10 Best Office Bags for Women in 2024

It is not easy for women to find a bag that is stylish and well-suited for work. The best bags are those that can hold your laptop, phone, wallet, notebook, lunch, and other work-related items. The type of bag you use also depends on where you work, the distance from your home to your place of work, the nature of the work, and the safety of your office. Bags are a must-have accessory for many women, and a work bag is important to a career woman. Gone are the days when office bags were big and plain. Today, you can easily purchase a stylish bag that has multiple uses and can be used as a work bag, too.

You can also have a bag that is custom made and personalized just for you to suit your taste and preferences. We can say that this trend of having personalized and customized bags is on the rise. As you can presume, people love to have something original that they can carry around and have practical use throughout the day and chores you have inside of them. So, we’ve decided the compile the list of the best office bags for women. We would like to say that this is not a ranking. Without further wasting of your precious time, we are going to start this list of ours now.

Here are ten of the best office bags for women.

1. Work backpack

Source: ISM Bags

Many people have the notion that all office bags for women are purses. This is not the case. Work backpacks are becoming popular because they are ideal for commuting to work every day and business travel. They are pretty handy, and you will not have to bags around your arm. Instead, it will be much easier for you to have a backpack where you will have even more room in your bag to carry them around. They come in different materials and designs.  Some of them could be highly personalized which could mean that a person who is into that kind of thing can have a good option before himself.

2. Crossbody bag

Source: Nordstrom Rack

These bags are preferred by people who use public transport to get to work. A good example of this bag is the Madewell Leather Transport Tote. The bag has enough space for all of your work essentials and offers the convenience of using it as a crossbody when you want to be hands-free. Having your hands free while you are on your way to work is essential in our opinion. The reason for this is that you could have to talk on your phone with some colleagues. On the other hand, you might have to call a taxi if you are late for work. Maybe it sounds silly, but bags that are leaving your hands free are going to make it easier for you in these situations.

3. Laptop bag

Source: My Best Friend is a Bag

Carrying your laptop in backpacks was always the best thing when it comes to their transport. Using backpacks that are not made for that use can be troubling sometimes. Carrying laptops in backpacks that are not properly made for those situations is not recommended. Laptop bags for working women are loved because they are secure and protect laptops, tablets, and phones from damage or theft. Get yourself a laptop bag at rocketbags.co.uk that is custom made to suit your business or fit with your company logo. You’d be surprised to see that women can carry laptops in their bags that are according to the trend we can see in the market; they are going to be highly personalized.

4. Simple tote bag

Source: AliExpress

Tote bags come in different sizes, shapes, materials, and designs. They are simple yet convenient for women who do not carry home a lot of office work. The versatility and functionality of this type of bag are loved by many people.

5. Work to gym bag

Source: Jaguar Clubs of North America

Carrying two bags when you go to the gym on your way to work can be tiring and uncomfortable. Just imagine yourself carrying one bag where you can carry all the work and training-related things in only one bag. This can be really helpful for persons who have healthy habits and they are practicing it before or after their work hours. A small Landon Carryall Duffle bag offers enough room for your laptop and gym essentials.

6. Business trip bag

Source: Travel Passionate

These bags are ideal for businesswomen who travel regularly for business purposes. They are bigger with many compartments to store everything needed for a work trip. Storing everything that you might need for your work and all other things that you could need for that day, you can store them in only one bag. The only downside is that you will look like you are going to travel every day, but that not so scary, isn’t it?

7. Vegan work bag

Source: Business Insider

Cruelty-free bags made from vegan leather are available for office use. They come in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

8. Bucket bag

Source: Mytheresa

Not only are these bags suitable for the office, but they can also be used on several other occasions like weddings, work events, or dinner with friends. Their bucket shape offers more room to carry all of your valuables.

9. Budget bags

Source: Jakprints

You may need to purchase a couple of bags since you carry one to the office every day. These bags are affordable yet durable.

10. Satchel bag

Source: Scaramanga

These bags are smaller in size and are ideal for carrying only valuables like a phone, wallet, keys, and personal effects.


We can all agree that the best office bags for women should be simple, spacious, and durable. There are more bags on the market today for working women of all ages. Each woman will pick a bag according to her needs, taste, and preferences. It looks like women carrying bags around is not going to slow down any time soon. So, people have started expanding on the original idea that presumed that women are just carrying around their work-related things.