YouTube Marketing: Insights On Growing Subscribers Organically

As on any other social media, growth on YouTube means getting more subscribers. When you have a minimum of 1000 subs, you will get a more stable flow of YouTube views, which will allow you to develop your blog further and increase visibility on the platform. Of course, you should aim for the organic growth of your channel because that is a measure of true popularity. There are many good ways to attract attention to your videos organically, and in this article are gathered the best of them.

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Buying Subscribers

When you decide to purchase subscribers for your channel, you must be careful and think of your strategy thoroughly. The subs that you paid for have to be a trampoline for your organic growth, not the substitution for real activity on your profile. So, first of all, you must find a service that provides real accounts that will interact with your content. Such a purchase won’t alert the bot security and will attract the interest of organic users. Remember that integrating paid subscribers in your strategy has to be smooth, so first of all, decide what an efficient quantity will preserve the organic look of your progress.

Cross-Promote Your Channel

If you already have an established site or other social networks that have a stable flow of users, you should push your YouTube channel through there. Infuse your site with embedded videos from your channel and encourage users to subscribe with calls to action. You can start a blog on your site and include videos that are relevant to the topic. Yet, you have to leave a certain feeling of exclusive content that awaits viewers only within YouTube. This way, you can encourage site visitors to follow your profile on this considerable video hosting platform.

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Post Consistently

Another factor that helps increase the number of subscribers on your channel is having a steady schedule of uploading new videos. People like receiving content that they like in frequent doses, so the best thing you can do is provide what they want. The best regularity of uploading new videos on the platform is considered 2-3 new posts a week, but the least acceptable frequency is once a week. The main rule that you have to follow is that quality is before quantity, and you must come up with suitable timing for your uploads, which won’t hurt your content quality.

Define Your Goal

When you start a channel on YouTube, you have to define why you are doing it. This decision impacts the genre of your content and also helps to define the most suitable methods for promotion. For example, if you aim for increasing sales, you must provide more visual presentations and reviews on your products. Such materials can impact the decision of your subscribers to become your clients. But what you must focus on is not the number of subscribers but the message that is brought up in your video.

But if you want to increase your visibility and recognition, gaining subscribers is your number one goal.

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Encourage Your Viewers To Subscribe

Whatever else you do, the most popular way to get more subs is to ask viewers directly. Address them from your video, and add the call to action in the description to it. Such small reminders can significantly impact your rating and engagement level. Telling your viewers to subscribe should be a regular part of your narratives in each video. By saying, so you gently remind your viewers that subscribing is vital for your growth and content production.

Improve Your SEO

To gain more subscribers on YouTube, you must work on your SEO. Your primary instrument that will increase your visibility on YouTube is keywords. The key to success is the balance of general and specific terms that will indicate the target audience’s interest in your content and products. With the right keywords, your content will be categorized appropriately by the algorithms of YouTube. Hence your materials will appear in the sight of users who are potentially interested in your content.

To define which terms are suitable for you, you must do thorough research and examine the behavior and preferences of your target group.

You can input your keywords in three main options:

  • Titles
  • Video descriptions
  • Captions.
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Create Compelling Thumbnails

This little picture can bring you many loyal subscribers. This is the first image that a user sees when they look through the search results on YouTube. Hence, the quality of this tiny presentation plays a big part as an attention grabber. Here are some versatile rules that will help you to create the best thumbnails for your channel:

  • Use only custom thumbnails for your videos
  • Aim for a minimalistic design
  • Include a small text with at least one keyword in your image
  • Place an image of your subject to give a hint to your potential viewers what your video is about
  • Brand your thumbnails with a color scheme and logo.

Vary Your Content

One of the best ways to gain more subscribers is to provide different content for your viewers, so your target group expands, and you can widen your influence to the max. Of course, you should remain in the limits of your niche, but many genres can be included in your range:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Reviews of the product or your merchandise
  • News of the industry
  • Interviews
  • Vlogs 
  • Reactions and opinions
  • Challenges and experiments
  • Memes and other kinds of entertainment

As you can see, there are a whole lot of themes to shoot videos about, so it will be unwise to miss the opportunity to entertain a bigger audience, eventually turning viewers into subscribers.

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Provide Personal Flair

One of the reasons why social media is so popular is the fact that people like meeting and connecting with other people. When they follow a particular influencer, they like feeling involved in someone’s life. The level of exposure is for you to settle, but your subscribers expect some personal experience from you to share, so your bond with the audience is stronger.

When sharing your personal opinion, be cautious and calculate the level of sincerity that will maintain a positive atmosphere in your blog and yet keep up the connection between you and your subscribers.

Communication Is A Must

As it is evident from the previous point, you have to open up to your audience. The best way to get more subscribers and increase your rating is to communicate with them. You can address your viewers from your video and maintain the discussion in your comment section. Remember that your comments are a vast field for improving your subs number. You must respond to comments swiftly and moderate your community to keep a positive vibe. However, it would be best to be polite and tolerant as in your videos, as in your direct communication with users. Being so is what attracts more followers as they recognize your personality. Good communication is one of the main aspects that push your engagement level forward, providing an expansion of your influence on the platform.

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Host A Contest

This method requires a strategic approach, but you can get a considerable boost in your numbers if you motivate your public correctly. Of course, you have to provide good prizes and easy conditions so your viewers will be encouraged to participate. Along with the boost of the following list, you can get more user-generated content and dilute your content plan with fresh ideas.


To get more subscribers on YouTube, you must develop a particular tactic that will help you improve your channel’s rating in general. For success, you cannot focus only on getting more users attained to your profile. It would help if you worked on every aspect of your growth simultaneously to organize balanced progress.