship after he managed to score his first podium in F1 during the Tuscan Grand Prix. He then took home his second podium in Bahrain Grand Prix. Bahrain Grand Prix.

He was also reported o be one of the important assets in the Red Bull Simulator. His active role in the development was immense and the team is very thankful for that.


Alex Albon Net Worth 2024

The great news is that as a Formula One driver, Alex Albon now has a lot of money from his salary and endorsement deals. But how much exactly? Right now, Albon’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million but it will certainly increase once he wins more Grands Prix in the future. As for his annual salary, the figures haven’t been published yet but if we base our estimate on F1 guidelines then we can say that he makes around $37,000 per month which calculates to about $440,000 each year. His career earnings so far are about $2 million which means he still has some way to go to become one of the richest Formula One drivers.